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Your Top-Choice Ad Netowrk at SIGMA Europe 2022

by Adsterra Team
Adsterra at SIGMA Europe 2022

The world’s most remarkable iGaming event, SIGMA Europe 2022, opens its doors on November 14th and will drive the industry until November 18th. We’ve checked the agenda — it’s going to be a mind-blowing marathon of all-important topics. The only thing to rival the business part will be the exposition.

Adsterra couldn’t stay away from this event, so we packed our suitcases, ordered a luxurious brand zone design, and prepared lots of novelties and exclusives for our partners.

Are you coming? Let’s meet!

Dates: November 14‒18, 2022
Venue / Location: Malta, MFCC (NORTH GATE)
Adsterra booth: BR40‒BR41

What’s going to happen with the iGaming industry in 2023?

2023 is going to be a year of changes. The iGaming regulatory landscape will transform, and you must take all chances to use these changes for your benefit.

Regulated markets will keep making money, you know. If you’re not sure how, please come to the Adsterra booth BR40 and have a chat with our managers. While we’re always happy to share some insider stats and trends, we will also keep a close eye on the keynote speeches.

Adsterra booth at SIGMA 2022

The SIGMA’s agenda also reveals several crucial topics regarding regulation.

  • Will the industry flourish with vertical regulation?
  • Hot issues of the regulation standards in Germany in the Netherlands;
  • AML compliance;
  • Cross-country regulation issues and how to maneuver between them.

Where to find honest CPA and RevShare offers?

Ok, the answer will be the same — come to booth BR40. As Adsterra runs its own CPA Network, we can provide you with high-paying (and tested) iGaming offers.

But if you’re looking to set up your own affiliate program, we advise you to attend this session by Stefan Muehlbauer, Head of Business Development at Masters in Cash. It’s called 100 MILLION PAYOUT LATER, WHAT REALLY KEEPS AFFILIATES LIVE IN YOUR PROGRAM.

Affiliates will parse many insights within the Digital & Affiliate Marketing section. World-class experts will discuss new markets opening in 2023, influencer marketing opportunities, commerce content, and several other key topics.

Why attend SIGMA Europe 2022?

Obviously, SIGMA Europe will occupy a special place in its participants’ hearts. Industry leaders will dip into the initial atmosphere of the sunny Maltese islands for a whole week.

Networking, workshops, trends, and brainstorming activities will saturate every working day.

The conference will be uniting market leaders, trendwatchers, operators and suppliers of the iGaming vertical. It’s literally a chance to reshape your professional future for the better. Adsterra team is proud of being a game-changing iGaming ad network that sends billions of quality impressions.

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