Corporate Social Responsibility

We love our homeland’s nature and strive to save it!

Adsterra contributes to the Cyprus community thrive, sustainability and social efforts. It starts with the separate collection of waste in the office and spreads to the public in the form of sponsorship and partnership with the Cyprus charity organizations.

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Cyprus, Kouklia, Aphrodite Hills

Our Commitment

Recycling Activities

Recycling Activities

At Adsterra, this is our everyday choice and habit to ensure smooth and quick recycling. During the week, we collect waste separately. At the end of the week, a dedicated group of employees checks if everything is in its place and prepares it for delivery to the nearest recycling point. We try to use as little paper as possible, having moved to digital flow in every aspect of our activity.

Helping Homeless Animals

Helping Homeless Animals

We are committed to help Roberts Dog Sanctuary, a group of people who care about homeless animals and are trying to change their lives for the better. We have set up a monthly donation and will do our best to help, so they can keep up helping with the adoption documents and transportation of dogs from Cyprus to anywhere in Europe.

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Eco Charity

Terra Cypria

We donate to Terra Cypria (the Cyprus Conservation Foundation), a charitable, non-profit and non-governmental organization, established in 1992. Its goal is to promote environmental awareness and sustainability through pressure and environmental education, as well as through programmes that promote conservation, environmental protection and research.

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Let’s make Cyprus green

We also help ‘Let’s Make Cyprus Green’, which has no paid employees and is run entirely by enthusiasts, to implement some amazing initiatives to make our home better. The organization makes a lot of efforts to influence changes in local laws, shifts in public opinion in a way that will benefit the environment for us and future generations.

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