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[Live Expert Talk] Experts Forecast Affiliate Marketing Trends for 2024 and Give Away Prizes

by Adsterra Team

What can be better than being the first to learn affiliate marketing trends for 2024 and win a prize? Absolutely nothing except for experiencing this opportunity online and teaming up with the mightiest industry experts! 

On December 18th, 2023, you’ll unwrap the promising trends in media buying, affiliate marketing, and advertising for the coming new year.

🎄 Unwrapping the Year: 🎄
Advertising and Affiliate Marketing Trends for 2024

Live Expert Talk key points:


  • December 18th, 2023, 5 PM (Asia/Nicosia), UTC+2


  • Joey B. Babineau (owner of Powerhouse Affiliate)
  • Attila O’dree (owner of iAmAttila)
  • Mikhail Zhukov (Head of the CPM Department at Adsterra)
  • Gala Grigoreva (CMO, Adsterra)


  • 2023 highlights
  • Main affiliate market disruptors
  • Top trends in advertising and affiliate marketing to follow in 2024.


  •  6 prizes to be announced on the Live Expert Talk

Your forecast can win a prize! 

Adsterra will soon be joining forces with the mightiest experts to explore the most profitable (or disrupting) affiliate marketing trends of the coming 2024. But you can change the flow right now.

Register as a Live Talk guest and send your affiliate marketing forecast for 2024. Our experts will spotlight 6 visionaries whose predictions have pushed the limits and revealed remarkable insights to the audience.



  • Hit and miss in predictions for 2023: which predictions came true and which turned out to be just a fantasy
  • Affiliate marketing and advertising trends: 2023 VS 2024
  • What to expect in 2024: a breakthrough, crisis…or both?

Will our experts delve into the discussion of AI in affiliate marketing and or a growing focus on social proof? Shall they accentuate the importance of optimization tools or innovative ad formats? We’ll keep it a secret for the time being 😉

What’s concrete is an opportunity to change the game with your prediction for 2024!

Our speakers

joey-babineau-powerhouse-affiliate-owner Joey B. Babineau

Joey Babineau’s extensive experience as a media buyer has resulted in many ground-breaking projects. He’s dedicated to his craft, as evidenced by his successful YouTube channel and the creation of Powerhouse Affiliate, an online training platform for aspiring and seasoned affiliate marketers. He’s already trained over 85,000 affiliate marketers through his web-based program. His hard work and expertise are truly remarkable! 

Joey has contributed to the Adsterra blog with a guide to high-performing Popunder ads.

Attila-Odree-imAttila-founder Attila O’dree

Attila (iAmAttila) started working in affiliate marketing in 2008. In 2013, he created a blog to share his knowledge of digital marketing for free. His directness and truthfulness set Attila apart from many others in his field. He has succeeded in affiliate marketing without taking out any loans and is proud to be debt-free. Attila’s earnings have enabled him and his family to enjoy luxurious travel experiences across the globe. He has authored a book titled “From Zero to Super Affiliate,” a precious guide for those new to the affiliate marketing realm.

gala-grigoreva-cmo Gala Grigoreva, CMO at Adsterra

Gala’s refreshing approach to Martech has led to impressive turnovers in every business she partnered with. As Adsterra’s CMO, she built a strong marketing team, achieving double and triple ROIs. Her customer-oriented mindset moved her achievements beyond marketing and branding. Gala pioneered the Adsterra Partner Care Program, a brand differentiator. Her efforts led to Adsterra being recognized as the Best Ad Network, Best Native Ad Network, and Best CPA Network. She mentors at Women in Tech and is a member of the Forbes Communication Council. 

You can read Gala’s blog features interviews with top affiliate marketing executives.

Mikhail Zhukov, Head of CPM at Adsterra Mikhail Zhukov, Head of the CPM Department at Adsterra

As the CPM Department’s head, Mikhail can share a 360-degree overview of any geo or market niche. A visionary yet practitioner, he’s a frequent speaker at many world-renowned conferences like SiGMA, Affiliate World, Afiliados Brasil, and many others. Mikhail’s skills extend from global competitive intelligence to granular campaign optimization. His blog articles on iGaming ignite a deeper understanding of ad campaign setup, highlighting the importance of geo-specific settings and cultural nuances.

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