Which pricing model to choose on Adsterra to enjoy larger profits

Whether you target globally or aim at the narrow segment, Adsterra enables you with balanced pricing models to maximize your ROI. Don’t overpay with our smart campaign tests and the next-gen traffic estimator.

Launch campaigns and set up offers
with the best-matching pricing model

Operate pricing models
to gain
broader reach
and larger ROI



Сost-per-acquisition is the safest and the most expensive pricing model. Choose it when you know your customers well and when your conversion flow is simple (e.g., app installs). If you target a new audience or have a complex conversion flow (CC submits), start with the CPM model instead.



Choose the cost-per-click payment when your offer is easy to convert (e.g., just an opt-in required). Check with the Traffic Chart and Traffic Estimator tools to make sure you get sufficient volume of impressions.



The cost-per-thousand-impressions pricing is great for discovering new GEOs and testing traffic. All complex conversion flows as CC submits & deposits are better to test with the CPM model. It’s cost-effective and helps balance your bids properly until you start getting lots of conversions.

Use Adsterra Traffic Estimator to find
your perfect CPC/CPM bid

The AI-driven algorithm scores how much traffic you will get with your targeting and competition activities around. For CPM, it estimates the number of impressions you’ll get, for CPC – the number of clicks. Need to vary bids depending on the countries? The Estimator will count them too. Never lose your top traffic!

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Global coverage, advertisers and publishers from all Tiers

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Direct publishers with genuine WW traffic

Over 20K campaigns run simultaneously

3-level security: anti-fraud and and anti-malware

Anti-Adblock solutions

100% fill rate for publishers

100% unique direct and RTB traffic

Flexible pricing
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$5 minimum payout
15NET payments
Union Pay

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