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Affiliate World & Sigma Eurasia Conferences Dubai 2024: Results

by Maria Littera

Every year the Adsterra team conquers new horizons and sets new goals for itself. More conferences, more networking — these are completed stages, although the number continues to grow. However, more events in one go is something new even for us. This February, our expanded team went to Dubai, UAE, to attend two large and important conferences in a row: Affiliate World & Sigma Eurasia.

We’ll tell you how it was, what we learned and saw, and also share what is especially valuable to us at such events. Forward to the pages of memory!

What is the Affiliate World Conference?

Affiliate World is one of the largest conferences in the world dedicated to affiliate marketing. The event has several branches depending on the location. Every year, separate conferences are held specifically for Europe, Asia, and the UAE. But despite their different venues, they have one thing in common: focus on affiliate and ecommerce marketing. The history of AW began in 2015, since then the event has grown significantly and regularly attracts more than 250 companies and 4,500 attendees participating at each event.

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Who would be interested in attending the Affiliate World Conference?

Visitors to Affiliate World are traditionally everyone involved in the affiliate marketing industry. The partners and sponsors of the events are large companies and networks, and the conference itself is attended by both affiliate marketers and representatives of companies working with traffic. On average, the conference is attended by guests from 100+ countries. What a colossal result!

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How to take part in the AW conference?

It’s very easy to attend the conference: tickets are available for active sale in advance on the official website. Moreover, they are subject to a dynamic pricing system. This means that the earlier you decide to attend the conference, the cheaper the tickets will be. Of course, prices are higher for companies, but the options on tickets are also different.

The most interesting news and topics on Affiliate World Conference 2024 (Dubai)


Two days were filled with events: speeches, presentations, workshops. In total, guests had two stages at their disposal (Main and Breakout), as well as general networking sessions.

There were several key categories on the agenda: META, TikTok, Google, Native Ads, SEO, and just hot trend topics. Particular attention was paid to the highlights of the Asian market. After this, the experts presented materials on various topics:

Mastering Creative Strategy: Crafting TikTok Ads That Actually Convert by Mirella Crespi
Our $100 Million Lead Gen Journey: How to Make Buyers Beg You For Leads, Month After Month by Matthew Milnes
Unlocking Success in 2024: Insights From the Performance Titans by Andrey Kravchenko, Berk Cakar, Giuseppe Buscema, Jelena Jeknic
Affiliates vs. Google: The Ultimate Showdown in Digital Marketing by Alex Micol, Shahzeb Feroz, Swikrit Malik, Vipul Taneja
How to Hire Talent and Utilize AI to Mass Produce VSLs That Convert on Facebook and YouTube TODAY! by Alex Micol
5 Facebook Ads Strategies We Have Used to Scale An Ecom Brand to $18M Within 2 Years by Marin Ištvanić
Blueprint: Winning the Content & Search Arbitrage Game in 2024 and Beyond by Attila Odri, Haran Rosenzweig, Harnur Virk, Hen Kinan (panel discussion) and much more.

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Pros of the AW conference (Dubai)

The conference’s main advantages:

  • Large scale in all respects: many participants and 100% chance of meeting interesting people
  • Lots of exciting workshops and presentations, conveniently divided into sections so to determine the area of interest
  • A lot of cool first-hand insights that can only be obtained through networking in a natural and relaxed way.

Cons of the AW conference (UAE)

Practice has shown that all cons are rather shortcomings of the organization on the part of the participants. Since events that have been held for several years regularly work on mistakes, we will include the following points as specific features to consider:

  • This is a really BIG event. Take this into account and be prepared for stress due to a large number of people
  • There can be too many workshops, lectures, presentations, even at one time. Unfortunately, it is physically impossible to attend ALL useful and interesting events.

What is SiGMA Eurasia conference?

SiGMA Eurasia is also a part of a whole complex of iGaming-themed conferences that unite different market locations under one brand. Consistently, all events called SiGMA include many delegates, speakers, and company representatives. SIGMA Eurasia is more than 15,500+ delegates at each conference, despite the fact that they are held annually. Traditionally, useful networking is combined with parties and entertainment events, as well as awards for industry leaders.

Who should attend SiGMA Eurasia conference?

