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Onyejekwe Augustine: How I Monetize Twitter Traffic [$800 Daily Payment Proof]

by Adsterra Team
A success story of Twitter traffic monetization told by Adsterra publisher

Twitter is a source of super-quality traffic that converts. So why not capitalize on this giant slice of the social pie? You will need a strong strategy powered by a workable concept. You already have both! Onyejekwe Augustine is a faithful hard worker with solid expertise in blogging, web design, and server administration. He agreed to share with our blog readers the methods he uses to monetize Twitter traffic.

Onyejekwe Augustine, Adsterra publisher
Onyejekwe Augustine | Blogger, Web Designer

Hello! My name is Onyejekwe Augustine. I actually started blogging in 2017. If you’re a beginner, I feel your pain because I had to quit blogging for a while since it was too hard to balance between studies, my main job, and side work. But what I did next is started learning a lot. I went through web design studies and even founded a hosting business, which is still returning me profits. 

I tried Quora as a source of income and managed to earn quite a bit of cash with Adsterra in 2020, but finally, I sold this successful blog to continue my studies.

Twitter blogging is my new business, which I started over a couple of months ago. Now I’m going to tell you what exactly I do and how I attract payouts with Adsterra.

Is it worth monetizing Twitter traffic?

In my experience, Twitter has the best-quality traffic. Users are very engaged in what’s going on in this network. What a blogger must do is entertain users like no other. Easier said than done. But I will tell you how to enter this niche, too.

What’s special about Twitter is that its users are always in search of trends. They actively discuss them, post comments, and share the most viral content. You won’t find such activity in search engines or on Facebook.

When tweeting, you never know which post will be your lucky ticket. But if you keep an eye on what’s trending and do your job of posting 5 to 10 times a day, you will soon find this business profitable.

Please read the next chapter where I tell how I earn with my traffic gained from TW as Adsterra publisher.

A simple and beneficial method of earning with a Twitter blog

I have read a couple of case studies by Adsterra publishers, and I can say that I’m using a very similar method: I engage Twitter users to visit my web blog with cool news and some ads.

What I do is post hot viral content on my web blog. Then I create totally engaging posts on my Twitter account, linking them to my blog with “find out more” or “be the first to watch” call-to-action. Users come massively from Twitter to my blog, where I have an advertising banner in the header and little push (or Social Bar) notifications.

This method works with desktop and mobile traffic because Social Bar is very user-friendly, and people can read through the content without getting angry with many ads in front of them. If they are interested in an ad, they click and see the offer.

Social Bar on desktop and mobile devices
Social Bar fits desktop and mobile screens

Adsterra sends me ads from good brands, so my readers click and convert a lot. That’s the point of getting the highest payouts as a publisher. You will be paid much more when your reader buys something from an ad. My personal score is $800 overnight, but I will add payment proofs later in the text. But first, I would like to tell you a little about tweeting and finding sensations.

How to run a successful Twitter blog

Blogging is all about traffic and regular posting. Nobody will teach you how to become an athlete. This is more like the same story. It’s practice and stress, but you will make it. I can guarantee that because I have tried several ways of monetization, I have been founding and selling successful businesses. My point is to stay strong but never be afraid to pause and learn more. Nevertheless, I have brought a couple of techniques here today to help you achieve your goals a bit faster.

Blog design

First, you will need to register on Twitter and create a memorable user name. Those who won’t follow you from the first time must remember your name.

I find it important to add a quality header or cover and an avatar. It will be a selling point, too, as not only the content sells but the way you pack it.

To create an exclusive cover or header, you can use Canva. It provides ready templates for Twitter sizes.

You can create a Twitter header in Canva

Before you start designing, look for some quality references and inspiring ideas. You can use Canva as well, but I recommend going to Pinterest and looking for “twitter cover ideas” or “twitter header design” and something like that. 

