SmartCPM. Spend Less
While Setting the Best Payouts for Each Ad Placement

SmartCPM is a pricing model that automatically adjusts bids for each ad placement depending on the competition. You spend less when there's no need to bid higher while never jumping over the payout cap you set.

Adsterra Smart CPM

Key points to try SmartCPM by Adsterra

  • Cost-effective traffic buying
    Cost-effective traffic buying
    SmartCPM evaluates the overall competition and picks the best bid possible. It helps maximize ROI while staying within your budget.
  • Auto-adjusting, tailored bids
    Auto-adjusting, tailored bids
    SmartCPM enters auctions and sets winning bids for each placement 24/7. You save hours you used to spend on manual bidding.
  • More traffic from your targeting
    More traffic from your targeting
    Your bids within every ad placement are adjusted in real time to deliver more traffic relevant to the offer you’re promoting.
  • Effective tests and scaling
    Effective tests and scaling
    It’s a perfect pricing for testing new traffic slices or scaling your campaigns since it protects you from overspending and sends quality ad views.

How SmartCPM helps you cut expenses

💡 The pricing uses the second-price auction logic. After you determine a bidding cap, the algorithm starts competing for traffic within your targeting. Once it estimates the overall competitors’ bids, it will offer the highest payout needed to win the auction without jumping over the initial cap. But you will only pay a bit above the second-highest CPM in the auction.

How helps Smart CPM

A short guide to enabling SmartCPM

  1. Sign up or log in as an advertiser.
  2. From your account, hit Campaigns > Create and pick the CPM pricing type.
  3. Put a check next to SmartCPM. This will enable automated bidding for your campaign.
  4. Set all necessary targets (ad unit, connection, traffic type, device type) and add your landing page’s URL.
  5. Finally, enter the price cap near the country you target.
Screenshot enabling SmartCPM
💡 Please avoid overbidding: a very high payout at this stage won’t help you outcompete.
💡 To track ad placements’ performance, set up the postback tracking and add tracking tokens to your landing page’s URL.

SmartCPM use cases

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    Minimize risks while testing new traffic slices, ad formats, and geos
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    Scale current ad campaigns by adding fresh traffic
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    Meet ad impressions KPIs set by your advertiser
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    Automate campaign setup and save time on bid adjustment

Why try SmartCPM today?

Our intelligent pricing model solves the problem of overpaying for traffic. It's a powerful tool to save money and increase ROI. When you enable automated bidding, you only pay the best price needed to get relevant ad views. The algorithm will do all the jobs by competing over traffic 24/7.

FAQ about SmartCPM pricing

  • Q: How is SmartCPM different from classic CPM pricing?

    A: This tool automatically and repeatedly adjusts bids for each ad placement based on overall demand and competition. It will never exceed the cap you determine. With traditional CPM, you manually set one bid for all potential ad placements within your campaign.
  • Q: When shall I use this pricing?

    A: SmartCPM is especially valuable when you struggle to meet the KPI for impressions because of a limited budget. It’s also a reasonable choice if you’ve just started testing a new ad network or traffic segment. SmartCPM will drastically reduce your risks of overspending.
  • Q: How can SmartCPM save my money?

    A: It’s a tool for automated bidding. The algorithm under the hood enters auctions and picks only those payouts that are necessary to win you traffic. It will not pay higher if not needed. In the meantime, the algorithm will never go beyond the cap you set.
  • Q: Which bid shall I set as the maximum one?

    A: We recommend increasing the desirable bid a little and entering it as the maximum one. It will be the payout cap that SmartCPM will never exceed. Avoid artificially inflating the payout amount: putting $100 is a big no-no at this stage.
  • Q: Can I manually adjust bids for specific placements?

    A: Of course. Please use Adsterra Custom Bid to do so. It enables you to granularly increase or decrease payouts for specific ad placements. But you must first set up the postback tracking to monitor the placements’ performance.
  • Q: Which ad formats are supported?

    A: You can apply our intelligent pricing algorithm when running a Popunder, Social Bar, or In-Page Push campaign.

Reliable payment systems for advertisers

  • WIRETransfer
  • UnionPay
  • Capitalist
  • VISA, Mastercard
  • Paxum