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iGaming SEO: Boost Traffic To Your Online Game Platform or Blog?

by Chisom Maduonuorah

iGaming is a fast-growing sector with many opportunities. However, it’s a very competitive industry that needs specialized techniques to help websites rank high on search engines. You’ve come to the right place to learn about effective iGaming SEO techniques for unlocking massive traffic.

What is iGaming SEO?

It is the process of improving an iGaming website’s search engine visibility to generate traffic and, in turn, revenue. SEO for iGaming sites requires more work and attention than other types of sites. Common factors include having a mobile-first approach, creating optimized content, and getting backlinks. 

Who profits from iGaming SEO?

Anyone involved in the iGaming sector is bound to profit from it. This includes 

iGaming is a massive sector with many players, and everyone in the chain benefits directly or indirectly from search engine optimization.

Adsterra is high-quality source of paid traffic that empower iGaming sites to get higher player deposits. Paired with your SEO strategy, paid advertising is a surefire way to boost your user base.

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How does iGaming SEO help your website?

Increased traffic

Search engines are the number one source of organic traffic for iGaming websites. Optimizing your iGaming site for search engines means you can attract significant traffic without investing much in advertising. Organic traffic from search engines generally sticks longer than paid traffic from social networks and other sources. iGaming SEO yields profitable long-term results if you do it effectively.

Improved user experience

User experience is a vital part of iGaming SEO. For instance, your content needs to be optimized for mobile displays, where most online traffic comes from. You need good visual elements that make your site appealing to the eye. Website speed is another critical factor for search engine visibility. Focusing on SEO means improving user experience on your iGaming site.

Building credibility

Organic traffic from search engines helps an iGaming brand build long-term credibility. When people continuously see your site ranking high on search engines, they’ll trust it better than other sites with lower rankings. This credibility translates into more traffic and revenue. Successful search engine optimization kickstarts a cycle of credibility, leading to better traffic in the long term.

Advantage over competitors

iGaming is a highly competitive industry with numerous brands vying for attention from relatively few users. Search engine optimization is one of the most effective ways to gain a competitive edge in this sector. It levels the playing field, helping you compete for organic traffic even with bigger brands. SEO is the equalizer of the iGaming industry.

Cost-effective traffic

SEO is a cost-effective strategy that provides a healthy return on investment. Little spending on search engine optimization can generate multiples in revenue over the long term. SEO is the most cost-effective traffic acquisition strategy, especially for small iGaming brands that don’t have the budget for professional marketing campaigns. You can start with SEO before branching into other traffic sources.

The tenets of iGaming SEO

Conducting a rigorous audit

Search engine optimization begins with a thorough audit of your website to know what’s lacking. An audit involves reviewing every aspect of your website relating to search engine optimization, including keywords, visual elements, backlinks, speed, and more.

You can find many free SEO audit tools online, such as Seomator and SEOptimer. These tools scan your website to identify its SEO-related flaws. You’ll also get suggestions to fix these flaws and help improve your site’s rankings.

You can also review the websites of high-ranking competitors to see what’s helping them improve search visibility. Take, for example, The Top Bookies, a popular iGaming predictions and tips website for Indian users. This website has an extensive library of valuable content, which helps it rank high on search engines and attract traffic that converts into affiliate sales. Any iGaming website focusing on the Indian market can use The Top Bookies as a starting point for SEO.

Source: The Top Bookies

Another good example of an iGaming site is Covers.com, which provides iGaming predictions and tips for American users. This website has valuable content, great design, and is well-optimized for mobile displays. Any iGaming brand wanting to enter the American market can use Covers.com as a reference point.

Source: Covers.com
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Creating and implementing a content strategy

Content is a non-negotiable aspect of SEO for iGaming sites. Articles and blog posts increase the chances of search engines suggesting your website when users query related terms. For example, most sports iGaming sites have news sections covering the latest sports events. This news section attracts people from search engines, who, in turn, might sign up on the iGaming site.

You need a concrete content creation strategy to boost your search engine rankings. Plan what type of content you want to create and how often you want to post it. What topics will you cover? How many articles daily? What’s your target traffic? You need to create and implement a solid content strategy to boost search engine visibility. You can then monetize your organic traffic with ads and reap sizeable rewards. 

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Search engines rely significantly on backlinks to determine a website’s credibility. Backlinks are links on other websites pointing to your content: the more backlinks your site has, the higher its credibility with search engines. Hence, link-building is a necessary step in improving search engine visibility.

You can contact similar websites in your niche to exchange backlinks; you’ll link to the site, and they’ll link to yours. You can also write guest posts on other websites and place your links. Likewise, you can pay other websites for backlinks, especially sites with high traffic. 


With Adsterra, you can either sell your SEO-induced, quality organic traffic to 15K+ advertisers or obtain traffic related to the iGaming niche, increasing player deposits.

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EEAT Factors

EEAT is an abbreviation for Experience, Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness. It is the framework that Google, the world’s biggest search engine, uses to evaluate a website’s content quality. You should pay attention to these factors to boost your iGaming website’s visibility on Google.

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Common mistakes in iGaming SEO

Keyword stuffing is a common mistake iGaming website owners make, inserting keywords excessively to boost search rankings. Search engines can detect and often penalize sites engaging in this practice, so avoid it. Your keywords should flow naturally and make sense to the reader. Remember that you’re writing for humans first, not a search engine. You can use the free Keyword Density Checker from SEO Review Tools to ensure your content isn’t unnecessarily stuffed.

Another common mistake is not localizing content for your target audience. If you’re targeting multiple countries, it’s necessary to tweak your content to suit each one. That’s why many sites create different versions of the same content for various audiences, boosting their engagement and conversions.

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1. Paid search traffic

You can advertise your iGaming brand on search engines. The search platforms will suggest your website when users query relevant keywords, driving high-quality traffic to your site. On average, paid search traffic on Google generates $8 for every $1 spent, indicating a high return on investment.

2. Paid display ads

You can advertise your iGaming brand on display ad networks, targeting your ads to the perfect audience. Crafting the right message and using high-quality graphics helps your ad become effective. If you play your cards right, display ads generate a good return on investment. 

 Below is a case study of an iGaming website, Affiliate Valley, that earned a nearly 300% return advertising with Adsterra Popunders.

Here’s another case study of an iGaming publisher using Interstitial ads to attract traffic and boost revenue. 

Devoting significant resources toward both organic and paid traffic gives your iGaming brand a competitive edge. 

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SEO is critical to every iGaming website’s success. You’ve learned about the importance of SEO and the proven strategies to improve your website’s search visibility. Imbibing these strategies helps you attract valuable traffic that you can monetize with iGaming affiliate marketing or traditional iGaming ads. Adsterra connects you to a large network of high-quality iGaming publishers you can get paid traffic from. Or, you can monetize your traffic sending ad views and clicks to iGaming platforms and offers.

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FAQs about iGaming SEO

What is iGaming content?

iGaming refers to websites that let users play chance-based games. iGaming content revolves around creating articles, blog posts, and website copies to boost your website’s search engine visibility.

What is the difference between iGaming and online gaming?

Online gaming is skill-based, while iGaming is chance-based. Online gaming is the general term for all types of online digital games, while iGaming is just one subset of online gaming.

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