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World AdTech Day: A Global Celebration for AdTech Pros and Enthusiasts on March 27, 2024

by Maria Littera
world adtech day 2024

Technologies not only can, they must work for the good of industry, people, and the future. The idea of World AdTech Day is a unique balance between humanity and technology. It’s all about mutual development based on a high level of skills, passion for progress, and at the same time always remembering why and for whom it all is moving forward.

The World Adtech Day is a contribution to the future, which has begun in the past and unfolds in the present. It’s you and us, we all together celebrating what we have already achieved and what is yet to achieve. 

Every year on March 27, we praise the importance of everyone’s role; the contribution of each and every one of us who does their best to develop the world of advertising and everything connected with it. After all, there is much more to it than meets the eye. These are affiliate programs, conversion trackers, analytical systems, ad exchanges, marketing and advertising software — a whole world of pure technology.

Setting new traditions of celebration

World AdTech Day is a day that unites us. It is vital to broadcast the involvement of all representatives of the advertising industry in it. Analysts, PPC managers, affiliate marketers, and many, many others proudly claim to belong to a colossal community.

Any event or promotion of yours dedicated to World AdTech Day is appreciated. You can post anything related to your work routine and passion adding a hashtag:

  • Take a selfie in our office or remote office mentioning your company
  • Create and post a hilarious meme about adtech
  • Tag influencers, tech ambassadors or visionaries you admire
  • Create an AI-generate poem about #WorldAdTechDay
  • Tag your competitors and wish them a happy holiday

Branding elements will help you express your involvement in the best way!


Adsterra, The Creator

The global advertising network Adsterra is the creator and ideological inspirer of the World Adtech Day. How did Adsterra come up with such an idea? The thing is, one of the key pillars on which the company’s philosophy stands is the Partner Care Program. AdTech World Day is a tribute from Adsterra to every member of the AdTech community. This celebration is Adsterra’s way of saying “We see you! Everyone and everyday! Thank you for your incredible work!”

So Adsterra doesn’t take on a hosting role or anything. Instead, it unites and thanks, accumulates all the warmth and pride of the community, and calls for dedicating this special day to the joy of being involved in our common big and important industry.


When’s World AdTech Day?

Every year on March 27 we all being representatives of the professions related to the AdTech industry celebrate and praise our contribution to the technologies development and growth. Responsible marketing rules!

Who celebrates World AdTech Day?

If you anyhow relate to advertising technologies, it’s your day. Everyone who manages or codes, works with SSP & DSP platforms, analyzes or tracks, provider or affiliate. You may find your profession in the list mentioned on the official WATD website or send it to us so we could include it in the list!

What do people do on World AdTech Day?

First of all, we celebrate! We congratulate each other and express our undoubted gratitude for the work. We also conduct various events and activities: these can be educational webinars or just a chill party. You decide! And don’t forget to share your idea and how you celebrated the day on any social network with the hashtag #WorldAdTechday.

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