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Sports Event Calendar: Monthly Updates for Publishers and Advertisers

by Maria Littera

Sports events last all year round with no breaks. This is their key advantage over all other seasonal things: Christmas is great, but it only happens once a year. Sports have no time limits, be it January or July, you can always find a suitable match and use it to your advantage. At the same time, the audience’s loyalty is beyond doubt and greatly increases your results. So we have collected all the key sports events of July and share tips on how to maximize your success. Follow the updates: new month = new calendar!

What is Special About Sports Events?

Sports events are popular everywhere. Of course, in some countries football is more popular, and in others it’s cycling, but this is even better: having a high-quality detailed calendar at hand, you can use each event taking into account preferred geo-settings.

Also, the potential audience is wider than it seems. Because we are not only talking about fans who cannot live without sports. Small local championships and less popular sports attract fewer people, it is true. At the same time, they are very loyal and interested. In case of big events, such as the Olympic Games, the audience expands significantly. It is no longer about love for sports, but about cultural importance and emotions.

All this creates unique marketing opportunities both for advertising and monetising. Adsterra offers all its experience and support for your smooth and flash start: join today to begin working with iGaming sports traffic with max effectiveness from the very first day.

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Why is the Sports Calendar Important?

The sports calendar allows you to pump up monetization more effectively. It literally predicts traffic boosts (and quite accurately) and gives you a chance to prepare for them in advance.

The impact of events on traffic growth is direct: people know about upcoming events, show interest in them, follow the news. As a result, the focus of attention becomes manageable for everyone who works with traffic: both for publishers and for advertisers.

Sports traffic has always been there, although now it seems to be experiencing a second birth. Therefore, in our blog you can learn in practice: for example, in these cases, where our partners are already successfully working with it:

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Sports Events of the Month

This month’s list of events is mind-boggling: the world’s top tournaments are especially  active in the summer. Of course, we haven’t ignored the 2024 International Olympic Games. However, the world is also watching other competitions aka opportunities for profit. Don’t miss them: below are all the key matches, games, and competitions of July.


The most popular sport on the planet, without exaggeration. This month, the world has prepared several big events for us. 

Tip: Football is not only about the game itself, but also about personalities. This can be taken into account when working with football events and focusing not only on the match, but also on its participants (individual players or entire teams).


The primary association football tournament organized by the Union of European Football Associations. The competition is contested by UEFA members’ senior men’s national teams, determining the continental champion of Europe. It is the second-most watched football tournament in the world after the FIFA World Cup. England, France, and Germany are pre-tournament betting favorites to win.

UEFA EURO 2024 (Germany)
5&6 matches01/07/2024
7&8 matches02/07/2024
1&2 matches05/07/2024
3&4 matches06/07/2024
1 match09/07/2024
2 match10/07/2024
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Campeonato Brasileiro Série A

74 matches in less than a month: Brazilian professional league for men’s football clubs. At the top of the Brazilian football league system, it is the country’s primary football competition. Atletico MG, Palmeiras, Flamengo are early favorites for the title.

Brazil Championship Serie A
Flamengo – Cruzeiro01/07/2024
Atlético MG – Flamengo04/07/2024
Gremio – Palmeiras05/07/2024
Flamengo – Cuiaba07/07/2024
Palmeiras – Bahia07/07/2024
Atlético MG – Botafogo07/07/2024
Atlético MG – Sao Paolo10/07/2024
Palmeiras – Atlético Goianiense10/07/2024
Flamengo – Fortaleza10/07/2024
Flamengo – Internacional17/07/2024
Palmeiras – Botafogo17/07/2024
Atlético MG – Juventude17/07/2024
Atlético MG – Vasco da Gama20/07/2024
Flamengo – Criciuma20/07/2024
Cruzeiro – Palmeiras20/07/2024
Palmeiras – Fluminense24/07/2024
Flamengo – Vitoria24/07/2024
Atlético MG – Paranaense24/07/2024
Flamengo – Atlético Goianiense27/07/2024
Palmeiras – Vitoria27/07/2024
Atlético MG – Corinthians27/07/2024
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Argentine Primera División

Now called the Professional Football League. Football competition among Argentine clubs that determines the national champion and participants in international club competitions. Boca Juniors, Estudiantes, River Plate are current favorites to win.

