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Case Study: High ROI of 360% from Adsterra’s Traffic on Play Regal Offer

by Adsterra Team

You are welcome to explore a case study presented by an affiliate marketing coach KJ Rocker. Stay tuned while the coach will share his success story of generating impressively high ROI he made on Adsterra’s abundant traffic linked to an attractive iGaming offer from Yellana. 

Offer name: Play Regal CPL SO
KPI: active users
CAP: 25–30 leads a day
Traffic Source: Adsterra
CPA network: Yellana
Landing page: Direct linking

Offer at a glance

Before we immerse into the particulars of the case, let’s examine the offer that generated such an exceptionally high ROI for KJ Rocker.

Launched in 2021, Play Regal is a new international iGaming platform that boasts a great deal of captivating live games. Users can easily access an exceptional Play Regal online gaming platform from any device — a mobile application or desktop computer, laptop, or tablet.

Play Regal games

Play Regal has partnered with top-notch online gaming software providers such as Booongo, iSoftBet, Playson, Betsoft, Evolution Gaming, Booming Games, and Vivo Gaming to ensure an unparalleled gaming experience for its members.

Cryptographically secure and highly reliable random number generator (RNG) assures Play Regal members of a fair gaming environment. The RNG has been proven to generate random results consistently and undergoes regular checks by internationally recognized auditors within the online and in-house gaming  industries.

Getting ready

Greetings, digital gurus! Today, I am excited to share how I pulled in unexpectedly high ROI from buying quality traffic from the Adsterra ad network and linking it to an attractive offer I got by teaming up with Yellana.

I wish to make one thing clear from the start: when I embarked on this campaign, I never dreamed of such a high ROI of 360%. I did not even care to review the statistics as I thought the campaign would yield moderate yet consistent earnings using the In-Page Push traffic option. 

Moreover, I patiently waited for the approval period to pass before I could engage in generating any conversions and anticipated any rejected leads to post in the results. However, to my delight, the campaign received fast approval. I was in for a big surprise.

Navigating through the journey to high ROI

I decided to collaborate with Adsterra for this particular campaign because its network generates extensive traffic volume for iGaming offers. 

Adsterra’s unique advertising layouts embodied in In-page push and Social Bar ad formats stand out from the rest of the advertising network crowd and consistently yield higher click-through rates (CTRs). Adsterra’s unmatched ad layouts also strengthen your creative content appeal to the target audience. I had worked with Adsterra before and had an active account with basic settings already set up when I was launching this campaign. If you are a beginner and doing it for the first time, you can find answers to all your questions about how Adsterra works.

Fixing the basics

I clicked on the “Create a campaign” option to set up and  launch my campaign. Then, as depicted in the screenshot below, I hit the “Mainstream” category as the desired traffic type, opted for “All traffic” in the “Connection type” button, and entered the link to my landing page.


As illustrated in the screenshot below, I chose France as GEO, ticked CPA as the pricing model, and assigned $2 per CPA (please remember to click “Add” once you pick a GEO). Further, I have opted for the “In-Page push” format and selected the “Social Bar” skin, featuring the Facebook creative style.

The next step is to determine your budget. As it was my first campaign, I kept my test budget at $50, and I do not recommend going above this amount for beginners. 

If you wish your campaign to start immediately upon approval, just choose the “Start once verified” setting. I opted to keep it inactive, so that I could manually activate the campaign once it received approval.


I kept my targeting options unspecified to give my campaign a broader exposure to views. 

Curtailing the frequency cap to one impression every 24 days, I aimed to maximize the number of new views from more visitors rather than repeatedly reaching out to the same ones. While this approach may decrease the overall view volume, it ultimately enhances conversion rates. For testing purposes, I fixed my budget at $50.

After everything was fixed, the final step was to get the campaign offer running and track the outcome! 

Selecting a Creative

I started out with just one creative sample per ad format and a landing page. See the types of creatives I used below. 

Regal creatives choice 1

Regal creatives choice 2

As I am not a fluent French speaker, I did not attempt to select more creatives. Therefore, I did not assign more creatives to my campaign and stuck to just these two. This way, I could better focus on campaign optimization later.

Optimizing targets with channels

Regarding the distribution channels for my campaign, I started my campaign by targeting different operating systems such as Android, Mac OS, and Windows.

Results on OS

Based on my previous experiments, Android 10.0 proved to be the top generators of high ROI. Consequently, I chose this version along with other lucrative ones for my campaign, discarding other options that failed to produce results.

 It also caught my eye that most visitors accessed the platform through the Chrome web browser. Hence, I utilized the latest Chrome versions not older than 111. This decision proved to bring good results throughout the day.


To my astonishment, I discovered that my campaign started earning high return right after I ticked off specific operating systems and browsers in the settings. The offer was luring in so many visitors that I did not need to put any more effort into making it work!

Statistics on operating systems

Analyzing the outcome: weekly and daily stats

I examined my campaign statistics based on the weekly and daily data. The outcome of this analysis came as follows:

Results per day of the week:

  • Throughout the campaign, Wednesday was the most fruitful day, with the highest number of clicks (940). Sunday came second (859) and Friday third (925).
  •  Furthermore, Wednesdays saw the highest conversions (19), whereas Mondays had the lowest, with only a single conversion over the whole day.
  •  The conversion rate fluctuated depending on the day of the week. Thus, Thursday scored as the peak performer with the highest rate of 1.5%, whereas Monday stood at the bottom with only 0.83%.

Results per hour:

  • During the campaign, the highest number of clicks occurred at 9 AM (451). Subsequently, the second highest number of clicks (532) occurred at 10 AM and the third (463) at 11 AM.
  • The highest conversion rate (3.73%) tallied between 1 PM and 2 PM, with the highest conversion number reaching 10.
  • Throughout the day, the conversion rate hovered from its lowest point (1.98%) at 1 AM to peaking at its highest (3.73%) at 1 PM.

Key takeaways

Here are the main highlights of this advertising campaign. 

  • The campaign has drawn 94 conversions and 4585 clicks.
  • The overall conversion rate reached a solid 2.05%.
  • Wednesdays and Sundays stood out as the best days with the highest number of clicks and conversions.
  • The 9th and 10th hours in the day tallied the highest number of clicks, while the 13th hour registered the highest conversion rate. 
  • The campaign total revenue amounted to $1316.
  • Advertising expenditures came to $286.10.
  • Net profit was $1029.9.
    Payout results

Take a close look at these statistics. Thanks to Addsterra’s plentiful traffic, views of my campaign turned into leads and I received 14 USD from Yellana for each lead I generated! Yellana provides individual payment rates to webmasters who bring in top-notch traffic.


Overall, teaming up with Adsterra and Yellana furnished KJ Rocker with some impressively high ROI. We hope his success story will encourage you to set on a path of СPA marketing with Adsterra and Yellana!

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