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Which Betting Platforms for Affiliate Marketers to Choose? How to Pick the Best Offers to Run?

by Adsterra Team
Expert tips for choosing betting platforms for affiliate marketers

by Naomi Cook
Naomi Cook is a sports betting analyst with expertise in creating various content pieces across different platforms. Cook’s love for math is best seen in how good she is with numbers. Cook has broad knowledge in online gaming and possesses betting proficiency for major sports. In her free time, she loves to try the latest fitness workouts and do research on nutrition for her and her family.

Affiliate marketing is an amazing way to make residual income. However, it is imperative to carry out some research, specifically when it comes to sports betting platforms for affiliate marketers.

A tech-driven approach is to check if a betting platform has a mobile device manager and the capability to run on players’ mobile devices. You can check this out. Another way is to read several reviews and testimonials created by players. This will give you a first snapshot of a platform, which is enough to decide whether to run its offers or not. But how to pick the best offer?

With all this said, this article shows some of the best betting platforms that are amazing choices for affiliate marketers. This article also gives you tips on how to choose the best offers to run.

After you find a perfect betting offer, you’ll need perfect ad traffic to make as many conversions as possible. You’re on the right way if you choose Adsterra!

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The best sports betting platforms for affiliate marketers


With this program, you will get a commission of 30% of the revenue share. This company has over 22 million customers worldwide. Its main markets include Spain, Australia, the UK, Macau, the USA, Turkey, and the Syrian Arab Republic.

To operate its affiliate programs, Bet365 employs a proprietary program. The program provides the affiliates with the best resources, creatives, and reports. The affiliate team is available 24/7. This program also provides suggestions on how to maximize affiliate winnings.


Another wonderful betting affiliate program is Betfair. This company offers online horse race betting and casino games. Also, US participants of these games must be at least 21 years old.

NetRefer runs Betfair’s affiliate program. This program also uses total cross-product revenue. Affiliates possess access to a broad marketing tool range, including bookmakers’ sign-up offers and improved tracking tools.


Highly popular, especially in the US, Bovada.lv is the first leading betting company that allows bitcoin for payments. Players can bet on more than 300 casino games, major sports events, and horse racing sports with real money.

Best Partners manages the Bovada.lv affiliate program. This program provides affiliates with unique initiatives and optimized marketing tools. Players signing-up at Bovada.lv usually obtain generous sign-up bonuses, such as $3,000 casino, $5,000 bitcoin, and $250 sports match bonuses.

Betsson Group

Betsson Group has some of the top betting companies that you can promote. These companies include BetSafe, Betson, RaceBets, and NordicBet. RaceBets is for horse racing. This company provides a 100% bonus with a maximum of 100 euros. 

BetSafe and Betsson, the most popular betting brands, are available in various languages, including English, Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish, and Polish.

It’s also available in German, Spanish, Greek, Icelandic, Portuguese, Latvian, Serbian, and Italian. The Mattes Gaming Authority regulates and licenses these betting brands.

This company pays recurring revenue of 10% in its two-tier program. Also, this program’s commission rate varies according to the net revenue that your referrals generate on a monthly basis.

William Hill Affiliates

Webmasters can generate from this program that is one of the most popular UK betting brands. This company usually attracts high rollers, which improves the possibility of earning hefty commissions if you become an affiliate.

NetRefer manages the William Hill betting programs, and it has similar top-notch performance as Income Access, a high-quality affiliate software.

This brand also provides its affiliates with a full array of marketing tools to assist in conversions, including banners and live odds widgets that cater to over 17 sports betting markets. 

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How to choose affiliate betting offers to run?

It doesn’t matter if you will use betting platforms for affiliate marketers as the main source of income or an extra revenue stream. Either way, you can maximize your revenue by doing the following:

1. Look over the affiliate program offers’ diversity

It’s imperative to work with a company that will provide a good return but also put you into comfortable earning conditions. Check with the offers’ conversion flow as it directly affects what you are paid for. If you see 90% of offers with, say, “$350 first deposit,” be sure you know where to get such luscious traffic.

2. Make sure they are up with the times with mobile capability and more

Many players use their mobile devices more than their laptops or desktops. So, the program(s) must serve offers with mobile-friendly landing pages. In other words, if you’re skilled at driving high-quality mobile traffic, make sure your affiliate program or network hosts enough offers that target mobile users.

3. Program alternatives

Participating in one top-notch betting platform is great. However, it’s also a good idea not to limit yourself to only one spectacular affiliate program. Thus said, there are several other betting platforms with good commissions. This point is fair for CPA affiliate networks, as well. The more traffic sources you harness, the more opportunities you will have for picking offers. Some CPA networks will be your best friends in monetizing Tier 3 traffic, while others will stream steady revenues from Tier 1 all year long, etc.

4. Limits and verification terms

It’s also imperative to check the offer’s limits before diving into marketing. Though it will eat up some hours, it is worth sifting through several offers and reading about the limits and restrictions advertisers stated. Whichever commissions they lure you with, you will blankly drain your money if you can’t meet the terms.

Make sure you know exactly how to deliver leads and conversions that will be approved. In some cases, you will have to deal with hourly spending limits as your conversion flow will include outbound calls from the advertiser’s call center.

5. Upsells (optional)

Even though betting platforms focus mainly on their customers placing bets and other gambling, you can still do upselling sometimes. For instance, when customers want to place a bet on horses, you can advertise that they can have more rewards when placing a larger bet.

You also can encourage new sign-ups by alerting them of generous bonuses if they pay a certain amount of money. These are only a few ways to upsell.

6. Vendor support

A company is only as strong as its weakest link. Thus said, they must have strong support to ensure they address and handle any concern immediately. That way, you can always be on top of your affiliate game. Betting platforms for affiliate marketers that offer backlink and postback tracking tools to their affiliates will also help affiliates to succeed. 

A fast-to-respond support team is a must for any credible affiliate program or network. It is worth checking out for the omnichannel support like live chats, messaging apps, ticketing systems, etc.

Look for some onboarding demo videos or tutorials. A customer-oriented platform will always put its partners’ UX first.

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Being an affiliate for sports betting is a superb way of a residual income if you do it right. From the UFC fights to Champions League matches, sporting events have always been the point of attraction for millions of fans. Players will root for their favs while experienced trend-watchers will bet on the most prospective challengers. 

The Betting vertical has survived many ups and downs, but still, it’s one of the most rewarding for affiliates. Your main goal is to pick the right offer and run with the right traffic.

Well, you’ve got some clues now to carry on research on your best affiliate program. Speaking of traffic, you can explore it right away with Adsterra, which delivers you lots of streaming traffic sources.

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