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Adsterra x affLIFT 9500 USD Contest + Special Promo Inside

by Maria Littera

It’s contest time!

Adsterra Ad and CPA network and our friends affLIFT Forum invite you to join the big competition: here is what we came up with and why you should definitely participate 😉

Duration: November 6 – December 4

Winners: 3 for each poll, total 6

Prize fund: 9500 USD

So, a competition for advertisers and affiliates starts today! It runs until the beginning of December, which means you have almost a month to win and claim some sweet prizes just in time for Christmas.

To take part in the contest, follow these simple steps:

Register on the affLIFT forum
Create a Follow Along Thread 
Keep sharing your journey with the community. 

Voting by forum participants will determine the winners, so do your best to make your threads detailed and informative! Remember: every new share about your experience is a step towards victory.

The competition will end on December 4, and the winners will be announced after the votes are counted. X2 Follow Along Contest has 2 separate polls: Adsterra Ad Network and Adsterrа CPA Network. Both polls will have 3 winners and prizes of $1000, $750, and $500, plus the participation prize pool (split between all participants) of $3000.

Something special for the most patient and attentive readers: affLift has prepared a unique promo code ADSTERRA, which gives you a 25% discount for affLIFT membership.

By the way, we recommend taking advantage of this offer, even if you do not want to participate in the contest, because affLIFT is an excellent platform that:

  • Has more than 100,000 members
  • Has an excellent RevShare Program, with which you can easily recoup the cost of your membership and earn money by actively participating in the forum
  • Is just a storehouse of useful information from market experts.

Here it is; this competition lacks only your energy and an incredible story of real success — join and become part of the community!

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