You can find Twitter header design ideas on Pinterest

My experience in web design has taught me not to overuse decoration and color combinations.  You can check any of the free tools to help you choose the best color palette. One of such free tools is Super Color Palette, which is a website where you can natively create color combinations. Another way is to download an inspiring picture and use its colors for your header design.

One of the free tools for color palette creation

Secrets of posting on Twitter

If you plan to monetize Twitter traffic, you will need to grow your daily post views as much as possible. My friends often ask if it is possible to grow traffic fast. It demands hard work, but it is possible. I post 5 to 10 times a day, and each time it is a sensation, a shocking fact, or a piece of trending hype news.

You will have to catch trends and create hot stories based on them. You become a detective who looks for more details and evidence. It’s very exciting. Remember this viral news about the new GTA gameplay leaked? I managed to find some proof and created a post with a link to my web blog.

Some of my posts are added below. You can see that the photos are very realistic. They’re teasing. Users love such content. But you have to support any photo or video with an engaging intro, too.

Twitter posts ideas

Want to know the big secret? It is not so important to get lots of likes and retweets. Remember that if you monetize a blog with social media traffic, you have to gain lots of views. That’s what really matters. 

Twitter trends discovery

You can access the trends panel from your Twitter account. It is good for the start and if you know what you are looking for. I will try to help you with the second: here are some news types that gain the highest interest.

News types to gain lots of views

  • Reality show stars private life
  • Unknown celebrity spouses
  • Celeb twins or siblings
  • Shocking outbreaks of famous politicians and celebrities
  • Sports stars family
  • Natural disasters
  • Gameplay and movies leakages 
  • How much celebs, sports stars, and musicians earn
  • Outrageous purchases of the richest ones
  • Celebs gone wild facts
  • Unexpected break-ups and new couples
  • “Who is” posts that tell about little-known billionaires

The two big don’ts about your posts

If there are some dos, there must be don’ts. In my experience, people won’t buy your news if you don’t provide a realistic image or video with it. What do I mean by realistic? You should not take photos from photo stocks. These pics are too glossy. Stay real. Use photos taken in the streets if writing about celebs or those taken during sporting events. You may not even take a full portrait of a celebrity, but a piece of their appearance everyone knows, like a smile, ears, earrings, haircut, tattoo.

Your texts should not be boring. Boring posts are profit killers. Try to make any piece of news irresistible, so users want to read more and visit your blog. Ask questions like “is ____celeb’s name___ dating anyone” or bring facts to the front with headings like “You won’t believe who (a celeb’s name) brother/sister is!” But remember one thing: blog posts must contain details and answers about the initial news. If you promise a shocking fact on Twitter, you give this fact in the blog. Please never lie to your readers. Respect their interests and attention.

Twitter posts eadlines examples

Best-paid traffic

I currently drive traffic from the US only. You know that Tier 1 users are most wanted among ad networks. Adsterra sends me high CPM rates for impressions. But it doesn’t mean you can’t monetize Twitter traffic from other counties. 

You should focus on local trends and hot news driving traffic from any country. When I need traffic from the USA, I write about top-watched reality and TV shows, scandals, local celebrities, and people doing business.

If you write about gaming or sports, you will need to first check if these activities are popular within this or that country. It will be very disappointing to create tens of quality news that will fail to attract traffic. In Adsterra blog, I read a story by a Pakistani blogger who drives tons of traffic during cricket matches. That’s impressive! You should become a pro writing about this or that subject, too.

60% of my web traffic comes from Twitter now. I started about three months ago. But thanks to the strategy I described below, I now have 5,000 to 20,000 daily website visitors. 40% of my traffic comes from search engines (google and bing). All these users watch the ads I placed.

Adsterra ads I’m using

I mentioned earlier that I had the experience working with Adsterra while running my Quora blog. I used the same strategy and placed two banner codes. One of 728 by 90 pixels and the second of 300 by 250 pixels ads format. The reason I like this method is that I’m  able to understand the type of ads my viewers take action on. I also reached out to Adsterra support and asked to filter advertising categories that my readers won’t like.

