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ADSTERRA response to COVID-19 situation

by Adsterra Team

In this troublesome time, it’s essential to keep being transparent for our clients. We’ve been connecting worldwide businesses before the COVID-19 hit economies. We keep bringing entrepreneurs together, even with more vigor now.

First of all, Adsterra managers are working steadily and safely from home, just like all the company staff. Most of the world stays home, and being online is one of the leading entertainments people have today. So, we have a lot of work to do!

Moreover, for Adsterra partners, staying home is not only safe but also profitable.

Advertisers can take a chance to drive more traffic from the boosting verticals. Check the rising numbers, March vs February:

Dating 💕
+20% IMPR
+59% CR

+10% IMPR
+20% CR

Gaming 🎮
+24% IMPR
+5% CR

Of course, some verticals show a non-significant drop, i.e., sweepstakes and betting. Still, in current circumstances, changes come swiftly, so in any doubt, feel free to ask for a piece of advice — we keep providing customer support on a regular schedule.

Publishers can stay safe and sound as the commitments for Net-15 payments are in force. Thanks to the fact that 85% of Adsterra advertisers are working on a pre-payment model, publishers can be 100% sure of the uninterrupted provision of payment obligations.

Thank you for your trust! Each of us hopes that you are safe and full of optimism for the future to come. Let’s take the best from the present. Together we stand and flatten the curve.

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