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Mainstream iGaming Case Study: 286% ROI with Adsterra Popunder

by Adsterra Team
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Our partner recently shared an amazing case study on Affiliate Valley that we couldn’t wait to share with you. His story provides a 360-degree view on how to launch effective campaigns for Popunder iGaming offers. If you’re looking for tips on how to choose the right offer, balance your bids, create effective landing pages, and select the best creatives, this guide has got you covered.

Case Study Data

  • Traffic type: Adsterra Popunder
  • Affiliate network: Alfaleads
  • Offer: Mainstream iGaming
  • Flow: DOI
  • Geo: NZ
  • Spendings: $143.2
  • Earnings:  $553.5
  • Pure income: $410.3
  • ROI: 286%

Geo and traffic source selection

Popunder is one of the most popular but complex ad formats – you have to keep a wary eye on TQ since it’s quite easy to get a lot of bot traffic. This case study describes my experience of sending NZ popunder traffic to a well-known online iGaming platform.

Offer selection

You may find a proper offer using affiliate network filters. I chose the one where the advertiser paid 12 euro (approx. $13.5) per approved registration (DOI).

Screenshot of the final LP from Alfaleads:

The strategy

Before sending the traffic I’ve made some research, checked several useful articles and case studies, and decided to send the traffic to mobile devices only. During previous ad campaigns, I did not really succeed with desktop traffic monetization, and this time I’ve made a decision not to test my fate as well.

I do advise to set all OS targeting unless you have proven bad test results for the certain ones. Do a regular checkup with your personal manager at the network:  how are your competitors’ campaigns performing? Should you raise the bid?

In this case, I set my bid at $3.6. If your bid is too low, your campaign will drop down and won’t get a desired click in the neverending popunder rotation.

Prelanding pages

Taking into account my opportunities I’ve decided not to use mislead prelands but to play with real post-registration perks right off the bat.

For instance, this offer provides a pleasant  7 euro bonus after registration. Such a motivation trick helps to opt user for a one-time game. If the paid action is deposit or revshare, you do need to work hard on the preland page. Implement your splendid copywriting skills to create a simple yet captivating story about a boy-next-door from upcountry, who succeeded due to a few years spent at sports iGaming. Usually, success stories serve as a great motivation to spend cash on iGaming.

Following prelands might be good to use:

Alerts and sounds on prelands can help you to increase CR in my case alert had helped a lot, which was proven by the test.

Besides I bought a domain almost identical to the advertiser’s original one to avoid mistrust and increase the chance of conversion to happen. Never purchase suspicious domains with unclear names!

One more hint: if you don’t want to create preland from scratch, check Adheary for the newest preland solutions. Load the output for the last month – that’s what I’ve done, and you can see the results at the end of this case study 🙂


Step 1. Raise the bid

While planning the campaign I’ve set $2 bid, but unfortunately, it wasn’t the right decision. The offer was fresh and hot, and I faced the pressure of some powerful competitors. According to my manager’s advice, I raised my bid up to $3.6 to get the first impression which is vital since popular offers have a high rotation, which makes popunder ad annoying for users.

Step 2. Blacklist placements

Extremely important. You can detect placements with high CR at the test period. Due to the tracker, I already had some bot placements removed, including isp Amazon, Digital Ocean, etc. The tracker would make your life way easier removing all the bot spots in a blink of an eye keeping placements with high CR only.

Step 3. Change prelands

Actually this stage lasts as long as the campaign itself. I kept looking for something interesting and new to catch the user’s eye and involve him to the test. Changing around 3 prelands had a decent result for me, the most upscale ones, for instance, were the mini-games (see the examples at the “Prelanding pages” part above. By the way, Adsterra has a base of prelanding pages available for managed campaigns ( that is campaigns created with your manager’s approval).


Eventually, I decided to target all OSearlibut meticulously excluded earlier versions of each OS since the campaign might not work properly for them ( for instance, the website would not open on Android version 4th and earlier). Also, feel free to remove carriers with low CR.

Here is the final targeting set:

Popunder campaign results


  • Total spent at Adsterra for all the days а the test: $143.2
  • Total earnings: $553.5
  • Income: $553.5 – $143.2 = $410.3
  • ROI: 286%

The results  speak for themselves. By experimenting with prelanders and replacing outdated ones with new ones, I was able to achieve success with my campaign. Of course, it’s important to keep in mind that competitors will also be struggling for the first impressions of potential customers.

I also recommend setting OS targeting unless you have proven poor results with certain ones. Keep in touch with your personal manager to assess how your competitors’ campaigns are performing and whether you should raise your bid.

In terms of prelanders, I suggest playing with real post-registration perks instead of misleading prelanders. For instance, offering a bonus after registration can motivate users to try the game. 

In conclusion, we encourage you to be open to tests and experiments, diversify your prelanding pages and creatives, use blacklists, optimize your campaign regularly, and ask your personal manager for insights and advice.

If you’re looking for more great case studies, we also recommend checking out our mainstream dating Popunder campaign case study. You will also enjoy this story of making ROI 136% with French traffic running an Android Cleaner offer. With Adsterra traffic and ad formats, the possibilities are virtually limitless!

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