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How to Set Up a Postback URL

by Adsterra Team
Postback URL setup

If you’re here, you probably know what are Postback and Backlink URLs and how important they are for affiliate marketing campaigns’ success. It’s time to practice a little. in this post, you will get a step-by-step Postback URL setup flow. We will connect an ad network (Adsterra), a tracker (we chose Voluum), and an affiliate network (Adsterra CPA). Let’s get down to it!

Generate a Postback URL and set it up in a tracking system

Supposing, you are going to use traffic provided by the Adsterra ad network and stream it to an affiliate offer that you took from the Adsterra CPA Network. You will need to follow the next steps: 

Step 1. Register on the Adsterra as an advertiser.

Step 2. Navigate to the Tracking tab and then click Conversion Tracking. Let’s assume, you are using Voluum as a tracking system. Choose your Postback type and Voluum as a tracker. Click the Generate postback button. 

Step 3. Go to the Voluum platform, the Traffic Sources tab. Click Create and choose Adsterra out of the other ad networks. If you don’t have an account yet, please, register.

Step 4. Replace your traffic source Postback URL with the one generated earlier on your Adsterra account.

Step 5. Go to the Campaigns tab on Voluum. Click Create, then Create Simple Campaign and select Adsterra Traffic Source.  After that, change Path Destination to Offers Only and choose any offer want to work with.  

Step 6. Copy Your Campaign URL from Voluum. Now move to your Adsterra account and paste the URL on the Conversion tracking tab. Click Check URL.

Check the campaign URL

Step 7. Open a new tab in your Сhrome browser, tap Ctrl/Cmd+Shift+C,  paste URL and click Enter. Then check the redirect URL for the Click ID (see the screenshot). Copy the Click ID.

Checking the Sample offer

Step 8. Put your Click ID instead of {externalid} of your Postback URL 


Copy and place this URL in your browser. Click Enter to activate it this way and check out the status Valid on your Adsterra account.

Checking your URL status

Set up a Global Postback URL on Adsterra CPA Network

Setting up a Global Postback on Adsterra CPA Network is super-easy. To work with the Adsterra CPA offers, you will have to paste your postback from your tracker to Global Postback page and add click_id=##S2S## token.

Also, you can add payout=##PAYOUT## and additional postback URLs if required.

From this page, you can also add a Backlink to send back all traffic that may not be accepted.


Tracking is king when you’re determined to optimize bids without overspending. Adsterra offers you easy-to-run integrations with Voluum, Binom, Cake, Keitaro, HasOffers, BeMob. You can set up any custom integration, as well. Yet, it’s better to avoid some optimization mistakes than to track and correct them. Take a closer look at this set of articles where we share tips for getting more traffic, setting up pricing tokens, traffic source selection, and many more.
And don’t forget to use Postback URLs while using Adsterra 😉

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