After a while, my manager advised me to add a Social Bar also. It’s a relatively new type of advertising, I guess. I must say, it was a good piece of advice because users who ignore banners are now likely to click on these popping Social Bars.

My blog doesn’t look overloaded with ad messages, but I still can make money on each new visit.

How much Adsterra pays [with payment proofs]

A screenshot of Adsterra Payouts and CPMs taken by a publisher

Speaking of Adsterra payments, I can say that CPM rates can go up to $6, which is more than good for me. As I monetize Twitter traffic, and its users are very active, I get a lot of clicks on ads, too. And this increases my chances of gaining larger revenues. Conversions also matter. Your payouts will rise when traffic you send to the advertising page will convert.

It’s my Adsterra dashboard on the screenshot above. I track my earnings every day, and you can see that CPMs and revenues change but stay profitable.

One of my Twitter posts attracted users who were deeply engaged with my blog and also with ads. This day alone brought me $800. Another one added $200. All the other days from this selection of 8 days, my revenues were about average $25 daily. That’s a very good deal, because with such results I achieved over $1,000 in 8 days. 

Secrets of the highest gains

If you have read the previous part, you know that advertising types can return you quite a lot of money. If you noticed: my earnings vary. One day I may get $30, the next one over $200. On the screenshot above, you have even seen the $834 daily revenue. What’s the secret? No secrets, if you deal with this ads network.

Adsterra will add to your earnings all payouts from clicks and conversions, too. If blog readers buy something from an advertising website, you will get increased payouts. CTRs also matter.

So the formula of high gains has 2 components:

  1. The right placement for ads;
  2. Super-quality content that makes your readers stay on your blog.

There is a third component, the so popular soft skills. In the beginning, I used to chat with the support team. I asked which sizes of formats to put, where to put ads on pages, and how to exclude specific ads my readers won’t like.

Adsterra is one of the most friendly platforms. They never failed to answer my questions quickly. 

To end up, I would like to give you some additional tips for better optimization (SEO) and trends research.

Bonus SEO and research tips

I’m using WordPress because it’s the strongest CMS. You can place advertising on any part of the page in seconds. What I always do is control how fast my blog is. Users don’t like to wait till the page loads. One of the best tools for me is the Litespeed Cache Plugin for WP. This plugin plays a big role in maintaining my website performance. With this plugin, I’m sure all my visitors will be able to see the content along with ads. 

40% of my web traffic comes from Google and Bing. I had to optimize every blog page to make search engines rank me higher. The first thing I did was add good and short titles, meta descriptions, external links, internal links, image alt text, images, and H1–H4 headings. I also monitor if my article is good for indexing using the Inspect Url tool on the Search Console dashboard. 

As a WordPress user, I use Instant Indexing by Rank Math. It helps submit articles to search engines for instant indexing.

Keywords are a very powerful tool. No matter the type of online business you run. You need to do research and understand what your audience is looking for. In my experience, you first need to find out what users want to get, not what you have to offer. An example of such an issue is the difference between “John Smith’s new spouse” and “hot news about celebs.” People are always looking for something specific, not just hot news. 

I told you earlier that I’m using a Twitter tool for trend-checking. In addition, I can recommend you the YouScan platform. It’s a great and free tool to discover trends on Twitter quickly.


I hope my short guide will inspire you to gain some solid cash with Twitter traffic and Adsterra. My next best advice will be: get ready to work hard growing traffic. You will need to attract users to a website or blog. 

The biggest challenge to every blogger is lots of impressions with lower revenues. You probably have gone through this when creating affiliate marketing posts. In affiliate marketing, you are only paid for actual user purchases. So you may waste days creating an awesome piece of content that will not pay you. With ad networks, it is not that hard to start getting money. But you will also see CPM rates going up and down, especially when you’re writing about seasonal niches like Super Bowl. With a serious approach to business, you will walk these stairs up and achieve high revenues, for sure!

My best wishes to all of you, guys!

There will not be a more convenient moment to start growing your business with Adsterra. You’re welcome!

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