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Beware of Scam!

by Maria Littera

Colleagues, partners, friends! Recently, cases of fraud from scammers posing as Adsterra representatives have become frequent.


With this post we want to warn you and tell you that Adsterra is against any type of fraud

If you receive a message on social networks, via email or messengers allegedly on behalf of an HR specialist or another specialist from Adsterra, be it offering a job, a project or contract, asking to send money or top up your Adsterra balance, please give it a double-check first. To do this, be sure to write to the official Adsterra channels that can be found in the website footer in the Contact us form to confirm the vacancy or other information is real. 

Please note that mentioning Adsterra as a place of work in the profile header on a social network is not a guarantee of truth. Therefore, be careful and remember that only you can create your personal account and transfer funds to its balance.

If in doubt, immediately write to our official channels.
Our official channels: Contact us form in the website footer, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn

Remember that the real Adsterra representative:

  • Will never ask you for a payment or deposit
  • Will always communicate with you through official channels (please note that our employees use mail on a branded domain @adsterra.com, not just @gmail, @hotmail, etc.).

We do everything possible to stop the activities of scammers as soon as possible, but unfortunately this takes time and does not always depend on us.

Therefore, here are some important tips on how to avoid becoming a victim of scammers:

  • Note that unusual or suspicious elements such as spelling and grammatical errors, a sense of urgency, or requests for personal or financial information are the signs of phishing.
  • Do not click on links or download attachments in the message. Fraudsters often use them to install malware or steal your data.
  • Share information with colleagues to warn them about a possible scam method.
  • Rationally evaluate the job offer, it must be realistic in terms of conditions and require your CV or proof of skills.
  • Do not agree to make any payments or fees before receiving the promised “payment”.
  • Do not provide personal information (photos and details of documents, bank account, etc.).
  • Do not answer a call (especially in a messenger) if it comes from an unfamiliar number, do not call back, and avoid texting with such contacts. We recommend blocking the number and complaining to the application support service using the Report button.

Please be cautious and take care of yourself!

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