As with all major agenda-setting events, everyone involved in the industry can visit SiGMA Eurasia. Affiliates are especially welcome here and strive to attract as many newcomers as possible. Also, sponsors are large companies and brands, with whose representatives you will be able to communicate personally. Since the event is mainly dedicated to iGaming, it is attended by many operators and experts developing in the industry.

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How can you take part in SiGMA Eurasia conference?

Attending the event is still easy, as it should be for any decent-quality conference: online registration is available in advance. Free registration for affiliates; everyone else is offered to choose a sponsorship or exhibition package. Judging by the hype and how early packs run out, it’s worth every dollar spent. It is not surprising, since the conference is one of the largest in the world.

The most interesting news and topics at SiGMA Eurasia 2024 (Dubai)


Since SiGMA is generally an iGaming event, the topics of speeches, workshops, and other presentations were dedicated to this niche. Over two days, Dubai learned a lot of new things from key speakers, star-studded guests, and leading government officials.

Particularly important were the discussions on the following topics:

  • Innovations in payment methods, cash points, and banking options across all the territories and in growing markets like Africa, Southeast Asia, and Latin America
  • Enhancing online gaming operators’ appeal with advanced payment options
  • Global payments, significant opportunities for merchants, particularly iGaming companies
  • Forecasts for the future of the iGaming industry.

Among the guests were representatives of media and large companies, including Dr. Marwan Al Zarouni (CEO Dubai Blockchain Centre), H.E. Laila Rahhal El Atfani (Goodwill Ambassador), Amin Siala (Senior Growth Consultant, Google), Christiana Maxion (The Dubai Matchmaker Tech Founder & CEO), H.E Adnan Al Noorani (Board Advisory, The Royal Families in the UAE), and many others.

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Pros of SiGMA Eurasia Conference 2024 (Dubai)

The most impressive benefits of the event:

  • Scale. No need for any additional explanation — this is a huge specialized conference, at which anyone involved in the iGaming niche will be delighted with the amount of useful information
  • Free participation for affiliates. Every year the conference steadily increases the number of participants, not least thanks to free registration
  • High level of organization. There are a ton of quality micro-events within the conference, including parties and awards shows.

Cons of SiGMA Eurasia 2024 (UAE)

The controversial features of this conference can be safely duplicated from the previous event:

  • You have to carefully choose the shows you want to attend as there are too many to attend at once
  • The main topic is dedicated to one niche — for some this may be a minus. On the other hand, if this niche is yours, you are guaranteed to make useful contacts and learn a lot of new things.

p.s.: participation insights

Our teammates, especially those new to attending conferences, noted the undoubted advantages of major industry events:

  • After conferences of this scale, your 1-minute self-introduction skill will be boosted to the skies
  • You will learn a lot of unique info about opportunities, trends, etc., so your horizons will broaden
  • You can gain personal contacts of managers in companies you are interested in cooperation with.

No surprise, we have also faced some difficulties! Here are some thoughts of possible use if you are to visit such an event for the first time:

  • In a huge flow of participants, you will definitely spend valuable time communicating with non-target contacts. It’s ok, just take your time
  • You need to prepare for the conference like for a marathon, so that you are in good physical well-being and mentally focused headspace in order to get the most from this experience
  • You will have to choose between walking around the conference site, attending speaker performances and panels, pre- and after-parties
  • It would be good to study the participants’ list in advance and make a plan of communications; make appointments. Take care of a system for organizing contacts and information received, otherwise after the conference you will drown, sorting out business cards and notes
  • After the conference, you will also have extensive homework to do: sort out all your contacts, write to everyone to continue the conversations started at the conference and get the most out of every acquaintance
  • Don’t forget to have fun: networking is all in all about fulfilling your heart and mind with inspiration!
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No matter how many conferences we attend, at each we discover something new in every sense. This could be a completely innovative event, or another high-quality networking meeting. The main thing is insights and communication, which the Adsterra team is diligently boosting around the world. You can find out more about the 2024 conferences in our article on key events. Be sure to come say hello if you see our teammates at one of the conferences – we will be happy to chat!

Of course, we remind you that at any time you can become part of the friendly family of Adsterra partners and start working. Simple registration, quick approval, and everything you need for productive work, including a special Partner Care program.


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