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8000+ Clicks A Week Via Direct Link Monetization

by Maria Littera

Direct link has opened up a lot of opportunities for our partners, and we never tire of rejoicing at their successes and imagination. If you have also been wondering how to use it to increase your profits or just want to start with a proven method, we present you with detailed instructions from one of our publishers. Enjoy and get inspired!


Umair Nasir
marketing enthusiast & student 

Hi, fellow aspiring content creators and entrepreneurs! My name is Umair Nasir, a 22-year-old digital marketing enthusiast and a dedicated student from Pakistan. I specialize in YouTube and am passionate about online income generation. I have successfully utilized Adsterra for one year to achieve my online earnings.

I’m delighted to present a case study that takes a deep dive into my journey to earning $100 in just one week through Adsterra’s Direct Link Monetization system. This blog post is designed to motivate and provide you with insights into the strategies and steps I took to reach this significant financial milestone. Without further ado, here’s my inspiring case study!

I’m going to tell you about my experience as a student making money online. I used Adsterra’s Direct Link Monetization system to become financially successful. I’ll explain the obstacles I faced, the mistakes I learned from, and the good outcomes I reached. Let’s see how I turned something I love into a way to earn money with Adsterra.

Exploring Adsterra’s Direct Link Monetization

Adsterra’s Direct Link Monetization is a cool way to make money using social media. You share special links in different places, and you earn money when people click and do things there. It’s a fun way to earn!

What type of traffic do I monetize?

YouTube played a crucial role in my Adsterra journey. I had previously worked with Adsterra, but my earnings were not enough. Simultaneously, I was managing a YouTube channel focused on food content and uploading short videos. Initially, the growth of my channel was slow, but one day, one of my shorts went viral, generating millions of views. That’s when I started contemplating how to utilize YouTube to generate income through Adsterra monetization.

As my YouTube channel continued to grow, I wanted to make more money, so I had an idea to bring more traffic to my Adsterra account through YouTube shorts. I made a website to get YouTube Shorts viewers to come to my website, where I had Popunder and Social Bar ads. This is how it worked: people watched the video, went to my website for the recipe, and saw ads. It turned out to be a good plan, and it shows that thinking can be really helpful.

GEOs I monetize

My YouTube channel primarily catered to an English-speaking audience, resulting in a substantial amount of traffic from Tier 1 countries such as the USA, UK, New Zealand, and Canada. I considered myself fortunate to possess a channel that attracted viewers from these high-value regions, a stroke of luck that only a select few worldwide can boast.

That’s how I started getting benefits from Youtube.

Finding the Right Stuff and Places for Your Content:

Since I already had a YouTube channel, I decided to get creative. For my food-focused YouTube Shorts channel, I simply added my direct link in the video description and comments.. That’s how I got traffic on my direct link, by the help of my Youtube Shorts channel.

Creating Interesting Social Media Posts:

I spent time making really cool food recipes on Youtube that people liked. These videos talked about why the stuff I was sharing was awesome and why users’d want to check it out. I made sure to have interesting texts, best food recipes, and clear messages to get people to click on my Adsterra direct link.

Picking the Best Platform to Share Your Stuff:

I tested different places on the internet to share my stuff. Facebook and others were alright, but YouTube was awesome. The audience from Tier 1 countries liked my videos, and they got lots of views. So, I had some smart ideas, and it all worked out really well!

Helpful Youtube Shorts Videos:

When I started seeing positive results, I decided to step up my game. I wanted to get more and more people to watch my videos on YouTube. So, I began searching for words that lots of people were using in their searches. I discovered trending food-related keywords that were getting a lot of attention. Using these popular keywords was a game-changer for me. It helped me get even more views on my videos, and that was a big win.

My secrets for making posts and headlines go viral

The key is to grab people’s attention. To create engaging short videos, I focused on what was popular in the country I was aiming for. I made short videos that lasted 15 to 20 seconds and started with something exciting. To keep people curious, I put exciting parts at the end, so they wanted to see more.

I also worked with famous creators who had lots of followers in my area. This helped me reach more people by using their fans.

To make great content, remember to keep up with what’s trending, make engaging videos, and put exciting parts at the end. Add a good web page with great options, and you’ll make viral content that gets lots of views and money. This special way not only made me more famous but also helped me become an expert in my field.

Using Presence Of Mind

I found a really cool way to make things even better. After each of my short videos, I told people to click on a link below if they wanted to know more about the topic. This link took them to a special webpage I made. On this page, in addition to useful information they were looking for they receive a disclaimer that some of the buttons may be advertising. In return, they receive quality content, and I can make great money with Direct Links.

This made everyone happy. If they clicked on the money link, I got paid for it. But if they clicked on the news link, they got to learn a lot about the hot topic, and everyone was happy. This special plan helped me make money and keep people interested in my videos. It let me use the power of viral short videos and headlines, bringing lots of people to my money-making links and helping me earn more.

Adsterra Results and Insights

One of the coolest things about using Adsterra’s Direct Link Monetization is how you can turn clicks into real money. In my case, I made hundreds of dollars in just 7 days, and I got over 8,000+ clicks on my links. Let’s talk about how Adsterra pays and helps you succeed.

By the way, here we have another Direct link monetization success story you can read to get inspired!

Adsterra’s system is like a money machine. If you make sure people click on your links a lot, you can turn those clicks into over $100 in just a week. Adsterra makes sure you get your money quickly, so you can keep growing your online business.

I looked at a few important things to see how well I was doing, like how much money I made, how many people clicked on my links, and some technical stuff. By making things work better and trying different things, I made more money, got more clicks, and showed how well Adsterra’s system works for making real money.


Why I Think You Should Join Adsterra

From my own experience and success with Adsterra’s Direct Link Monetization system, I strongly recommend it for people who want to create content online and make money. Adsterra is like a super tool that lets you turn your interests into cash and reach people all over the world. They have many different ways to show ads, lots of information to help you see how well you’re doing, and they pay you well.

Whether you write, share things on social media, or have a website, Adsterra’s easy-to-use system helps you add their ads to what you’re already doing. You can share special links on social media, and it works for lots of different kinds of visitors from different places, which means you can make money in many ways.

Adsterra is a trustworthy way to make money, and they’re very clear about how everything works, so you don’t need to worry. You can focus on making your content and growing your online business.

In simple words, Adsterra is a great way to make money online. You can use it to turn what you love into cash and reach people all around the world. They have lots of ways to show ads, help you see how well you’re doing, and pay you well.

Whether you write, share things on social media, or have a website, Adsterra makes it easy to add their ads to what you’re already doing. You can share special links on social media, and it works for lots of different kinds of visitors from different places, so you can make money in many ways.

Adsterra is trustworthy, and they explain everything clearly, so you don’t have to worry. You can focus on your content and growing your online business.


Joining Adsterra is a smart way to make more money online and turn your online work into a success story. Whether you’re just starting or you want to grow what you’re already doing, Adsterra has the tools and help you need to succeed.

So, don’t miss the chance to make money from your interests and take your online business to the next level. Join Adsterra today and start your journey to making money as an online entrepreneur.

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