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Free Affiliate Marketing Course: Shift to a Pro Level With 21 Expert Video Lectures

by Adsterra Team
Video Course on Affiliate Marketing

Adsterra has rolled out an ultimate free affiliate marketing course for you. We call it a “crash course” since it’s all about breaking through and mastering your proficiency. 

If you’re looking for ways to run vertical-specific campaigns, target and optimize without a hitch, you’re on the right track.

Adsrerra experts will lead you through the whole ecosystem of affiliate marketing, from finding the right niche to setting up conversion tracking.

How will the free Affiliate Marketing Crash Course benefit you?

With the Adsterra Crash Course on affiliate marketing, you master the art of buying hot traffic and cherry-picking best-paid CPA offers.

  1. Get a clutter-free starter pack and enroll with affiliate marketing faster.
  2. Grasp new traffic sources, niches, and offer types 
  3. Set out a transparent plan of how to build your online business
  4. Enhance your affiliate marketing skills with practical knowledge 
  5. Get insider tips for a smooth start with Adsterra CPA Network and Adsterra ad network

What you will learn from 21 videos

  • What exactly affiliate marketing is
  • Types of verticals and offers
  • Where to find your target audience
  • How to increase traffic without raising bids
  • How to use Adsterra ad network and Adsterra CPA Network
  • Affiliate marketing KPIs and how to meet them
  • How to manage statistics
  • Setting up campaigns step-by-step
  • Keys to a balanced targeting and optimization
  • Nuances of black- and whitelisting
  • Best spy tools and trackers to enhance your campaigns
  • Life hacks for scaling and getting more traffic

The free affiliate marketing course developed by Adsterra will help you succeed both in basic and advanced tasks. If you are looking to make a career, it will immerse you in the utmost-demanded practices of promoting offers.

If you’ve already started, you’ll move to a higher level as a full-time affiliate. Break through all the obstacles you’ve faced till this moment. Gain momentum and multiply your income from affiliate marketing.

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