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Retargeting: What Is It and How to Use It

by Adsterra Team


What is retargeting? Simply put, retargeting is an ad technology that involves a little piece of code, a good strategy, and ads.

The result is an impactful instrument which will bring the visitors back to your website.

Everybody is eager to convert the traffic: the more traffic we have, the more target actions could be made.To achieve these results, we cooperate with traffic networks and purchase huge volumes of traffic with special targeting. But have you ever counted how many of the completed registrations and transactions were made during the campaign?

Apart from these percentages of high-value users, each company has a large number of so-called “non-converters.” Statistically, this type of audience reaches 99% of display and mobile popunder traffic.

So what could you do with those who haven’t left their contact details behind? And what advertising tool should you use if Google AdWords or Facebook retargeting isn’t an effective advertising instrument for your business niche?

Have no fear, Adsterra is here. We implemented retargeting technology into traffic purchase process to help marketers answer all these scaring questions. What’s more, we added one more effective instrument to your marketing toolbox which will show excellent results in promoting the product.

Where to begin? Strategy stage

First of all, before creating your first retargeting campaign, you need to understand your website customer experience journey. For example, if your website has a lot of incoming traffic or, in other words, visitors, some of them will eventually sign up and become members.

Due to retargeting solution, you can focus on each of your audience segments: all internal pages visitors (contacts, price lists, products descriptions, etc.) or those who are ready to purchase. Strategy that is based on your product sales funnel will be an incentive for your users to return.

If you want to make a strategy for your product or service but don`t know where to start, ask your Adsterra personal manager who will surely help you.

Technical magic of tracking

Let`s talk about third-party cookies which can be placed into the visitor’s browser cache and show your advertising message to that exact person afterwards.

So how can you mark your product’s audience with cookies? First of all, you will get a small piece of code generated by Adsterra and will have to insert retargeting pixels into desired pages. Don’t worry, your company front-end specialist will definitely help you to manage it.

Pixels will tag your webpage users and create so-called “retargeting audience.” The more visitors you gather, the wider your retargeting campaign coverage is.

The next step is to create a key message for each segment of audience and then start the campaign. You can make your strategy complex and meet your target audience needs by showing them relevant banners or popunders and make your customers come back by offering them special prices and personal conditions.

How can you use retargeting?

Initially, Adsterra Retargeting showed excellent results for the direct advertisers. We offered to test our new product to our top clients before the official release of the feature. The process consisted of carrying out thorough tests, forming the audience, and creating advertising messages. As a result, we found the main verticals for Adsterra Retargeting and best ad formats for thrilling results.

Your campaign will surely benefit from popunder retargeting technology if it belongs to one of the following verticals:

  • Finance (forex, binary options, traders, and consulting)
  • Dating
  • E-commerce offers
  • Game and software products
  • Gambling and betting

The origins of retargeting ad formats

In the beginning there was banner retargeting: everybody tried it, but no one was really satisfied. So we boldly went where no man has gone before and tried popunder retargeting. It showed a superior performance for all the selected audiences, and we realized that it was worthy to be a separate product.

During the campaign, each Adsterra advertiser measured the effectiveness of our popunder retargeting based on personal business aims, so here are some of the results.

For one of our Forex partners we increased retention rate up to and boosted sales from affiliate sources by. A dating service gained new paying users without spending additional budget on buying media. For one of our gambling partners, we helped to increase awareness of their new product, while the attraction cost per one customer (CAC)
decreased by 57%.

As you can see, it is high time to try out retargeting for yourself and start returning your audience while your competitors are sleeping.


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