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Case Study: 315% ROI on Popunder Traffic With Adsterra Custom Bid

by Adsterra Team
Case Study_Adsterra Popunder Traffic and Custom Bid
Previously, we shared a guide on how to masterfully hook the best traffic sources within each campaign. Adsterra Custom Bid is a powerful tool that helps optimize spendings while attracting more leads. Though the guide captures some of the most common use cases, nothing can compare to real-life proofs. Thanks to Servando Silva, an Affiliate Marketing Blogger and our expert partner,  we have those! Servando has recently shared an impressive affiliate marketing case study where the Custom Bid tool added to the 315% ROI and $1640 profit. You can find the original version on his blog. Give this case study a read to explore all ins and outs: pre-landers, creatives, custom bid usage, blacklisting, and targeting optimization.

As the case study is provided by one of our partners, we keep the spelling untouched. We try to maintain a unified structure for all case studies, so we sometimes make a few changes in the sequence of paragraphs. The author's opinion does not necessarily reflect our views.

Case Study Data

  • Traffic type: Popunder by Adsterra.com
  • Offer: Mainstream Subscribe
  • Time period: 03 March–10 March 2020
  • GEO: EG
  • Spent: $520.4
  • Income: $2161
  • Profit: $1640.6
  • ROI: 315%

Geo, offer, and traffic source selection

I chose Mainstream Subscribe as the offer for Egypt (EG) with DOI flow that pays $1 per PIN submit with confirmation.

 User has to fill out the phone number field on the landing page and sign up for the service. In my case it’s a worldwide “video hosting”.

Let’s move on to the creatives selection!

Screenshot of the final landing page:

The strategy

First, you have to find out the geCPM for this GEO from your manager before sending traffic. It’s vital in order to find out the average bid of your competitors so you can keep up and send more traffic without any drop in those precious impressions or conversions. 

The next thing you should do is allocate some money for testing. Preferably, $100 or more. This amount will allow you to better understand conversion dynamics and refine your active campaign’s performance.

Once I received the information, I launched the campaign with a $0.35 bid.


Pre-lands play a big part when it comes to popunder traffic. They allow you to cut off bots and unintended audiences while gaining conversion rate. 

Nevertheless, pre-lands don’t always work out. Sometimes users turn back and don’t see the landing itself, therefore, your conversion rate is going to drop.

A/B testing allows you to determine whether the risk of using pre-lands is justified. In some cases, comparing two different approaches helps assess the situation and make the right decision.

Now I’m going to show you some images that can be used for this offer, but keep in mind what I mentioned earlier:

You can base your pre-land on these stock photos. Just make sure you don’t intentionally mislead users, because this may result in conversion rate dropping. 

Don’t forget to specify all the key information about your offer (in this case — video hosting). I suggest you make an attractive quiz with pretty girls in the background. It should draw visitor’s attention and increase CPM rates.

Another important thing is a proper pre-landing domain name. Match it with your offer’s theme, so that an obscure numeric domain won’t scare users away.


Step 1 (Bidding)

Ongoing analysis and evaluation of the current bid is crucial for your campaign. You can decrease your bids if you’re driving traffic too active and vice versa. Optimal bidding strategy saves you money!

Step 2 (Placement blacklist)

Don’t forget to blacklist worst performing placements in CPM campaigns. I usually google major bot sites for certain GEO and blacklist them right away. It is an essential thing for saving your funds, too!

Step 3 (Custom bids for placements)

I happen to use the brand new Adsterra’s tool — custom bids for placements. It allows you to allocate most of your money on particular placement. If you have noticed that one of the placements gives you the highest conversions, it makes sense to invest more in it. That’s how you increase revenue, and that is exactly what I did.


So what do we end up with? Mobile device targeting for all OS except for Blackberry, most popular browsers targeting (testing campaigns would help you filter out unpopular browsers), and English and Arabic language targeting.

Screenshot of the final settings:

Popunder campaign results

Screenshot from Adsterra:

Screenshot from affiliate program (with total spendings of $521):


  • Income: $2161

  • Profit: $1640.6

  • ROI: 315%

In this case study I demonstrated you in detail what to do when you find a good offer and target the right GEO. As you can see this offer brought me 315% ROI in a week! All it takes is thinking straight and pre-testing.

And I especially want to thank Adsterra for the option to use custom bids for placements. This helped me to maximize conversions without losing money.

Good luck!

Thanks to our partner, we can now share a bold plan on how to maximize profits with popunder campaigns. For more insights on popunder campaigns, check this winning case study for the iGaming vertical, or get inspired with our Social Bar (In-Page Push) ad format capacities.

Now that you’ve captured all hints here, you can try Custom Bid and all Adsterra optimization arsenal right now. Let’s make your next affiliate marketing campaign shine!

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