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Expert Talks: Affiliate Marketing Interviews Pack vol.2

by Maria Littera

Adsterra is pleased to present a new seasonal pack: three fresh affiliate marketing interviews to help you learn a lot of fine insights.

Our experts are again happy to share the intricacies of their work. From this pack you will learn how Adsterra spent 10 years of its history, get acquainted with the features of regional management, and much more.

Adsterra’s Regional Manager Priyancaa Jane about features of the regional work

Our dear Priyankaa and Vashishtha Kapoor discuss the characteristics of India as an active GEO, as well as the importance of an integrated approach to customer service. Find out first-hand how Adsterra allows you to optimize campaigns and what features it offers. Brief and useful information about Smart CPM, CPA Goal, and also an honest review about the event itself.

Who to must-watch: everyone who is interested in the characteristics of the regions, in particular GEO India, and is thinking about choosing Adsterra as a partner.

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Adsterra’s Senior Marketing Manager Nik Danilenkov on how to win in affiliate marketing

Now enjoy a whole bunch of useful information from our marketing specialist. Nik and Jitendra discuss the features of Adsterra’s regional development and the upcoming prospects. For the most curious ones, there’s also Nik’s prediction you definitely want to know if your goal is to stay on top in 2024.

Who to must-watch: everyone who wants to be the first to know about Adsterra’s development plans and collect all the insights from the pros.

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Adsterra’s CMO Gala Grigoreva about the decade of succesfully overcame challenges by company’s jubilee

A big and detailed interview with our friends from ZorbasMedia. Learn a lot of interesting and instructive things from the history of Adsterra. Then look into the future of the company, and don’t miss tips for beginners and professionals from an experienced industry player.

Who to must-watch: everyone who wants to know more about major market players and choose reliable partners as fellows.

Our seasonal interview pack is just a small part of the meetings and conversations that Adsterra is happy to conduct with our friends and colleagues. Be sure to visit our Instagram and YouTube channel. There you can see all the cool and useful materials. Follow the updates and go with us to all the events that the Adsterra team attends. Join — it’s more fun together!


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