CPA Goal: Optimize CPM/CPC Campaigns for Conversions With Maximum Impact

CPA Goal is a rules-based tool that optimizes CPM and CPC campaigns to provide high-value traffic that meets your criteria in conversions or eCPA.

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Key differentiator

A game changer, CPA Goal differs from its analog, Target CPA, by a more tailored traffic optimization. 

Instead of entering an ideal payout, you create a rule to automatically cherry-pick the best traffic removing those placements that spend too much. You literally pay less with CPM or CPC pricing while meeting core KPIs.

Top benefits for advertisers

Reduce spending on traffic

Reduce spending on traffic

You buy impressions or clicks while setting rules to optimize them by important target actions

Profit from every placement

Profit from every placement

Algorithms will check every ad placement and leave only those that meet your KPIs and don’t eat up the budget

Save time on placement unlinking

Save time on placement unlinking

The tool constantly checks all traffic and automatically unlinks poor-performing ad placements

Customize rules for a better impact

Customize rules for a better impact

You can save and update as many rules as needed applying them to any of your CPM or CPC campaigns

How to enable CPA Goal

  1. Sign up or log in as an advertiser.
  2. Ensure to set up S2S tracking since it’s necessary for tracking conversions.
  3. To enable CPA Goal optimization, create a new campaign or choose the existing one. To create a new campaign, hit Campaigns > Create.
  4. On the campaign page, pick CPM or CPC from the Pricing type field.
  5. Jump to Step 4 – Advanced settings. You can now create a rule to optimize your traffic for the number of conversions or eCPA.
Screenshot enabling CPA goal
💡 Every new rule will be applied to your campaign immediately.
💡 Create, adjust, and customize rules from the CPA Goal rules page in your account.
💡 Manage all unlinked placements right on the Campaign page (the Advanced Settings section)
Spent = $100
No of conversions < 20
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Unlink this placement
Spent >= $100
eCPA > $5
arrow down

How to use rules-based ad optimization

Create rules, compelling CPM or CPC traffic to deliver conversions at a desirable price. Use regular expressions to fine-tune traffic checking. Your primary step is to determine the critical spending amount when a placement will be unlinked. Next, you choose between the two optimization parameters:

  • The number of conversions
  • eCPA

Top use cases

  • ticks
    Embrace vast amounts of traffic automatically while testing or scaling ad campaigns
  • ticks
    Predict and manage the number of conversions you get with your targeting
  • ticks
    Plan your spending and masterfully allocate budgets for long-run campaigns
  • ticks
    Launch global-reach campaigns with no risks of losing control or overspending

You can apply CPA Goal to onclick
and in-page push traffic

Popunder (onclick)

A code that opens up your landing page when users visit publishers' websites. That's an unrivaled format with maximum viewability.

Social Bar

A proprietary set of ads that can boost CTR up to 30%. 20+ high-converting templates with thoroughly thought-of designs.

In-Page Push

The most advanced replacement to Web Push that fits any browser and OS. No opt-ins or subscriptions required.

Ready to create a rules-based campaign?

CPA Goal is a powerful digital marketing tool advertisers apply to optimize CPM/CPC campaigns based on their target payouts and spending for conversions. With intelligent algorithms and customizable rules, you pay less for traffic while achieving tangible results in ROI.

FAQ about CPA Goal

  • Q: Is CPA Goal the same as Target CPA?

    A: Both tools deal with traffic optimization. But Target CPA will demand to enter an ideal cost per conversion you want to achieve. Our tool will ask you to set critical parameters to unlink ad placements with no current potential to deliver enough quality conversions.
  • Q: Do you use machine learning?

    A: We do. We utilize advanced machine learning algorithms to optimize CPM and CPC traffic for conversions or eCPA. The algorithms conduct complex data analysis to detect your competition and select those ad placements where you can achieve your KPIs.
  • Q: Is CPA Goal a bidding model?

    A: It's an optimization tool in advertising that can be applied to CPM and CPC traffic. It allows for filtering ad placements, unlinking those that send few conversions or cost too much.
  • Q: When can I use CPA Goal?

    A: You can solve many problems in digital advertising campaigns, including inefficient spending, poor ROI, lack of control, and manual placement unlinking.
  • Q: Is CPA Goal suitable for all marketing campaigns?

    A: Before using it in your ad campaign, consider that this tool requires a significant amount of traffic from your targeting. Additionally, if your conversions are complex and expensive, such as sales — you must set a matching spending limit accurately.

Reliable payment systems for advertisers

  • WIRETransfer
  • UnionPay
  • Capitalist
  • VISA, Mastercard
  • Paxum