Liga Profesional de Fútbol (Argentina)
Defensa y Justicia – Boca Juniors21/07/2024
River Plate – Lanus21/07/2024
Union – Estudiantes21/07/2024
Godoy Cruz – River Plate24/07/2024
Huracan – Estudiantes24/07/2024
Boca Juniors – Banfield24/07/2024
Instituto – Boca Juniors28/07/2024
Gimnasia – Estudiantes28/07/2024
Sarmiento – River Plate28/07/2024
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Copa América

The top men’s football tournament is contested among national teams from South America. It is the oldest still-running continental football competition, as well as the third most watched in the world. Favorites to win are Argentina, Brazil, and Uruguay. Group stages start on June 20th and go until July 15th.

A major event, for which we have even prepared a special promo: here are all the conditions under which you can receive a prize or cashback on your campaign.

Copa América
Group stage29/06/2024 – 03/07/2024
1 match05/07/2024
2 match06/07/2024
3&4 matches07/07/2024
1 match10/07/2024
2 match11/07/2024
Match for the 3rd place14/07/2024
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This sport does not lose its relevance in several countries of the world, but its main place of power is considered to be the USA nowadays. Although, golf’s motherland is Scotland. 

Tip: Don’t underestimate this sport. It seems like an elitist pastime, but in fact you can find its fans all over the world, including in Korea.

The Open Championship

The oldest golf competition, one of the four largest professional tournaments called “majors.” The only event not held in the United States.

The Open Championship
1st Round18/07
2nd Round19/07
3rd Round20/07
Final Round21/07
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Martial arts can be classified as “mixed”: boxing, wrestling, and bjj. It can also be Muay Thai, Judo, or catch wrestling.

Tip: we recommend making a quality geo research. For example, some of the best boxers are Cubans, which is not obvious if you’re not a MMA fan. Also remember that MMA is primarily a spectacular sport, so its fans are people who are keen on fighting in a ‘show’ style.



An international sports organization based in Las Vegas, USA. The best-known among all mixed martial arts events worldwide.

UFC Fight Night Denver14/07/2024Main event: Namajunas vs Barber,
other anticipated fights: Drew Dober vs. Mike Davis,
UFC Fight Night Las Vegas21/07/2024Main event: TBD vs TBD,
other anticipated fights: Tavares vs Park
UFC 30428/07/2024Main event: Edwards vs. Muhammad 2,
other anticipated fights: Tom Aspinall vs. Curtis Blaydes, Bobby Green vs. Paddy Pimblett
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There are dozens of different types of races in the world: local, global, on different types of transport. This month the most legendary one grabs all the attention.

Tip: The potential audience for racing is now wider than you might think. For example, if it used to be a sport that was rarely entered by amateurs, today anyone can try themselves for little money.

Formula 1

This world championship in circuit racing is well-known to everyone. The annual event includes several stages with strict rules. The peculiarity of the race sport is in the variety of awards: from individual classifications to the constructors’ cup.

Formula 1
Formula 1 Qatar Airways British Grand Prix 202405/07/2024 – 07/07/2024Silverstone, England3 practice races: July 5-6;
Qualifying race: July 6;
Actual Race: July 7
Formula 1 Hungarian Grand Prix 202419/07/2024 – 21/07/2024Budapest, Hungary3 practice races: July 19-20;
Qualifying race: July 20;
Actual Race: July 21
Formula 1 Rolex Belgian Grand Prix 202426/07/2024 – 28/07/2024Francorchamps, Belgium3 practice races: July 26-27;
Qualifying race: July 27;
Actual Race: July 28
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Cycle race

Cycling races can be amateur or professional, on various routes. This sport is distinguished by a very passionate audience and a large number of practicing athletes among the fans.

Tip: Cycling races are especially popular in Europe. They take place all year round, except for winter, and attract athletes from all over the world, who have their own fans. You can use personalities to find forums of like-minded people.


