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How to monetize traffic with direct link and no website

by Adsterra Team


Can you imagine a publisher who has no website? “Hardly” – might be your answer. But what if even with neither website nor a blog you can become Adsterra publisher?Adsterra offers a new way to monetize traffic – a direct link.

How Does It Work?

The direct link is simply a link that you can place almost anywhere, which implies you can place it behind any creative made by yourself.  You may have encountered direct links before, by clicking on such buttons as “Skip to content” or “Download video”.  As a user clicks on the link, the system starts the automatic selection of the most proper advertising campaign and leads a user to the landing page. Taking into account the vast base of Adsterra advertisers and smoothly running optimization process that means you get 100% fill rate. This method is fairly known as one of the most flexible solutions to monetize any kind of traffic. Surely it’s widely used by website owners, but we are about to share a few tips on how to monetize traffic even having no website.

Where to Place a Direct Link to Monetize Traffic with No Website

  1. Facebook page! To anticipate your question – YES, Facebook does allow that. Edit a post by placing a direct link, pin it to the top – and it’s all done. You can do the same with any social network you choose. Easy as a pie, isn’t it?
  2. Also, you might use it in app. Insert the direct link instead of the code, integrate it into any text or picture – monetize almost any element.
  3. Forums. We have a hunch that most of you enjoy spending time on forums either for work or a hobby. Why not make it profitable? Share it or add a direct link to your signature. Write comments. Gain money from the leads. Enjoy.

Not to mention ways to use direct links on a website, in case you have one: it can be inserted inside an article body, it can be linked to any call-to-action button, and it can find a place next to any other ad units, etc.

Easy Steps to Start Making Money Using Direct Link:

First of all, make sure you can provide daily traffic over 1000.  Ready to start? Then sign up with Adsterra as a publisher.

Fill the form with personal information, and when you get to the point asking for “List of your sites, required” insert “adsterra.com”.

Well done, the personal account is created! Next step is to reach your manager, whose contact information you can find at the right corner of the webpage.contact_manager.png

Your manager provides you with the direct link. Easy as it is!

Now it’s your call to choose where to add the direct link to monetize traffic. Good luck! And if you need any further advice, feel free to ask Adsterra team!

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