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Expert Talks: 3 Affiliate Marketing Interviews Pack

by Maria Littera

Is there anything better than an option to learn from the best representatives of the market you’re currently working in? Only a few such options, right?

The Expert Talks category in our blog is all about networking. Here we post and share anything that can be of maximum use to our partners: discussions, debates, and, for sure, interviews. This post is a precious collection of but three interviews our teammates had for the last couple of events worldwide. 

1. Adsterra’s CPA network team lead, Inga Jokinen, shares insider tips & tricks to gain via affiliate marketing

Do you want to know how and why you can join the team of Adsterra’s top affiliates? This is the point why Inga Jokinen opens our mini-marathon of video interviews: it contains everything you want to know about how to make money in affiliate marketing effectively.

From this one, you’ll find out about the following: 

  • Top verticals
  • Super hot GEOs (incl. some tips about Africa)
  • Best-working traffic types
  • Payment terms & other conditions to choose from. 

Who to must-watch: everyone who is okay with raising their earnings and doing it as quickly as possible.

2. Adsterra’s head of CPM/CPC insights on affiliate marketing & advertising trends

Less than 10 minutes of pure insights flow from Adsterra’s Head of CPM/CPC Mikhail Zhukov. All the latest trends, from the rise of programmatic advertising to the increasing importance of mobile optimization from an expert’s side. 

Highlights from this interview:

  • Top converting verticals @ Adsterra
  • The best industry conferences 
  • Tips on how to increase traffic without raising bids
  • The process of building black- and white lists
  • Hacks for scaling and optimizing campaigns & much more!

Who to must-watch: no matter if a seasoned pro or newbie, but if into actionable tips ready to be used .

3. Adsterra’s RTB expert Daria Babyak about the best practices and strategies of digital advertising

And last but 100% not least is an interview with Adsterra’s real-time bidding expert Daria Babyak held by host Jitendra Vaswani, CEO at DigiExe’s Post. The main subject of their conversation became digital advertising. 

Aspects from the video:

  • The best practices to use
  • Some successful ad campaigns strategies 
  • The latest trends in the industry. 

Who to must-watch: everyone related to building a successful online business.

Each interview will take just a bit of your time, but we are sure you won’t regret even a second of it. So enjoy, watch, comment, and join Adsterra if, for any reason, you still haven’t!

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