In-Page Push Ads

High-Quality Traffic That Returns Clicks and Conversions

With Adsterra In-Page Push ads, advertisers access all types of CPM, CPC, and CPA traffic. Publishers monetize 100% of ad views unlike with web push.

What is an In-Page Push ad?

An In-Page Push ad is a more effective replacement to web push. It’s a highly visible display ad that supports all GEOs, devices, browsers, and OS. Adsterra serves you several best-converting templates that will never bore users returning massive clicks and conversions.

In-Page Push ads vs. Web Push ads

In-Page Push Traffic

  • With In-Page Push, you enjoy 100% traffic, no subscriptions required
  • In-Page Push are delivered to all browsers, all devices, and all OS
  • You get instant ad delivery to a website page
  • You deliver your message to a fresh and unique audience
  • You create engaging ad visuals aligned with trending OS designs

Web Push Traffic

  • Web Push curb down traffic as they require users to opt-in
  • Web Push are not compatible with iOS and fall under Chrome restrictions
  • Ads appear after a delay; user can turn them off
  • Lots of blank clicks
  • Though user-friendly, web push look pretty outdated, which leads to the ad blindness effect

Benefits and features of In-Page Push advertising

10+ customizable template creatives that proved to convert

Even more innovative designs with Adsterra Social Bar

Unique in-page push traffic available with CPM, CPC, CPA pricing

Powerful targeting settings with A/B tests of up to 15 creatives

Great performance on all browsers, devices, and OS

Best verticals to advertise with In-Page Push ads

VPNs & MOBILE Utilities

Boost conversions into installs and trials. With rich media templates, you can create an OS-friendly notification that will grab user attention.


All classic designs and new creatives that perfectly fit any OS and device making ads look like system messages but not misleading users.

Apps and Messengers

Adsterra In-Page Push can boast of having ultra-native social apps’ templates that make your advertising look credible. Best for fast conversions: installs, downloads, trials.


Any subscription-based push traffic including Carrier Billing will convert massively with Adsterra In-Page Push ads.

Advertisers get a burst of fresh, genuine in-page push traffic of over 1.7B impressions weekly. Multiple up-to-date designs exclude ad blindness and deliver unprecedented user engagement. Publishers who monetize sites with In-Page Push get extra profits since ads are compatible with other formats and are not blocked like web push ads.

How to run In-Page Push ads?


Sign in or register as an advertiser


Navigate to the Create campaign tab


Pick pricing model and choose In-Page Push ad unit


Pick country, traffic type, and other targets


Upload creatives and submit your first campaign!

Why to join Adsterra

Global coverage, advertisers and publishers from all Tiers

Average number of monthly impressions

Direct publishers with genuine WW traffic

Over 20K campaigns run simultaneously

3-level security: anti-fraud and and anti-malware

Anti-Adblock solutions

100% fill rate for publishers

100% unique direct and RTB traffic

Flexible pricing
and best-in-class
payout policy

$5 minimum payout
15NET payments
Union Pay

Time to grow with Adsterra

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