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Trendscape 2024 At Its Best: Affiliate Marketing Trends From Experts

by Maria Littera

New Year is not only about the unknown coming. In our latest webinar dedicated to affiliate marketing trends, we, together with experts, tried to predict and guess what awaits us in the coming year. Were these guesses based only on sensations? Oh, no, because analytics and statistics are not asleep: they collected the top forecasts based on real data and experts’ opinions.

We at Adsterra stand for this: an expert is not only an eminent specialist with a big name and expertise, but also each of you who has practical experience. Therefore, the predictions from our viewers were a special surprise (look for them towards the end of the article). So, what we did and why is this video worth watching if your goal for 2024 is to make a ton of money? We’ll be happy to share!

Our guests

Our growing affiliate marketing trends webinar guests are the crème de la crème, just the way you like it. In the video you will see and hear:

  • Attila O’dree (Owner of iAmAttila)

He started his journey in 2008, and in 2013 he already created a blog to share knowledge with others. Readers value him for his directness and honest opinions, and also for the fact that he was able to achieve success without loans, correctly calculating the available budget. Today, Attila travels the world and helps thousands of people who want to join the world of affiliate marketing.

  • Joey Babineau (Owner of Powerhouse Affiliate)

One of the coolest media buyers with experience in large projects. A truly passionate person who finds the resources to run a successful YouTube blog and training platform for seasoned affiliate marketers. He has already graduated thousands of successfully trained specialists! We especially appreciate his cool guide to Popunder ads.

  • Mikhail Zhukov (Head of the CPM Department at Adsterra)

An expert from our team: a living storehouse of knowledge about GEOs and markets with special expertise in the field of igaming and sports. He has practical experience in working with these niches, and is an active participant in specialized conferences around the world, including SiGMA, Affiliate World, Affiliados Brasil, and many others. We recommend you to read his articles: it’s all concentrated benefits, presented in clear language, and really cool insights in detail.

  • KJ Rocker (Affiliate marketing coach)

An expert with many years of experience: his journey began in 2010 and since then his knowledge has helped many affiliate marketers of different levels. A real example of how website development can lead to a completely different area, opening up a lot of cool unexplored horizons, even if your starting budget is only $10. There is a lot to learn from KJ — don’t ignore his content if you want to learn the secrets of making money online.

  • Gala Grigoreva (СМО Adsterra)

The pearl of the Adsterra team: Gala’s style is wisdom in a fresh approach and a huge amount of knowledge that you will definitely want to have. One of the founders of Adsterra Partner Care Program, therefore she knows exactly how to convey useful information clearly and for practical use. In addition to her role as a CMO, Gala is also a member of the Forbes Communication Council, an award winner, and a mentor at Women in Tech.

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Here they are — the latest affiliate marketing trends we are waiting for. Some are new trends in affiliate marketing, some are kept from the last year or even two and more, but let’s take a look at them all.

AI On Center Stage

ChatGPT has become a real sensation. However, unlike many high-profile one-day projects, this revolution is obviously with us for a long time. It really can and should be used for good: it helps automate tasks, increase efficiency, and generally does a great job. We discussed how not to be afraid of neural networks.

Focus On First-Party Data

This is the second year that talks about the death of cookies have not subsided. In 2024, this will finally catch up with us and force us to adapt completely. Third-party data — off, a huge shift to first-party data and contextual targeting — on.

Focus on Social Proof

Public opinion is gaining momentum and this will have to be taken into account — at least that’s what experts think. Facebook groups, Reddit, Quora, Medium, Discord, and Mighty Networks are entering the arena.

Continuing the previous trend, we are to discuss that users increasingly aim for personalization. This is the new honesty that will bring you trust and, therefore, clients. Preferences, interests, behavior — everything is equally important.

Top profitable niches

The statistics are unanimous: iGaming, e-com, VPN, finance (trading) continue to grow and are not going to slow down.

Growing popularity of video content as high converting content

For our part, we noted an increase in interest in video advertising. Overall, in 2023, 91% of businesses used video in one way or another in their marketing strategies. So the numbers say one thing: working with video is profitable.

MENA regions are the key to successful GEO 2024 strategy. LATAM, India, Asia (Bangladesh, Philippines), South Africa, and also Canada when it comes to iGaming.

Stricter Compliance and Transparency

We continue to develop the theme of honesty for trust: users are tired of content for the sake of content and, alas, disrespect on the Internet. This has been brewing for a long time, but next year it will become even more noticeable and will require special efforts from all of us. Adsterra has always stood only for high-quality traffic and whitehat methods for both partners and users, so we simply continue supporting our policy and advise you to do the same.

Increase in Mobile Commerce and mobile traffic

A nice trend: smartphones have been firmly established in our lives for a long time and continue to capture more and more attention. Shopping, personal content, work — everything lives on the phone, so it’s not surprising that mobile traffic has long surpassed desktop one in volume.

Influencers on the center stage

Direct cooperation with influencers and micro-influencers remains relevant. It’s time to use it and get your piece of the pie.

Adsterra’s plans & new horizons to reach

Adsterra did a great job in 2023: you can read more about our year-end results in this traditional annual post. But, in terms of the conversation about trends and prospects, let us note that our growth does not end there.

In 2024, you will find even more high-quality traffic, more cool templates and, of course, more educational and profitable in use relevant content. And in a year, we will quite possibly gather again and discuss which affiliate trends met our expectations and which turned out to be just dreams.

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Adsterra invites you to join the ranks of our partners, if you have not already done so. And if you are already with us and part of the team — thank you for your trust, we are trying to do our best to justify it and increase your victories and earnings. Let us know if you have anything to say about our content in general and the Trendscape webinar in particular — we always welcome feedback!


Trendscape 2024 video

More trends, opinions, doubts, questions, and answers in the full version of the webinar. And of course, there are some extra easter eggs in the affiliate trends video, so you better go watch it now!

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