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How Much Adsterra Pays: Celebrating Your Victories

by Olly V

Small steps or giant leaps, we treasure each of your achievements. And this year has been rich in victories. Advertisers have jumped to a new level of cost optimization and ad engagement. Publishers have unlocked extra ways of traffic monetization. Affiliates joined the epic contest with a prize pool of $9,5K. So, if your goal is to learn how much Adsterra pays and how you can grow your business with us, you’re in the right place.

How much Adsterra pays: diving into numbers and facts

From $31M in 2020 to $87M payouts in 2023. Such a leap! Adsterra publishers have achieved a huge milestone, and we couldn’t be more proud of all of you than we are now. You’ve been challenging yourself throughout the year by probing new monetization strategies and advertising formats.

Affiliates and media buyers have pushed the limits, as well. While someone gained over $3,220 promoting iGaming offers with Adsterra traffic, others started follow-along threads on affLIFT forum and shared their monetization journeys in real time.

One challenger has pushed the borders and took first place in both Adsterra and Adsterra CPA polls. Jaswinder Singh mastered absolute perfection in buying traffic from an ad network and promoting offers from an affiliate network.

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New leading geos in ad revenues

The list of longstanding leaders in revenues among geolocations has also gone through some exciting updates. In 2023, several countries broke through, demonstrating high ROIs and publishers’ profits.

  • Latin American countries
  • India
  • Bangladesh
  • The Philippines
  • Portugal
  • Taiwan

African countries have proved to be at the forefront of global economic changes. Traffic from these geos is getting more and more valued by advertisers promoting VPNs, apps, antiviruses, sports and iGaming. Adsterra’s monthly Best CPM Rates for publishers guide supports this finding.

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The most preferred ad network that cares about you

Adsterra celebrated its 10th anniversary in 2023. It’s a true honor knowing so many entrepreneurs and influencers have stayed with us throughout these years.

We witnessed the rise and fall of web push and reinvented them as advanced Social Bar. We unlocked untapped niches and remained profitable in the notorious 2020. And, finally, with all these market ups and downs, we have grown to 35B monthly impressions, fulfilling any advertising need.

Nothing can be more precious than your words and attitude. We celebrate with you whenever you get a source of side income, pay rent, or make a fortune with Adsterra! Stay strong, and profits will get stronger, too!

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The family is getting bigger. Latam partnerships

2023 has been the year of new partnerships. With 300M weekly ad views sent from Brazil only, Adsterra is proud to have become a growth area for thousands of media buyers and publishers from this beautiful country and all Latam destinations.  

Our official representative, Tarcio Santos, teamed up with one of the star iGaming experts, Mikhail Zhukov, to hold a speech at Afiliados Brasil and SiGMA Americas. All the insights gained at the conferences formed the basis of two in-depth guides to iGaming Advertising in Brazil and Crafting Engaging Ad Messages.

Last but not least, we launched a blog about affiliate marketing in Portuguese to communicate our best tutorials most natively.

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Efficiency full blast: new features to save budgets and boost ROI

Smart CPM

Smart CPM is a bidding strategy that uses an intelligent algorithm to enter auctions and select winning bids. The algorithm repeatedly adjusts the payout amount to keep it at the most competitive level, never jumping above the bid cap you mark. That’s how you save time, excluding manual price adjustments, and manage to get the hottest traffic within your target.

CPA Goal

CPA Goal optimization is your go-to tool if you want to achieve maximum conversions while saving as much money as possible. Advertisers and affiliate marketers apply our smart algorithm to select traffic that matches their target eCPA or the number of conversions they want to achieve. This solves the notorious problem of acquiring a large amount of traffic and turning it into target actions.

Interstitials on Adsterra SSP

The most-awaited ad format formerly available for managed accounts is here to stay on the Adsterra Self-Serve Platform. And we didn’t add a blunt add-picture-add-text ad unit but a set of hit templates with super-powerful layouts. Large images, contrast CTA buttons, smoothest UX, and many more perks inside. But you’d better see for yourself.

1,5 billion conversions/year
15K advertisers

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Monetization stars revealed how much Adsterra pays

As we said, we celebrate each of your victories made possible with Adsterra. Our bloggers have been very generous in sharing secrets of their gains. Be sure to learn their hacks so to apply the same strategies or build upon them, enhancing earnings.

$18K with a Quora monetization strategy

Adsterra publisher and a talented blogger Muhammad has developed a unique method to gain $18K of extra earnings by sending his Quora readers to a website with Popunders. Read his story to learn the best hacks.

$2,000 with Facebook and Direct Link

With a small Facebook group and Adsterra Direct Link, Jeremiah Yahaya has gone a noble way from zero to hero, getting his first payout of $100 and then increasing earnings to $2,000. His tips, from keyword research and content creation, will inspire you to make new achievements.

$33K selling profitable websites with Adsterra ads

Mai Hang is a pro web trader. Together with her husband, she launches and then sells websites and blogs. People prefer buying profitable inventory, and the right way to make a website bring profits is to put Adsterra ads there! If you have ever wondered about an online business of that kind, this case study is a must-read thing.

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Putting timeless values first

As a company rooted in Cyprus, we take pride and responsibility in making a positive impact by supporting organizations like Roberts Dog Sanctuary and City Friends Club. Last year, we also joined hands with the Palepafos museum team to plant trees and help create a more beautiful, sustainable future for our beloved homeland.

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Contributing to female affiliate marketing and ad tech

Adsterra’s CMO, Gala Grigoreva, has been representing women in martech not only by doing her job with passion and excellence but also by being a mentor and active global ambassador of Women In Tech Cyprus. This year, Gala’s contribution to endorsing women’s achievements in the tech industry has been appreciated with the highest honor by the Forbes Cyprus Women in Tech Awards. Besides being a source of pride for our team, this reflects Adsterra’s exceptional work and leadership in the ad tech field.


What an incredible year 2023 has been! We have experienced tremendous changes, exciting releases, and remarkable achievements. Now, when we’re about to unwrap the coming year, let’s wish each other to be bright enough to turn all its challenges into opportunities. And you know what? We’re sure to become more proactive while staying your most loyal supporter and partner in growing revenues!

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