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Tour de France

A multi-day road cycling race, one of the three Grand Tours. The most famous and prestigious cycling race in the world, held for over a hundred years in France.

Tour de France
Stage 3 (Plaisance – Turin, 230.5 km)01/07/2024
Stage 4 (Pinerolo – Valloire, 140 km)02/07/2024
Stage 5 (Saint-Jeune-de-Maurienne – Saint-Vulbas, 177.5 km)03/07/2024
Stage 6 (Macon – Dijon, 163.5 km)04/07/2024
Stage 7 (Nuits-San-Georges – Gevrey-Chambertin, 25.3 km)05/07/2024
Stage 8 (Semur-en-Auxois – Colombey-Les-Deux-Eglises, 183.5 km)06/07/2024
Stage 9 (Troyes – Troyes, 199 km)07/07/2024
Stage 10 (Orleans – Saint-Amand-Montrond, 187.5 km)09/07/2024
Stage 11 (Evaux-Les-Bains – Le Lioran, 211 km)10/07/2024
Stage 12 (Aurillac – Villeneuve-Sur-Lot, 204 km)11/07/2024
Stage 13 (Agen – Pau, 165.5. km)12/07/2024
Stage 14 (Pau – Saint-Lary-Soulan Pla D’Adet, 152 km)13/07/2024
Stage 15 (Loudevielle – Plateau de Bielle, 198 km)14/07/2024
Stage 16 (Gruissan – Nimes, 189 km)16/07/2024
Stage 17 (Saint-Paul-Trois-Chateaux – Superdevoluy, 178 km)17/07/2024
Stage 18 (Gap – Barcelonnette, 180 km)18/07/2024
Stage 19 (Embrun – Isola 2000, 145 km)19/07/2024
Stage 20 (Nice – Col-De-La-Couillole, 133 km)20/07/2024
Stage 21 (Monaco – Nice, 33.7 km)21/07/2024
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This sport has both individual (two players) and collective (two teams) classifications. It is considered a noble sport that is loved to be watched all over the world, like figure skating. Note that there are separate contests for men and women.

Tip: It is quite a spectacular and dynamic game. Especially in comparison with, for example, golf. Today it is very popular among American children and, of course, their solvent parents.


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This legendary international tennis tournament is one of the four Grand Slam tournaments. As usual, will be held on the grass courts of the All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club, just like those days in 1877.

Gentlemen’s and Ladies’ Singles First Round01/07/2024
Gentlemen’s and Ladies’ Singles First Round02/07/2024
Gentlemen’s and Ladies’ Singles Second Round
Gentlemen’s & Ladies’ Doubles First Round
Gentlemen’s and Ladies’ Singles Second Round
Gentlemen’s & Ladies’ Doubles First Round
Gentlemen’s and Ladies’ Singles Third Round
Gentlemen’s & Ladies’ Doubles Second Round
Mixed Doubles First Round
Gentlemen’s and Ladies’ Singles Third Round
Gentlemen’s & Ladies’ Doubles Second Round
Mixed Doubles First Round
Gentlemen’s and Ladies’ Singles Fourth Round
Gentlemen’s & Ladies’ Doubles Third Round
Mixed Doubles Second Round
Gentlemen’s and Ladies’ Singles Fourth Round
Gentlemen’s & Ladies’ Doubles Third Round
Mixed Doubles Quarter-finals
Gentlemen’s and Ladies’ Singles Quarter-finals
Gentlemen’s & Ladies’ Doubles Quarter-finals
Mixed Doubles Semi-finals
Invitation Doubles (Ladies’ Doubles, Gentlemen’s Doubles, Mixed Doubles)
Gentlemen’s and Ladies’ Singles Quarter-finals
Gentlemen’s & Ladies’ Doubles Quarter-finals
Invitation Doubles (Ladies’ Doubles, Gentlemen’s Doubles, Mixed Doubles)
Ladies’ Singles Semi-finals
Gentlemen’s Doubles Semi-finals
Mixed Doubles Final
Gentlemen’s & Ladies’ Doubles Semi-finals
Invitation Doubles (Ladies’ Doubles, Gentlemen’s Doubles, Mixed Doubles)
Gentlemen’s Singles Semi-finals
Ladies’ Doubles Semi-finals
Gentlemen’s & Ladies’ Singles Semi-finals
Invitation Doubles (Ladies’ Doubles, Gentlemen’s Doubles, Mixed Doubles)
Ladies’ Singles Final
Gentlemen’s Doubles Final
Invitation Doubles (Ladies’ Doubles, Gentlemen’s Doubles, Mixed Doubles)
Gentlemen’s Singles Final
Ladies’ Doubles Final
Invitation Doubles (Ladies’ Doubles, Gentlemen’s Doubles, Mixed Doubles)
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Summer Olympics

