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Affiliate Conference, Autumn Edition | Firsthand Tips and Insights

by Olly V
Affiliate Conference Report 2020
Fingers crossed and masks at the ready, we’d been hoping that the brightest Affiliate Conference (MAC, Autumn Edition) wouldn’t be canceled. And luckily, it wasn’t though the organizers had to cope with loads of restrictions to guarantee safety. Adsterra team was excited to join the post-lockdown affiliate marketing live event. We’ve come up with tons of insights for future collaborations and caught the freshest tips and tricks from affiliate marketing gurus. In case you missed the live affiliate conference, we’ve crafted a digest for you. Read this out to collect some fresh advice on how to make your campaigns markedly more competitive.

What is Affiliate Conference?

With its 2020 location in Russia, the conference attracts affiliate marketers, monetization pros and newbies from all over the world. This autumn, the event was proud to have over 1500 attendants and about 15 experts who shared hands-on experience, hacks, and tricks. Topics were hot as never: Facebook traffic monetization, Tier 1 and Tier 2 gambling campaigns tricks; crypto, nutra, and apps offers running.

Showtime! Adsterra at Affiliate Conference 2020

Our team was rocking onstage the whole day. As platinum sponsors, we brought positive vibes with our brand new product releases, contests, valuable prizes, and our colorful merch.
The bar zone was our realm, so we made it look excellent with the rebranded design (you know us). Cocktails and soft drinks have complimented the atmosphere of the long-awaited peers’ reunion.

Social Bar

Adsterra’s Social Bar has been a sensation provoking massive interest from CPA networks, affiliate teams, and solopreneurs. While Google tends to reduce the number of web push ads, the in-page push format is becoming the priority. Social Bar has absorbed all of the in-page push advantages erasing the borders between ads and entertainment. We demonstrated the fully customized formats that take after any shape and color. Social Bar ads beat classic push with up to 30X higher CTR.

Social Bar Presentation at Affiliate Conference

Insights from the keynote MAC speakers

We know that MAC is going to share all slides and streams but wanted to tease you a bit with some of the brightest insights you can use right now.

Rafael #Sensey Gabitov
CEO, Indigobrowser.com, fbtool.pro, and diasp.pro

Rafael shares how his team achieves greater results after they’ve optimized responsibilities. Why do these tips work? Maybe, because Rafael’s staff made $107K in 20 days with FR geo 😼

Why some affiliate teams fail

Affiliate marketing has always attracted risky and brave entrepreneurs. But sometimes, they start acting like those office workers subordinating their activities to the only one leader – the owner. Meanwhile, affiliates are not like that. Rafael insists on letting your people make money.
The owner should be nothing more than an investor while a team lead acts like a dedicated businessperson, testing bundles, allocating budgets, and creative tasks. It’s the team lead and affiliate marketers who are motivated to grow the overall income as they grow their own revenue.

How to avoid painful pitfalls with traffic

Rafael advises on taking 24/7 control over traffic minimizing manual work. After losing $8K overnight, his team is now using a bot that sends alarms whenever something goes wrong (like a sudden block from Google).

John Gald, Lead Profit

John speaks on how to make $4M yearly with nutra, finance, and commodity offers.Β 

Keys to big profits with Nutra

Google trends can help with traffic insights. Search for the topic and then look if there are leads from $6. If so, you should try the GEO.

Local celebrities’ photos are the key. John’s team has been working with local stars from Spain, Italy, Germany, and Greece, and that bear fruit.

Messaging apps are a good starting point. Cheap traffic and multiple possibilities to create engaging content. European apps are less saturated with ads compared to those in Russia, for instance.

How to make money with Sweeps and Crypto offers

Agenda is the big thing. John’s team launched a drastically successful sweepstakes campaign adding to the offer the COVID-related message.

Proofs and facts rule in crypto campaigns. John advises on using revenue screenshots, payouts proofs, and some no-celebrity ordinary people photos. Notably, memes still rock, even those from 2018-2019.

The “From rags to riches” approach still brings leads. But not this old one with students or lottery winners. Target those pros who suffered during the pandemic, who were made redundant or lost a solid part of their income. Those who strive to earn and are used to work hard.

Cheap ads don’t work, and cheap concepts fail. John’s point here is that affiliates should put more effort into making compelling content and creatives. High-quality illustrations, proofs, demos, video recaps, and testimonials – here’s what you should bet on. Creatives, pre-landers, texts should act within one concept.

