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Interstitial Ads: Example of How to Make Real Money on a Sports Passion

by Maria Littera

The big game has begun! Interstitials and iGaming are two exciting topics that we have combined into one thanks to the coolest case we are glad to present. Interstitial ads example appeared in Adsterra’s arsenal not long ago, but have already managed to prove themselves. We share first-hand information: what is needed to create an advertising campaign, as well as what features are to be considered for the iGaming vertical.

Before we start

First, let’s get acquainted with the product and input data and understand what was needed at the stage of creating an advertising campaign.

Product: BABU88
GEO: Bangladesh
KPI: registration with debit/credit card
Landing page: preland

Babu88 is a multifunctional service for sport events and online games. It has an application for Android and iOS and a browser version.


Creating and setting up a campaign

Before creating and setting up a campaign, you need to determine the basic parameters for targeting. 

Just a reminder: Adsterra offers rich opportunities for creating a wide variety of campaigns with precise settings. Try it to find out more.


In this case, an Interstitial ads example campaign was created with the following parameters:

Pricing type: CPA
Country: Bangladesh
Price: $1.8
Device format: mobile
Traffic type: all 
Operating system: Android


To get the most motivated traffic, it was decided to use several Interstitial banners in conjunction with a prelander embedded in the link.

A special feature of this Social Bar template: creatives open on top of the page content. Therefore, to continue viewing the content, the ad must be closed or interacted with to navigate the user to the landing page.

Using the Social Bar constructor built into the campaign creation interface, banners stylistically similar to the prelander were made.

Why this stylistical similarity is so important: It adds interactivity and maintains a consistent visual narrative down to the landing page.


Interstitial ads example: preland

By the way, regarding other cases on similar topics from the iGaming niche: successful monetization is also possible using other formats. Our publishers who you are welcome to cooperate with prove it with their case studies! 

The Social bar has worked great in this case from our publisher, and we also wrote about working with Adsterra Banners here.

Tips for launching Interstitial ads

  1. Always segment your traffic sources by operating system. For devices running iOs, Android, Windows, create separate campaigns.

Why: Firstly, it will help you create personalized templates for each OS. Secondly, you will receive more representative data for each traffic source.

2. If your landing page/pre-landing page or creative contains texts in the local language, then it’s worth adding a language target to your campaign settings.

Why: This way you will hide the display of your advertising to non-target users. This is more rational so potentially profitable.

3. Maintain a consistent visual style between the banners you use and the landing page.

Why: It increases the level of trust in your banners and motivates people to participate in quality activity.

Interstitial ads are already available as a sub-format in the original Social bar unit. Try it today so that tomorrow you won’t regret not starting earlier 😉


Interstitial Ads example: working with intermediate data

When launching a campaign, it is vitally important to study the statistics obtained daily. It is especially significant for the first days and weeks. This will allow you to quickly turn off unprofitable sources and narrow your targets to more exact ones. 

In the process of daily work with statistics, it was possible to identify several sources whose traffic quality was not satisfactory.

These targets did not work for this particular Interstitial Ads example:
OS: Android 7.1.1, Android 4.4.4
Browser: UCBrowser for Android 13.6, UCBrowser for Android 12.12, Chrome Mobile 68

Results per week



  • CTR = 22.767% (610,500 views и 139,000 clicks
  • CR = 0.44% (617 conversions);
  • $1110 (total spends);
  • $3085 (gross);
  • $1975 (net profit)
  • ROI 177.9%.

As you can see, within a week the net profit almost doubled the total expenses. Is this a good result? Certainly! It also definitely motivates to continue working with Social bar in general and Interstitial ads in particular.

General conclusions

The time has come to summarize all the conclusions obtained from this Interstitial Ads example. Let’s call this a checklist for a successful Interstitial case: of course, as in any campaign, there can be no absolute guarantee of a similar result. However, completing these points will bring you as close as possible to the most satisfactory outcome and, quite possibly, may even allow you to earn even more.

  • Determine all possible parameters of the campaign before its launch; do not leave even small segmentation for later to-do, if it can be determined immediately. We are talking not only about the pricing type and reward amount, but also the operating system, device type, GEO, etc.
  • Create different campaigns on the parameters’ basis to hit the target exactly.
  • Use different variations of Interstitial Ads templates to increase your chances and pave the way for campaign optimization.
  • Pay attention to the same stylistic of the pre-lander and creative formats, this will work to your advantage.
  • Match your GEO campaign settings with the local language, if you use it. The localization trend is one of the key ones today, use this knowledge. You can learn more about this and many other trends from our article dedicated to 2024 trendscape.
  • Analyze this, analyze that. Monitoring success is especially important in the first days after launch: this way you can quickly reduce spends on irrelevant things and accordingly increase income from those things that work successfully.

Inspired enough to give it a try? We’re not surprised, as this is a really impressive case that clearly demonstrates how easily and quickly Interstitial Ads bring you money, especially when cooperated via decent network.

You are anytime welcome to join Adsterra and get all the benefits, as 15k of our advertisers and 35k of publishers around the world already do!

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