[Free Webinar] Getting The Most Out Of Holiday Traffic With Adsterra and AdPlexity

Time is running out, and you only have one chance to boost ROI with the final campaigns of the year. Sounds familiar? Well, forget about it and relax You can have it all without BFCM, Thanksgiving, and Christmas rush. Adsterra and AdPlexity experts have joined to hold a webinar with bulletproof advice on running your holiday campaigns.

What will you experience and enjoy?

The live Q&A where you can clarify all details
Clear-cut instructions on making winning creatives
Ideas for triggering your audience in ads
Tips on campaign budgeting, targeting, and limits setting
Post-sale hints that will help skim the cream of the season
Valuable perks from Adsterra and AdPlexityĀ 

Our expert speakers

Dasha R,
Head of CPM/RTB at Adsterra

The ever-evolving pro, Dasha virtuously blends payment models and powerful ad tools.Ā She has succeeded with every vertical from eCommerce and software to gambling and dating.

Alex Omelianovych,
CMO at AdPlexity

With over 10 years of affiliate marketing practice, Alex is a seasoned pro with colossal media buying experience. His expertise also led to the development of a popular tracking system.

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