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[Hot CPM Rates] Social Bar Monetization for Publishers

by Adsterra Team
Publishers Guide to Social Bar

Social Bar ad format is a totally new way to monetize a website, whether publishers drive desktop or mobile traffic. In this guide, the Adsterra Head of Publishers Support, Victoria, will walk you through the Social Bar monetization basics. You will learn how how to put ad codes on websites with no hassle and start getting higher profits.

Let’s get into it right now!

What is the Social Bar monetization format?

Social Bar is an easy-to-install display ad format. It embraces several visual designs. On a publisher’s web page it looks like friendly notifications, icons, or widgets.

The key to high CPM rates for publishers

Social Bar is programmed to show different ads in turns, which means that each user will meet various advertising offers, and all of them will be relevant. 

“Social” component is a secret sauce: ads can look like notifications, dynamic icons, chats, or IG stories provoking tons of clicks.

Key advantages of the format

Publishers don’t need to look for the top-spot place like they did with banners or native ads. Social Bar will appear like push notification or a pop-up widget. But unlike pop-ups, it won’t block the web content (thanks to the dynamic iFrame technology), which makes it more usable and effective. 

If it looks like a native notification, maybe it is a web push modification? No, it is not. Let’s find out why.

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How Social Bar differs from banners and web push ads

Unlike web push ads, Social Bar units don’t depend on browser subscriptions. So, all your visitors will see them, and you will monetize all your traffic.

With no subscriptions required, Social Bar creatives work in all browsers and on all OS

There are 2 main reasons why ad-blockers are also loyal to the next-gen format. First, it isn’t glued to the specific place on the page like banners. Second, the ad code is lightweight it doesn’t affect the page download speed. 

Summing up the difference between web push, banners and Social Bar is that the latter allows for showing ads to all all website visitors without exceptions. No traffic losses, seems good, isn’t it?

Now, it’s time to talk about the primary benefit, the CPM rate.

Want to start with Social Bar?

Simply sign up to Adsterra and copy/paste the ad code to your web page.
Or ask our managers to help you out in the live chat!

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Why Social Bar monetization returns high CPMs

As we’ve just learned, Social Bar brings hope in this stormy ad market. How does it affect the publishers’ income? Directly! It serves great CPMs. Mainly because of these reasons:

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1. Well-paying advertisers

Since its first launch, Social Bar has been attracting top verticals. E-commerce brands used it for seasonal sales, software platforms boosted clicks with push alerts, gaming advertisers promoted browser games with multimedia.

A stable flow of offers is what publishers can expect from Social Bar today.

Advertisers are even more likely to pay higher for Tier 3 traffic if they choose Social Bar traffic.

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2. Outstanding CTRs that impact CPM rates

The click-through-rate is an important marker of traffic performance. You might have loads of visitors and ad impressions but if they don’t transform into clicks, advertisers can decrease your CPMs  (the cost of 1,000 impressions is defined by advertisers).

Well, with Social Bar traffic, the CTRs are among the highest on the market. Up to 30 times higher if compared to Web Push. The more clicks, the higher the profit.

With Adsterra, publishers can track all key statistics and manage profits! See how your CPM changes, how many clicks you traffic streams, which GEOs are true money makers on your Statistics Dashboard.

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3. Ads are friendly, highly viewable, and engaging

This point is tightly stiched with the previous one. Banner blindness is a serious barrier to getting larger profits. With Social Bar, publishers forget about it and monetize at a new level.

Users, especially younger digital-natives, lean to advanced experiences. Social Bar uses engaging techniques that most social networks use: signals, vibrant elements, and notifications. Positive vibes are something every user is looking for.

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Instant Social Bar monetization: Examples

With a single line of code publishers install the most innovative ad format that engages better and brings fine CPM rates. Webmasters have been generating impressive revenues making from $100 to $400 in 5-7 days.

Our partners that drive traffic from Brazil, France, the U.S. allowed us to share the early results of using ads. Wa have also added some examples of website categories: MP3, Streaming, and URL shorteners. A webmaster owning a file converting service managed to get $335.7 in 5 days!

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The CPM-boosting Interstitials. Now come with Social Bar

A true hit on the market, the Interstitial format is on peak of demand among advertisers. They need more traffic each day, so every publisher has a chance to supercharge profits.

Interstitial format for publishers
Interstitials fit any OS and allow for record monetization

Interstitials are on top in 2023

Sign up as a publisher and apply for Interstitials in the live chat. Our managers are online 24/7.

