Why choose Adsterra as a traffic
provider for the Gambling vertical?
Verified traffic and ads

3-level security algorithms. AI-powered anti-malware and anti-fraud solutions.

Ads that engage and convert

100% genuine traffic for push ads, banners, popunders, native ads. Ultra-converting Social Bar format.

Traffic-2-Offer matching

Smart algorithms match offers with relevant traffic ensuring higher conversions and revenues

High eCPM for publishers

We provide near-100% fill rates with offers that are relevant to the traffic. Offers with higher bids come first.

Great ROI for advertisers

A multi-level traffic estimation helps our advertisers set perfect bids and get more quality traffic.

Gambling offers run with greater ROI
while publishers enjoy higher payouts
Casino games
Online poker
Sports betting
Crypto games

Advertisers get a never-ceasing flow of players both when targeting regular bettors and casual newbies. At Adsterra, they can test any GEO or traffic type by setting up a test budget and broad targeting. Some ad formats (like push ads) allow for adding up to 15 creatives and then pick the best-performing. Publishers that deliver top leads can be added to whitelists with the highest CPM payouts.

Adsterra’s ad formats for the Gambling vertical
Popunder ads
Gambling offers are mostly run on popunders. This format leaves more freedom for design and content writing. A full-page ad size is perfect for engaging the audience and converting multiple clicks.
More about popunder ads
Native banners
Native gambling banners deliver higher CTRs because they are placed within the relevant content. Users are twice more likely to click on the ads that correspond to their interests.
More about Native ads
In-page Push(Social Bar)
This rich push ad format is Adblock-friendly and runs on all OS. Social Bar ads can be designed in the manner of a jackpot, lottery, or a quiz. CTRs are record-high compared to web push.
More about Social bar
Push Ads
Web push ads are very engaging when you know what users to target. At Adsterra, advertisers can segment customers by user lifetime and engagement.
Display banners
The oldest format that gives a cosmic reach and helps gain hundreds of new players. Thousands of reliable publishers run mainstream gambling ads providing billions of monthly impressions.
More about banner ads
VAST video ads
VAST videos are integrated in the main video content of a player. They can immerse a user into the game and inspire to take a chance. When well crafted, videos always get the highest ROI.
CPM, CPC, and CPA pricing meet any
advertising goal of a Gambling offer

Most of the Gambling offers run on a CPA model where the target action is a subscription or a form filling. To feel the audience or test the new country, advertisers usually launch a broader-targeted CPM campaign. Some ad formats like in-page push (Social Bar) or web-push are so engaging that a cost-per-click (CPC) model allows reaching maximum quality leads at a lower (compared to CPA) price.

👉More about Adsterra pricing models

Top Adsterra services for advertisers and
publishers in the Gambling niche
  • Powerful self-Service Platform

    An advanced control center. Launch campaigns, fine-tune bids, tweak targeting, and enhance your campaigns' efficiency.

  • Bids and traffic optimization

    Smart tools like Traffic Chart, Traffic Estimation, and Custom bid help save money and allocate budgets wisely.

  • Retargeting & RTB algorithms

    Optimize your budgets with automatic auctions for traffic (RTB). Return those prewarmed leads who haven’t converted instantly with our retargeting pixel.

  • API & Conversion tracking

    Use API to export data & statistics. Add your Voluum, Binom, Cake or other tracker to control all CPA conversions.

  • Experienced campaign management

    Full transparency and detailed reporting. Our expert managers successfully run worldwide-reach campaigns for direct advertisers and agencies.

  • Live support and dedicated managers

    Our multilingual managers assist in campaigns launch and advise on creatives, sources whitelists, and top performing offers.

Why join Adsterra
  • 248GEOs
    Global coverage, advertisers and
    publishers from all Tiers
  • 30BN+
    Average number of
    monthly impressions
  • 18K+
    Direct publishers with
    genuine WW traffic
  • 20K+
    Over 20K campaigns
    run simultaneously
  • 3-level security:
    anti-fraud and anti-malware
  • Anti-Adblock
  • ~100%
    Near-100% fill rates for
  • 100%
    Unique, quality traffic
    from mobile and desktop

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