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Best CPM Rates for Publishers and Webmasters | Increased Payouts for Popunder Traffic

by Adsterra Team
Your monthly set of the best CPM rates for publishers

Where can publishers and webmasters find the best CPM rates? There’s hardly a specific place since CPM is a dynamic metric. But there’s a certain life hack on how to get current updates on the highest rates.

Adsterra has been among the highest-paying ad network for almost a decade, and we always help our partners grow daily earnings. If you are skilled in driving geo-specific traffic, you can multiply profits thanks to this post. Check the selected countries below, drive Popunder traffic from one of them, and enjoy increased payouts from Adsterra.

We only mark trends here since the payouts change with the demand and can even exceed the rates listed. Hurry up to catch the best CPM rates till July 31st, 2022. Ask your Adsterra managers for current CPMs on your GEO if you have not found them in the list.

Best CPM rates up to $15.5 for social Popunder traffic

TRAFFIC TYPE: SOCIAL (Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, and others)


NG (Nigeria)

➤ Android. CPM $4.9
➤ iOS. CPM $1.6
➤ Windows. CPM $2

EC (Ecuador)

➤ Android. CPM $2.9

ZA (South Africa)

➤ Android. CPM $15.5 🔥

DE (Germany)

➤ Windows. CPM $4.7

ES (Spain)

➤ Windows. CPM $1.7

US (United States)

➤ Android. CPM $11.4 🔥
➤ iOS. CPM $17 🔥
➤ Windows. CPM $14 🔥
➤ MacOS X. CPM $2.3

NO (Norway)

➤ Windows CPM $1.6

TH (Thailand)

➤ Android. CPM $2.9
➤ iOS. CPM $1.7

GB (United Kingdom)

➤ Windows. CPM $1.4

Best CPM rates and solid payouts for mainstream traffic

TRAFFIC TYPE: MAINSTREAM (mobile, desktop)


BJ (Benin)

➤ Android. CPM $1.9

SN (Senegal)

➤ iOS. CPM $1.5

TH (Thailand)

➤ Android. CPM $1.8
➤ iOS. CPM $2

SG (Singapore)

➤ iOS. CPM $1.6

NO (Norway)

➤ Windows. CPM $1.5
➤ MacOS X. CPM $1.6

CN (China)

➤ Android. CPM $1.6

BG (Bulgaria)

➤ Android. CPM $1.7
➤ iOS. CPM $2.3

DE (Germany)

➤ Windows. CPM $1.2

AT (Austria)

➤ iOS. CPM $1.2

🍓 High CPM for African traffic (only XXX traffic and XXX social traffic)



ZA (South Africa)

➤ Android. CPM $5 🔥

NG (Nigeria)

➤ Android. CPM $3.7 🔥
➤ iOS. CPM $1.7
➤ Windows. CPM $1.8

ZM (Zambia)

➤ Android. CPM $2.8

GH (Ghana)

➤ Android. CPM $2.1

BF (Burkina Faso)

➤ Android. CPM $3.8 🔥

GN (Guinea)

➤ Android. CPM $2.7

KE (Kenya)

➤ Android. CPM $3.5

🍓 Juicy payouts for Tier-1 and Tier-2 XXX traffic

TRAFFIC TYPE: XXX & NICHE (mobile, desktop, social)


NL (Netherlands)

➤ iOS. CPM $1.5
➤ Windows. CPM $2.4
➤ MacOS X. CPM $2.8

US (United States)

➤ iOS. CPM $1.7
➤ Android. CPM $3
➤ Windows. CPM $2.8

BG (Bulgaria)

➤ Android. CPM $2.1
➤ iOS. CPM $2.3

AU (Australia)

➤ iOS. CPM $1.3
➤ Windows. CPM $1.5
➤ MacOS X. CPM $1.5

AE (United Arab Emirates)

➤ Android. CPM $3.1

CH (Switzerland)

➤ Android. CPM $2
➤ iOS CPM $1.4
➤ Windows. CPM $1.8
➤ MacOS X. CPM $1.4

CN (China)

➤ Android. CPM $1.9

NZ (New Zealand)

➤ Android. CPM $1.7

DE (Germany)

➤ Windows. CPM $1.5

How to start monetizing traffic and enjoying high CPM rates with Popunder traffic?



Step 1. Go to the registration page.

Step 2. Enter your name and a valid email address; click Continue;

Sign up as a publisher

Step 3. 
On this step provide:

  • Login — your unique Adsterra identifier; you will use your login to sign in;
  • Password — use at least 6 characters, and make sure to include letters, numbers and special symbols;
  • Messenger and Messenger account — these will help us get in touch with you should anything come-up;
  • Preferred paysystem — where you’d like us to send you your earnings; you can change it later on if needed;
  • List of your websites (optional).


Complete registration

Step 4.
Open your inbox and find the ‘Complete your registration as a Publisher’ email from the Adsterra Team.

Confirm registraction email

Open the email and click the CONFIRM E-MAIL button.

Step 5.
After you click the CONFIRM E-MAIL button, your account will be set up. The sign-in page will open. Please enter here your login and password.

Sign in page


Step 1. Log in as a publisher.

Step 2.
Find the Websites tab. Click ADD NEW WEBSITE. 

Log in to Adsterra to add a site

Step 3. 
A new pop-up window will open. In this pop-up window, fill out the fields:

  • Enter your website URL. Use the domain name only (example.com). Special characters are not allowed;
  • Select the category that describes your website best;
  • Tick Popunder for the Ad Unit.
  • Exclude campaigns that you don’t need;
  • Click Add.
Adding a website

Your new website and Popunder code have gone for approval. Once your website is approved, you’ll be able to access the code snippets ready to be installed. Now let’s move to the final stage and see how to get a Popunder code and place it on your website.


As soon as we approve your website, you can access the ad codes. There are 2 ways to get the Popunder code.

#1 From your Publisher’s account. On the Websites page find your newly added website. The status must be Approved.

Approved websites

Click All codes. You will see a new Popunder ad format here. Click Get code. Copy the code from the dropdown. All instructions on how to place Popunders are given here.

Get popunder code

#2 From the Email Notification.
Another way to get your Popunder code is to take it from our system email. 

In your inbox, find the email with a subject: “Your domains were approved” or “Custom domain request was approved”. Check the junk inbox if you can’t find the email from us.

Open the email and click View Code Scripts. 

Snippets to paste on webpage

On the new page you see the Popunder code/script that you will need to copy and the instructions on where to place it.

Copy popunder script


On your website, open the HTML view and place the copied code before the closing “” tag.

where to put popunder code

Haven’t found your GEO? Log in to your publisher’s account and ask our managers how to profit from your traffic. We’re here for every publisher who wants to earn with Adsterra and strives to get the best CPM rate!

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