This grand event speaks for itself. In July, we will have the opening ceremony, and then there will be a huge number of different competitions. You can see the full schedule for all sports on the official website of the Olympics. France is hosting the whole thing this time, so get ready for a lot of broadcasts from Paris.

Tip: The best thing about the Olympics is that even people who have no interest in sports in their everyday lives watch it. It’s a global event that people follow to support their country’s athletes or just see the top faces in the sports world.


Summer Olympics
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Tips for Publishers

How to attract iGaming traffic:

  • Help your content with SEO. Search traffic, especially in the case of sports events and news about them, is vital.
  • Backlinks will also come in handy for quality optimization.
  • Some events last a long time, but this does not mean that it is enough to mention them once. Different matches within one championship can give you a lot of separate content topics.

Find more tips and info about sports monetization here.

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Tips for Advertisers

Use a sports calendar for iGaming traffic all year round:

  • Don’t limit yourself to sports news sites only. Sports is a huge niche, this includes social traffic about sports celebrities, related products for active recreation, souvenirs, the whole entertainment niche, etc. Your product is more relevant to the sports theme than it might seem at first glance.
  • Technical details are very important. Check how the payment system works on your site, if you use one. When attracting a local audience, also pay attention to how convenient it is for them. Maybe it is worth adding options relevant to their country?
  • Seasonal trends are followed already both by content enthusiasts and search systems. Check previous years’ top search for the same events, compare your competitors’ seasonal campaigns and don’t forget about Google Discover to get the full picture.

Find more tips about sports affiliate marketing here

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Ad Formats for Sports Events


A top choice when we’re talking about a huge audience. Especially good for mass campaigns dedicated to big events. Sports sites of all kinds, including streaming ones, actively use this format.

Social Bar

We can’t forget about this option, which is rich in possibilities. In-Page Pusn or Interstitials? Experiment with bright creatives and use all relevant news hooks. Thanks to the large area of ​​such advertising and its diversity, you will get ideal scaling. 15 creatives for testing will allow you to better understand your target audience and improve the performance from campaign to campaign.

Native advertising

The classic news feeds and thematic blogs are perfect for such topics. Any event from the world of sports will be the key to success: naturally looking advertising will generate interest effortlessly. The main thing is to track the best relevant news in time to get the most out of them.


We have told you everything you should consider if you are going to work with iGaming sports traffic in July. And if you have not tried to earn on iGaming yet, what are you waiting for? As you know, beginners are most comfortable joining major events about which there is a lot of information. July with all its top tournaments is perfect for this.



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How can publishers use the Sports Event Calendar to increase traffic?

Sports events are a cool newsbreak for a guaranteed huge audience of fans. Our sports calendar collects all current events, from worldwide like the Olympics to some local ones. All to help you follow every possible traffic boost with pretty precise GEO targeting.

How can advertisers benefit from the Sports Event Calendar?

Special campaigns can be not only seasonal for holidays, but also for sports events. For sports fans, a championship with the participation of a favorite team is no less festive. So a sports event calendar will allow you not to miss a single opportunity to create high-converting targeted creatives on a top-notch topic!

What types of sports events are included in the calendar?

We sort events of all sizes and placements and in all possible variants all year round to expand your chances for benefit. The calendar includes football, tennis, boxing, MMA, judo, rugby, cricket, basketball, cycling, golf, motorsports, weightlifting, etc. as well as general championships such as the Olympic Games.



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