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Direct Link Monetization: $2000 From Scratch

by Maria Littera

The stories of our partners are always not only inspiring, but also personal. This is what makes them alive and unique: the way people struggle with difficulties, choose a path, and, in the end, receive a well-deserved reward for their efforts. Today we are sharing a story about how Direct Link monetization helped find a source of income and open up new opportunities. Read and join the ranks of Adsterra partners!

Jeremiah Yahaya |
entertainment blogger

Growing your earnings from $0 to thousands of dollars is always challenging. So if you are thinking of the best way to start earning a decent amount with Adsterra ads network then this case study is for you. 

Here is a short story I want to share before I start my case: I left secondary school in 2020 shortly after the covid-19 pandemic. After leaving school, I started to look for a moderate job so I could save up for university. After all my effort in securing a minor job here in Nigeria failed, I had to start learning new online skills because I was so concerned about going to school and my parents were not financially strong enough to take me and my other siblings to school. It took much consideration, but in 2021 I decided to learn some freelance skills such as:

  • Social media management
  • Content writing
  • SEO writing.

So I could use this skill to secure some freelance job online because I have always believed that the online space is an amazing place to bring dreams to reality. But after learning all the basic skills, I still find it very difficult to secure a good writing job. I have almost lost hope of my dreams of going to the university this year, as time was no longer by my side. I also had no backup savings — not until I finally saw a wonderful review about Adsterra friends made on his timeline. 

Now, I am happy to share with you my experience of how life was tough for me until I started using Adsterra direct link in 2022. I became active in my work with it a few months ago and so far I have earned over $2k from Direct Link only. 

How did I get to know about Adsterra

Being a content writer, I had several friends who were also bloggers. So on a faithful day I saw one of my blogger friends dropping a nice review about Adsterra on his timeline. I messaged him and he asked me to get a WordPress website, so I could become an Adsterra publisher. But as at that time, I had no money for such expenses. So I started researching how to open a free blog, and after much research, I finally opened my first blog on Blogger (Google free website platform). After getting my blog ready, I opened an Adsterra publisher account and created my first ever Direct link. 

How did I earn from scratch on Adsterra Direct Link 

After getting my free blog site and my Adsterra direct link ready, I also began a new search on YouTube on how to direct Blogspot visitors to my Direct link. After that I started posting actively on Facebook groups and directing my audience to my Blogspot site via Adsterra Direct link. I keep posting from 2022 December, and in February 2023 I made my first payout of over $100 worth of BTC. 


See proof of my Facebook traffic from one of my Blogspot accounts


After my first payout, I was very motivated that I could pull such amounts with just my phone and my small Facebook group. Then I reinvested the money by renting more Facebook groups to earn more. My earnings keep increasing as I continue to rent more groups and keep my fans entertained with the latest celebrity news from my blog. And they always run to my site to check my latest content. 

I later bought more groups with my revenue from Adsterra. Now I have my own personal Facebook groups, where I share entertainment news and share my blogspot link. One of my happiest wins in joining Adsterra is that I have been able to save up and in May I went back to further my education. Presently I am studying accountancy here in Nigeria all thanks to God and Adsterra for changing my life. 


See some proof of my Adsterra payout of over $2k 

Adsterra Direct Link Monetization usage

My case study won’t be complete if I don’t tell you how you can also use Adsterra Direct link and Facebook Group to earn decent on Adsterra.

How to earn decently using Adsterra direct link and Facebook group with zero or no cost 

  1. Open a free blogspot account using www.blogger.com
  2. Sign in adsterra adsterra.com
  3. Follow top entertainment blogs in your country to get the latest entertainment news. If you are in Nigeria you can consider following:
  1. Collect and rewrite the content, add value to it, and put together an interesting post on a relevant topic.
  2. Make sure you post actively on your blogspot and share the post on your Facebook group.


This is how your post can look like
  1. If you don’t have a personal Facebook group, you should consider renting a Facebook group from a group owner.
  2. Add a call-to-action button within your post and embed it with your Adsterra direct link.

Which topics do I usually post on my blog 

As an entertainment blogger, I typically publish articles covering a wide range of topics, including celebrity news, celebrity gossip, and the lifestyles of celebrities. Also, I occasionally direct my attention to trending political events and other controversies, etc.

How many views do I have per one post

When I started blogging, I usually got as low as 100-300 views per post. But as I have been able to acquire a good number of Facebook groups, where I post my blog links, in most of my posts now, I tend to get above 1k-3k views. I also have some articles which have done marvelously well and have gathered thousands of views.