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A guide to getting started with Social Bar monetization

This guide would not be complete without giving any instructions on how publishers can install Social Bar on their websites and start monetizing traffic. Here is the neat how-to flow.

1. To access all Adsterra ad formats, please, sign up or log in as a publisher. When signing up, you will need to verify your email before your account is created.

2. After the registration, please enter your account. You will first need to add a website to Adsterra. Please click any of the ADD WEBSITE buttons.

3. In the pop-up window, fill in the fields required. You will need to enter your domain name. Also, select the website (aka your traffic) category. It will help our algorithms to send you the best-matching ads.

4. In the Available Ad Units field pick Social Bar.

5. Click ADD.

5. Your newly-added website will get the Pending Status. Wait until we verify it (usually it takes a couple of minutes). When verified, the status will change to Approved

6. After you see your website status Approved, click on All codes – Get code and copy your Social Bar script. Be attentive with the instructions; you will need to paste the code before the “</body>” tag on your web page.

How to get Social Bar code

! Sometimes, you don’t see the Pending status change to Approved. Then check your email. If the website was approved, you will get the ad codes from us in the email.

How to put Social Bar on a previously added website

If you want to add Social Bar to a website where you have already put ad codes, simply find your domain on the Websites tab. Then click Add code and pick Social Bar from the Available Ad Units field. Copy and paste the script after getting a code.

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How to put Social Bar scripts on a website

Please remember to put the ad code right above the closing “</body>” tag. You will need to open the HTML view of the page you want to place Social Bar.

Press Ctrl +F (Win) or Control+F (Mac) and type in the search window “/body”. You will see a piece of code on your website that looks something like the picture below. Put the copied ad code right before this tag.

Where to place Social Bar script
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Adding Social Bar to a WordPress-based website

There are two ways of adding Social Bar codes to a WordPress-based website. You can either expose it on all pages, or choose pages one by one.

To install the code to every page, you will need to edit the Theme. Go to the Appearance section and choose Theme Editor. You will see the list of theme files (Theme Footer, Theme Header, Main Index template, etc). Your choice is Theme Footer cause it’s where the “</body>” tag is.

Add the code before the “</body>”  tag.

Add Social Bar to Wordpress

You can also put Social Bar with Custom widgets

1. Click Appearance and pick Widgets;

2. Select the ‘Custom HTML’ widget and choose between several types of theme widgets;

3. Click Add Widget and paste the Social Bar code inside.

4. Click Save.

This short video will help you out. 

Place Social Bar scripts with Elementor

Elementor is a visual editor designed for WordPress. With this editor, you can place Social Bar code as HTML to any page or post. That’s how to easily do that.

1. Add a new page or click  ‘Edit with Elementor’ (hover the mouse over the name of the page to see this option).

Edit with Elementor button

2. On the panel with Elements select GENERAL and find HTML.

add html block to a post

3. Drag and drop the HTML element to your page.

4. Insert your HTML code directly into the HTML Code box.

5. Click UPDATE (if you’re editing an existing page) or PUBLISH if you’re creating a new one.

Need more detailed tutorials?

We’ve made them for you! Definitive step-by-step guides with short video instructions are always here, in the Publishers’ Help Center. Enjoy!

Put Social Bar on a WordPress-based website, page, or post

Place ad codes on Blogspot (Blogger-based) websites

Add codes with Elementor visual editor

Use advertising codes with CloudFlare

How to change the Social Bar's location and its frequency

When you need your Social Bar to stick to some specific location of the web page, please don’t change the recommended location of the ad code. Get in touch with our managers via the live chat icon, and they will help you out.

Please don’t add several Social Bar codes to the same page, cause this won’t increase the number of times users see ads. Tell our manager how often you want your visitors to see ads, and they will make all necessary settings.

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Monetize your website with Social Bar: more benefits for publishers and webmasters

Let’s sum up the benefits publishers can enjoy (and profit from) by putting Social Bar on their websites. We have already mentioned the CPM-boosting capacities of the format. So let’s focus on WHAT makes it possible: 

🙌 With Social Bar, publishers use all traffic as no browser subscription needed.

🌿 Native & non-disruptive ads elegantly fit any website interface.

⚡️ A single line of lightweight code needed. A truly instant Social Bar monetization.

💰 Social Bar alone can bring you profit equal to that from multiple ads.

💸 Higher CTRs drives higher CPMs.

🧬 The AI-powered optimization algorithm serves your visitors the most relevant adverts.

✨ An ultra-demanded Interstitial format can boost your earnings even more!

Go ahead and start making money with Social Bar NOW!

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