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Official Response to Adsterra Malware and Scam Allegations

by Adsterra Team
Adsterra official statement

Adsterra Malware Official Statement: Zero Tolerance For Scam and Malicious Advertising

This will be an unusual topic for our blog, and we will try to make it as valuable as possible for our publishers and advertisers. We object to all existing and possible Adsterra malware and scam allegations. All accusations of intentional malvertising or malicious ads spreading made against Adsterra are false and baseless.

We prohibit malvertising and scam techniques down to a complete and irrevocable ban of those advertisers and publishers whose activities are proved to be unlawful or, by any means, malicious.

To give you a clear picture of why all allegations against Adsterra are false, we would like you to find out more about the principles of our work and the technologies underneath the platform.

1. Why the alleged Adsterra malware and scam are groundless

Some groundless conclusions about Adsterra malvertising threats can be made by those who don’t have enough information about how the ad network works.

Adsterra is a technological platform that brings together advertisers (aka ad suppliers) and publishers (aka traffic suppliers or website owners). 

Both sides provide advertising content and traffic to the self-service platform where they can make all settings on their own. It only means that Adsterra does not produce any software except from its own platform that serves as a tool for traffic purchase and sale and has nothing in common with malicious programs or viruses.

2. How technological platforms like Adsterra may encounter false malware accusations

Adsterra is a widespread platform that has built a strong reputation as a universal tool for advertising and monetizing. 

Due to the high-quality traffic sources and reputable advertisers, it’s a powerful  means of promoting brands, services, and products. The platform is trusted by over 30000 partners from 248 GEOs. 

This popularity and outstanding performance led to a wide exposure of the ad network’s services. It is obvious that any technology can fall under the attack of unprincipled individuals or malicious algorithms that seek to use the system for unlawful purposes. 

However, we have never denied our responsibility for taking care of our partners and developing a highly secure ecosystem for running ad campaigns and monetizing web inventory. 

3. How Adsterra prevents malvertising and ensures the highest level of security

Just like Microsoft prevents its software’s security vulnerabilities, and Google bans illegal advertising, Adsterra undertakes multiple actions to detect fraud traffic and malvertising campaigns.

Since 2013, the Adsterra malware prevention policy has come a long way of building the in-house security solutions and adapting the most powerful third-party technologies.

Today our partners are protected due to both manual activities by our Ad Policy department and smart algorithms.

The 3-level-security system for Adsterra advertisers and publishers

For a better understanding of how Adsterra protects its partners from malicious traffic and ads, we would like to outline the three-level security support that has become an integral part of our daily activities.

1. Automatic protection from malware threats

Adsterra has always been using the most advanced security systems and algorithms on the market. Apart from the widely-used GeoEdge, we implement highly-accurate in-house solutions designed exclusively to adapt the mechanics of providing ads and traffic.

Adsterra successfully prevents and blocks malware and other unwanted software (such as viruses, trojans, etc) making advertisements and traffic that are being exchanged via our Platform safe and secured. 

We take care of both advertisers and publishers, continually developing in-house solutions for automatic detection of fraud traffic and malvertising attempts.

2. Manual checking of all inventory and ad content

Along with automatic systems and algorithms, Adsterra develops its Ad Policy Team where highly-skilled professionals work on continual and multi-level checking of all advertisements served on the Adsterra Platform.

3. Prompt reaction tickets and enquiries concerning Adsterra malware

Staying in touch with all our partners has always been one of the top Adsterra’s priorities. All advertisers and publishers can report on suspicious activities and questionable ads expecting Adsterra to react as soon as possible.

In case of receiving a complaint, Adsterra will immediately launch an investigation that implies: an imperative automatic security check paired with a manual check. The suspected actor will have to provide proofs and warranties that their advertisements or traffic are malware-clean and secured.

All suspected accounts are suspended and blocked from any activities until the investigation is over and their innocence is proved.  

The Adsterra policy of zero tolerance for malware and fraud traffic

Apart from implementing the advanced anti-malvertising and anti-cheat solutions, Adsterra initially restricts any attempt at illegal activities, including those related to malvertising or sending fake traffic. 

All Adsterra’s advertisers and publishers must agree to the official Terms and Conditions before setting up an account. Our policy (Terms for advertisers and Terms for publishers) states that we prohibit any malicious activity aimed at attacking users’ software or inventory, privacy or data breach; any kind of phishing, adware, trojans, viruses, spoofing, and other unlawful actions. 

Any attempt of illegal and abusive advertising, as well as bot traffic streaming will be banned without any possibility to restore the intruding account. 

Therefore, all allegations concerning Adsterra’s cooperation with bad actors are false. 


As said above, Adsterra has never been producing or endorsing malicious ads and traffic. Adsterra Ad Network claims all allegations stating it is intentionally related to malware spreading or cooperation with illegal structures to be false and groundless. All attempts to connect Adsterra with malware are baseless, having no legal or logical proof. 

Moreover, as one of the market-leading ad-tech players, Adsterra has always put preventing and blocking malvertising absolute priority. All of Adsterra’s partners can make a complaint or inform against any suspicious activity and be sure to get the fastest resolution.

Thank you for reading this. We appreciate that you are interested in the topic, and can assure that in Adsterra, you have found a reliable and caring partner. 

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