The reasons why these articles went viral and gathered such engagement is because my site was one of the first that provided valuable information about the news immediately it started getting controversial. Also such content is content that my Facebook group audience loves to engage with. 

How often do I post on my website or update it

Since I am in the entertainment niche, I don’t have a specific amount of articles I post daily. It all depends on the news trending on that particular day. On a normal day, I post at least 8-12 articles daily but on days where they are enough trending news, I post between 12-18 article 

How do I get higher exposure

Some of the technique I use to get higher exposure.

Trending: I usually write about news immediately they occur/immediately they start trending.

Audience: I bought several Facebook groups with millions of followers so it increases the chance of allowing my blog post to reach a large number of people.

Timing: I made a proper timetable as to when to post an article. My timetable for posting in the morning is from 7:30 am – 11:30 am and at night from 7:30 – 9:30 pm. The reason I made a posing timetable for myself is because this is the major time my audience is usually online. 

Which tools do I use for keyword research 

Apart from writing issues trending on social media in my region. I also use Google Trends to track down keywords and controversial topics that are currently trending. 

How to use Google Trends

  1. Visit Google Trends: https://trends.google.com.
  2. Go to Trending now: navigate the site, select your region, and list of trending topics and keywords in your region will be analyzed for you.
  3. Explore Trending Data: review the trend graph, interest by region, and related queries to identify popular keywords.
  1. Analyze Interest Over Time: pay attention to the historical trend data to spot rising or declining keywords.
  2. Save or Export Data: you can save the data or export it for future reference.
  3. Create Content: use the trending keywords you’ve discovered to create relevant content for your audience. Keep an eye on Google Trends regularly to stay updated with the latest trends and adjust your content strategy accordingly.

Best Adsterra Ads Format and options I use in my work

I use several Adsterra ads formats, such as Social bar, but my favorite out of all other ads formats is Direct link. It offers me a higher CPM rate between  $6 – $8.


My advice and special tips

  1. Make sure to do proper keyword research before updating your blog post. Don’t just post any content, make sure the content you are posting is SEO optimized.
  2. Don’t just depend on SEO for traffic. You can try social media traffic just the same way I am doing. One of the most profitable social media you can try out is Facebook. If you don’t have your personal Facebook page or group, negotiate with another Facebook group/page admin. Believe me you won’t regret it.
  3. Don’t just leave Adsterra because one ads format didn’t work well for you. Adsterra has several Ads formats: if one fails to be much profitable to you, try the next. Personally I will advise you to focus more on Social bar and Direct link, as it is what I am currently using.
  4. Another amazing way to earn on Adsterra as a publisher is by using Adsterra referral as a blogger. You can always earn without much effort by just referring other bloggers to sign in Adsterra using your referral link.

Aside from paying my school fees I have been able to buy myself two extra phones and a laptop to ease my blogging career. All the money I use is from the revenue I generated from Adsterra within this short time. 

5 reasons you should sign in as an Adsterra publisher today 

If you are thinking of starting a blog with little capital and earn massively from it, I advise you to choose Adsterra. Because Adsterra has proven without reasonable doubt to be the best CPM ads network. 

  1. Display Relevance Ads to Your Audience: Adsterra ads provide ads that are relevant to your website. The more closely the ads align with your content and audience’s interests, the more effective they will be. It will increase your audience engagement with the ads and increase your earnings as well.
  2. Ads Quality and Creatives: examine the quality of the ads the network provides. Low-quality or intrusive ads can harm the user experience and deter visitors. Look for ad networks that offer high-quality, visually appealing ad creatives.
  3. Payment Terms: Adsterra has nice payment methods to suit all publishers. Adsterra offers many options, including wire transfer, PayPal, etc. You can also always ask managers for flexible conditions to choose a payment method and frequency that is convenient for you. Managers always meet halfway and try to offer the most profitable options for you.
  4. Ad Formats: if you have the right group, I advise you to use mostly Direct link for higher earnings. 
  5. Performance and Tracking: Adsterra performance tracking and reporting capabilities. Publishers should have access to detailed analytics and reporting tools to monitor the performance of ads and optimize their strategies. Look for networks that provide comprehensive data on ad impressions, clicks, and conversions.

My final advice will be: don’t let anyone deceive you that Adsterra is not profitable. Don’t give up on your blogging career, join Adsterra today and let it make you big!


Stories of newcomers who were able to earn from scratch are always super inspiring. We are pleased to show that this is not only possible in theory, but is successfully implemented in practice through the efforts of our publishers.

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