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Movies, News, Books
Movies, News, Books
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High-value ads publishers profit from

Social Bar
Native Banners
Direct Link

Popunder ads (also Onclick)

Full-page ads that appear in a new browser tab or window. Pop ads are one of the highest-paid formats.

  • Pop ads take no website space
  • They’re UX-friendly since they don’t interrupt users
  • Lots of solid iGaming, VPN, and E-commerce advertisers run Pop ads
Adsterra Popunder

Publisher monetization platform

Easy start and management
Control over revenues
Extra monetization
Payment details
Easy start and management Control over revenues API Extra monetization Payment details

Why 35K+ publishers trust Adsterra

Unique Partner Care

Unique Partner Care

Our unique Partner Care Program includes 24/7 chat support and expert managers ready to help with your monetization strategy.

Great eCPM

Great eCPM

With the effective CPM rate, publishers can increase earnings boundlessly, as this model takes into account ad views, clicks, and conversions.

Safe & clean ad feed

Safe & clean ad feed

Adsterra develops its in-house 3-level security system, which enables us to deliver safe ads for publishers. We prevent and combat malware and fraud ads.

On-Time payouts

On-Time payouts

Ad network’s publishers get super-fast, automated payouts. You can start getting paid with a minimum $5 on the balance (if via Paxum).

Direct advertisers

Direct advertisers

Adsterra partners with 15K+ of trusted advertisers who add up to 200K new ad campaigns every year.

Exclusive ad formats

Exclusive ad formats

Along with serving high-quality Pops and Banners, Adsterra runs a proprietary Social Bar format that proved to deliver record CTRs.

Payouts come in the most convenient way

  • WIRETransfer
  • Paxum
  • PayPal

* Find more payment methods in your account

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Questions about ads for publishers

  • Q: How to sign up as a publisher? Is Adsterra a free ad network?

    A: Yes, it’s absolutely free. With Adsterra you earn, not spend. To start monetizing web or social traffic, you need to sign up as a Publisher and confirm the email you entered while registering. Here you can find more information about the registration.
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  • Q: How to use Adsterra without a website?

    A: Direct Link is your best choice for monetizing all sorts of social traffic. You can also implement this URL to an APK file. Here is a short tutorial on how to profit from Adsterra without a website.
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  • Q: What traffic sends the highest gains?

    A: It is believed that you only gain much if you send traffic from the US or the EU. That’s partly true. But practice demonstrates that ad network's publishers, who send quality ad views from India, South Africa, Indonesia, Latin America, outbeat their rivals. Social traffic is one of the leaders as well. Ad views from Facebook, TikTok, Pinterest, and other platforms are highly paid across the globe.
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  • Q: How to check traffic performance and track payouts?

    A: What's great about the Adsterra Publisher Monetization platform is that you can control how well your websites perform and manage earnings as a consequence. Just open the Statistics page, where you can group and filter websites by several parameters and discover which placements gain the most views and clicks.
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  • Q: How do I get paid?

    A: You will need to pick one of the payment methods from your account and enter your details to enable automated payouts. Payments are automated, and you can track them from the account with all details provided.
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  • Q: What’s the minimum payout?

    A: The amount of a minimum payout depends on the payment system you pick. For example, with Paxum you can start getting paid when you reach $5 on the balance.
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  • Q: Do you have minimum traffic limits for new publishers?

    A: No, we don’t. As one of the top ad networks for publishers, Adsterra welcomes all entrepreneurs willing to convert ad views into cash. But you should be aware that little traffic volumes are less potent to bring in big money.
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