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How to Earn With Blog Site & Youtube x Adsterra

by Maria Littera

How many answers to the question “How to earn with blog?” do you know? Our publishers can immediately offer you their proven variants and, more importantly, practical advice and tips. Today we’ll tell you the success story of a content specialist who knows exactly how to grab an audience. We are sure that such an approach is top worthy: catchy + practical in use = the ideal content combination. Enjoy the story!

Muhammad Bilal Asad |
YouTube content creator

Hi! I’m Muhammad Bilal Asad. As a dedicated YouTube content creator, my mission is to unravel the mysteries of gaming errors and bugs while providing you with the best computer optimization guides.

In each video, I meticulously tackle the challenges you face in the gaming realm, offering solutions that not only solve problems but elevate your overall experience. But that’s not all — I take it a step further. To ensure you have seamless access to the tools and software discussed, I host them on my website, strategically integrating Adsterra ads for a win-win scenario.


How & when I started this work?

In 2016, I started my YouTube Channel, but it wasn’t until 2021 that I strategically directed traffic to my website. Hard work paid off: publishing 2-3 videos daily led to 90+ uploads in the first month, 100-150 unique website visitors monthly. This pivot marked a turning point, emphasizing the symbiosis between engaging video content and a well-visited online platform, setting the stage for sustained growth.


My ways to earn from YouTube

I belong to a middle-class family: my father was the only breadwinner, while all of my siblings were studying. Sometimes I didn’t have money at all or got no more than $0.5 a day. That’s when and why I decided to initiate this online earning via the YouTube channel and find out how to earn with blog.

I first monetized my efforts back in 2021. By that time, I used only referral links from YouTube videos’ descriptions. Soon I discovered that hosting a blog with posts related to YouTube videos can also contribute hugely to my earnings if I put the right banners in the right places.


Here I’m sharing several methods of boosting online income:

  • Update my top-viewed content timely
  • Keep up with trending stuff and create new videos for the most-asked topics
  • Upgrade the quality of my tutorials: video graphics, voice recording, background music, and so on
  • Host several platforms with my content and earn from each of them.

Thanks to diversifying my content between YouTube and my website, as well as to my patience, I continued my Bachelor of Computer Science from my online income. Moreover, I could upgrade my tech-based accessories related to PCs and also invest in my family’s household expenses. That’s a real confirmation that you can combine earnings and development with proper distribution of tasks and workloads.

How do I create web content?

The main goal of my content, as I already said, is to tell viewers about errors in games and potential bugs. I do this in the format of optimization guides for maximum clarity and convenience for my users.

Thus, in each video I talk about the essence of the problem and offer a solution. This allows users to significantly enhance their gaming experience and more. To ensure they have seamless access to the tools and software discussed, I host them on my website which I made on blogger.com easy to use and simple.

Which tools do I use for keyword research?

I use the vidIQ Chrome extension to conduct topic research and find the top-ranked keywords for the content. It’s a handy tool that helps you optimize your content by identifying popular topics and relevant keywords, ultimately improving the discoverability and performance of your videos.


How and where do I find hot topics to make content about?

When it comes to staying updated on trending and upcoming games, I rely on IGN.com, one of the most popular websites in the gaming industry. It’s a go-to source for the latest information, ensuring you’re in the loop on all the exciting developments in your gaming field.


Which expressions or keywords do I target now?

Since my niche is gaming and I’m aiming for top-tier traffic, particularly from the USA, I target popular games like Fortnite, GTA 5, and Call of Duty Warzone etc. My targeted keywords are game-specific, such as





Tailored for each respective game. These keywords help optimize content for search and engagement, ensuring it reaches the right audience interested in game performance and troubleshooting tips.

In the following screenshot you can see the top Geography of my website.


How I Use Adsterra Ads

In my pursuit of optimizing ad performance, I’ve rigorously tested various combinations and placements of Adsterra banners. After experimentation, I’ve identified the pinnacle of effectiveness in both banner selection and strategic placement.

The winning formula involves exclusively utilizing Adsterra banners, a testament to their efficacy. To ensure maximum impact, I’ve carefully curated a specific order for banner placement. This strategic positioning is not just about displaying ads; it’s a deliberate approach to enhance user experience while maximizing engagement.


Rest assured, every banner has a purpose, and every placement is calculated for optimal results. It’s a commitment to quality advertising and a user-centric approach that defines the success of my current banner strategy.


My earnings with Adsterra

In the screenshot below, In the month of August, 2023 I captured the highest earning in 1 month.



As you can see, my daily revenues varied from $20 to $60 and made $977 in a month. I have earned $10,000+ in total. It’s cool that you can check your current balance and all transactions made from any page of your Adsterra account.

I’m on weekly payouts and I get paid every Monday. In case you want to get paid weekly you have to complete $100 in the last 7 days.

Summary: What you need to start earning from YouTube traffic

I can now drive additional revenue by using a bundle of YouTube traffic & Blog & Adsterra banners. You, too, can try this way. Above all, you will need a source of organic traffic. Second comes the registration with Adsterra. The sign-up process is more than simple. After the registration, you add your website to Adsterra selecting banners or other codes in turns.

Adsterra Banner sizes you can choose from

As far as I’m concerned, a higher effect comes when you mix different ad sizes instead of putting similar ones.

This was my story, from the first steps in blogging to my first earnings. Hope all of you, my new peer bloggers, will get inspired by my story and reach all of your ambitious goals. Remember about patience and work hard on advancing your skills.

How to earn with blog: conclusion

Having an area of interest is a great start: plenty of our publishers have already proven that. So, options for how to earn with blog may be different. And we are here precisely to help you choose the best one. Adsterra doesn’t know a better way than real stories with clear results: read cool cases from publishers and advertisers in a special section of our blog. Perhaps one day you will become one of the authors – we believe in your upcoming success like no one else!

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