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Never Miss Top Traffic GEOs With Adsterra Traffic Chart

by Olly V
Adsterra traffic chart tool

Never Miss Top Traffic GEOs With Adsterra Traffic Chart

Let your CPM campaigns shine! Now you can discover average daily volumes for any geo and target in seconds. Adsterra Traffic Chart is a new tool for those advertisers eager to launch vast-reach campaigns, test new targets, and bid wisely.

What’s the gist?

Traffic Chart automates hours of manual work. There is no need to create a new campaign just to pick a country, get the recommended bid, and then check whether your offer will get enough traffic. The whole picture of Adsterra volumes is in front of you. 

Select one country and discover the volume of impressions your offer can have. And if you like what you see, you can create a campaign with the given settings straight from this tab.

How it works

Open the Traffic Chart tab in your account. Best-performing countries are already listed in the spreadsheet. You can pick any country to get a forecast of how many impressions you will have with a recommended CPM bid. Add filters by device, OS, ad unit, and traffic type if needed. 

You can evaluate how bright the outlook is for the top ad formats (ad units):

  • Popunder
  • Native Ads 
  • Web Push Ads 
  • Social Bar (a brand new ad format that drives up to 30x higher CTRs)

Use cases

  • Get a forecast of traffic volume & CPM for your offer
  • Discover new GEOs with solid traffic volume
  • Test Adsterra traffic when you’re a newbie
  • Launch multiple-target campaigns for your clients if you’re an agency
  • Manage your bids on-the-fly, as you can check the current bid for your target anytime

Core benefits

  • Launch vast-reach campaigns with a clean-cut targeting
  • Enhance your CPM campaigns’ performance
  • Make a speed-of-light decision whether to run a campaign on a particular geo
  • Never miss lucrative new geo sources
  • Outcompete with the latest updates on CPM bids

Traffic Chart + Smart Traffic Estimation = Your Perfect Bid

Setting up a campaign, not only you need to target the most prospective countries but to control your competitors’ activity. As the context is changing momentarily, the bid recommended by Traffic Chart might not be enough. 

That’s when your Adsterra Smart Traffic Estimation comes into play. It assesses how many impressions your offer will encompass, taking into account all campaigns with similar settings. Thus, before submitting your campaign, check the recommended bid, it’s always on the right 😇

Get started

Log in to Adsterra or create your account. Open the left control panel and choose Traffic Chart. Explore top-performing, profitable GEOs and launch successful campaigns even when the competition is tough!

Though the tool is native, you might have some questions about the settings. If so, chat with our support team right on your account page, we’ll be happy to help you out.

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