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[24-Day Advent Gift Calendar] Forming a Habit of Wellbeing for 2022

by Adsterra Team
Lucky Advent Calendar by Adsterra

It takes about 21 days to form a new habit. How about mastering a habit of wellbeing for the whole next year? Nothing comes that easy!

Adsterra will be sharing unique gifts with our advertisers, publishers, and affiliates in the following days. To grab them all and get maximum profit, you only need to be / become our partner and keep driving traffic or ad campaigns till the end of December.

Jump into your lucky Advent Calendar to read all instructions and unlock:

  • 🎁 Money bonuses for advertisers, affiliates, and publishers (see all terms in the Calendar)*
  • 🎁 Promo codes and discounts from Adsterra partners.
  • 🎁 Mega Prize Draw (one day only!) – 5 winners will get amazing eGifts.
  • 🎁 Pro tips and hacks for higher revenues.

* You only apply once for your bonus, but if you have an alternative type of account (e.g., you use Adserra as an advertiser and a publisher), you can use the rewards offered for these roles.

** Advertise and monetize till December 31st, and Adsterra will add bonus money to your account before January 18th.

Each new day brings positive vibes. So please enroll and enjoy the ride!

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