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Adsterra At I-Con Island Conference 2023: New Level Of Affiliate Awaits

by Maria Littera

Being a Cypriot company, Adsterra is especially pleased to announce participation in one of the largest local conferences: we will attend I-Con 2023 in Limassol! Our Chief Marketing Officer, Gala Grigoreva, will not only visit but also perform with a master-class at this event. Are you ready to learn everything about the main verticals and reach a new level of affiliate marketing? Then we will be waiting for you in Cyprus!

Dates: June 29 – 30, 2023

Venue: City of Dreams, Limassol

Booth: ME32


What’s I-Con?

I-Con is a conference created by and for affiliates: it’s totally up-to-date and combines knowledge with the ultimate experience of holding an event in the very heart of Cyprus, which is known as one of the centers of affiliate marketing. 

I-Con attracts thousands of Advertisers, Publishers, affiliates, and other industry-related interested visitors to spend two whole days sharing their knowledge, thoughts, views, and forecasts under the bright sun and near the warm sea of Cyprus island paradise.

No wonder we gladly joined this event and decided to present a masterclass from our expert. Be sure to come; it’s not to be missed!

Why attend?

The I-Con conference is about staying tuned and knowing how to make work as efficient as possible while taking the best from enjoying it. After all, affiliate marketing is a fascinating area that is constantly growing and developing. Are you ready to grow and develop together?

During two days of ultra-productive networking, every attendee of the conference will be able to access:

  • Unique content in speakers’ presentations
  • Masterclasses from experts 
  • Live panel discussions on current topics
  • Corporate booths of the companies participating in the conference
  • Personal communication with fellow participants of the event.

Must-see performances

How to use top-notch ad creatives to boost campaign performance

Gala Grigoreva 

Adsterra’s CMO

June 30, 2023

Stage B

15:00 – 15:45

We highly recommend attending our CMO’s performance. In this workshop, you will not only learn how to correctly and effectively use all relevant aspects of creatives for your campaign. You will also be able to reinforce this knowledge in practice because the masterclass is primarily about the actual result with specific cases.

What are we going to talk about: 

  • Key elements of today’s ad creatives
  • Secrets of matching creatives to the offer
  • Metrics vital for monitoring
  • Social Bar usage with up to 30% CTRs.

Zero to Hero in the SEO world

Craig Campbell

Founder of Craig Campbell SEO Training Consultancy

June 30, 2023

Stage A

12:00 – 12:45

A story about the journey of a successful Glasgow-based self-made SEO expert, consultant, and podcaster: Craig will share the story of his professional success and talk about the right and wrong steps that led him to his current success.

In his speech, you will find:

  • Insights about the practical path of an SEO specialist
  • An honest story of the real way to success
  • An inside look at SEO Trends 2023
  • The opportunity to ask your question in an interview format.

Running Google Ads in high risk verticals – The Do’s and Don’ts

Christina Dimitriou & Tom Marsh

Redwalking’s Team Leader & Head of Media Buying

June 29, 2023

Stage A

14:00 – 14:45

Dive into one of the most important and relevant topics from Redwalking experts: explore Google Search Ads in high-risk verticals. You will face not just a theory but an actual practice with exact advice on what to do and what not to do in order to succeed in cooperation with Google.

The masterclass will cover the following topics:

  • Targeting and bidding strategies
  • Site navigation
  • AdGroup segmentation
  • Real cases example.

The Dark Side of SEO: How to use Google to make €€€

Alan Cladx

Founder of Cladx

June 29, 2023

Stage A

12:00 – 12:45


Another masterclass, this time dedicated to successful SEO strategies. As an expert in the industry, Alan will share his experience in different segments, from the sports niche to the specifics of working with fashion brands. Do Ralph Lauren and the 2022 FIFA World Cup have anything in common? SEO will open up these topics in a new and unexpected way!

What awaits the participants:

  • Examples of good and bad SEO
  • Different techniques in SEO promotion of your brand
  • Insights from the winner of the SEO competition
  • Practical skills in applying the secrets of SEO.

Hurry to catch up!

June 29 is almost here, but you still have time to adjust your plans for this event.

Adsterra invites everyone to our masterclass and, of course, to visit our booth ME32 and get to know each other personally. We will be glad to see you! 

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