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What is rtb and how can YOU profit from it?

by Adsterra Team

Nowadays, RTB is one of the leading trends in online advertising and media buying, let’s find out why it is so popular and how can Adsterra help you to succeed with RTB. 

Real-time bidding (RTB) is buying and selling  ad impressions through online auctions in real-time.

How it works?

  1. User visits a page. While the page uploads, the information about available ad space is sent to the ad server (size, geographical location, content category, operating system…)
  2. This information and matching parameters go to the DSP (demand-side platform) which decides if this ad impression is good for an advertiser and how much to bid for it.
  3. The online auction takes place and if a bid wins (based on the real-time demand market), the ads will be shown on the publisher’s webpage.

This complex process takes just milliseconds.

Why using RTB is good for your business?

You as an affiliate network can access extremely wide range of inventory across all over the internet and pick only those impressions which you need.

You minimize your expenses cutting down unwanted impressions to wrong users.

How can you get more from RTB with Adsterra?

At Adsterra, we are eager to provide our Partners with the traffic they need as fast as possible and under the best conditions. That is why we sell traffic via RTB.

If you’re an ad network and you use RTB, we would be happy to have you as our demand partner.

Here you can see the step by step process:


After Adsterra Ad impression and Partner’s impression is compared fairly, Partner buys the impression only if his bid is higher.

Buying Adsterra Traffic you access to:

-190 GEO’s covered

-10 Billion impressions per month

-4000K+ Direct Publishers

Our integration works via OpenRTB v2.4, XML and JSON feeds. These are well known and common integration types so there will be no complications.

To become our demand partner email  to [email protected], provide us with the required info and after a short discrepancy test we are ready to work.

Become Our Demand Partner

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