Mark Yanovsky, Account Director, Leadbit

Mark unveils the prospects of Nutra in the midst-pandemic. He refers to the pandemic impact on customer behavior and on call-centers workflow, highlighting some unusual solutions they had to implement to stay afloat and even boost profit.

Their activities resulted in a 16% purchase growth and a 13% average purchase cost growth. Leadbit discovered three new GEOs for further business: Mexico, Peru, Chile.

Consumption in Nutra vertical has changed

The Wall Street Journal stated the ~15-20% CPM fallΒ  But the reality was not that promising. Along with CPM, conversion rates dropped too. That provoked panic forecasts of a sooner Nutra collapse. Having been a successful direct advertiser on this market for over nine years, Leadbit couldn’t accept that. They had to leap over this crisis.

How to organize a call-center work during the lockdown

The company decided to start working remotely in advance. That helped win time on adjusting and calibrating all software and local OS. Thousands of operators were able to work from home. That means they had remote access to CRM, sales plans, sales scripts, and checklists. Supervisors were able to control them and monitor the KPIs. The company managed to organize remote onboarding as well.

Stress tests and insights from various GEOs


One of the top affiliate GEOs, Philippines, was completely locked down with curfew restrictions. Goods delivery was almost impossible. But Leadbit decided not to downsize the call-center. They invested in the future GEO potential helping their employees with some bonuses.

Europen countries

Despite the gloomy expectations, Europe continued to bring profit. Even Italy that was severely affected by COVID-19.

In the midst-pandemic, delivery services in France refused to transport goods with a cash payment model as cash was a potential virus carrier. The company had to move to a specific prepaid model when a call-center operator sent the customer a unique link for payment.

This step helped increase revenues and minimize those former risks when customers refused to pay for the ordered goods. That also allowed supporting the best affiliates with higher bids as the company could pay its webmasters right after the customer had put funds πŸ’‘

Ideas that helped raise loyalty and the number of purchases

Armed with the prominent France insights, the company talked its delivery services in Belgium into buying portable POS-systems.

Prompt was the decision to upsell masks and sanitizers with 50% off that helped bump up the revenue.

Leadbit strived to inform customers about the safety measures undertaken. The company added a disclaimer about delivery safety and advised all its affiliates to do the same.

As a result, the former best cash-on-delivery player became even more robust.

Dmitry Golopolosov
Co-owner of more than 30 successful projects on the Internet, Clickbaza founder

Dmitry spotlights some key steps to a catalog* website monetization.

* A catalog-like website might look like an e-shop or a news website, aggregating multiple offers from direct vendors and CPA networks. Usually, these sites only showcase goods or articles. The “buy” button will redirect users to the vendor’s site.

Critical changes to working with trafficΒ 

The 2019 flow “TEASER NETWORK β†’ CATALOG β†’ CPA NETWORK” is far too old and overused. 2020 demands changes.

Dmitry highlights the importance of TDS (traffic delivery systems) and leads lifecycle analytics, for these are the core incentives to profitable marketing. “The Monetizer” is a part of user flow: everything that happens to a user after a click. Affiliates must have clear-cut flows and track the way users interact with offers.

Teaser networks still bring much traffic. However, push traffic can also be used as a source when filtered with a catalog website. Search ads also show great ROI, attracting quality traffic.

The team puts focus on granular creatives design and tests. Depending on the network’s traffic, the creatives for the same offer may vary from the neutral ones to more aggressive.

What’s particularly noteworthy is never to let your traffic slip away. Dmitry’s team puts a lot of effort into tracking users’ behavior across various ad networks and retargeting the most active users. Once a user converts with push ads, you can retarget them later on Facebook or Vkontakte.

Alexandr Slobozhenko, Affiliate CEO and TrafficDevils founder

Alexandr hacks the inner aspects of advertising on Tier 1 audience with Gambling offers.

Running gambling ads on Tier 1: Pros and Cons

Targeting and placement tips

  1. Set a higher age target. Male/female 25-27 y.o (compared to 21 y.o in Russia and Ukraine) is average normal.

  2. Use selected placements avoiding auto placements.

  3. Targeting by interests works great for Tier 1.

Tips on Gambling creatives

Creatives invest 90% to your campaign success.

  1. Pay attention to the message. Messages like “earn on gambling” are much weaker than those appealing to success, pleasure, passion, victorious feelings. Emotions mean a lot.

  2. Creatives should be unique. Parsing some overused visuals is the worst strategy.

  3. Test different approaches to creatives and messages. Make ones look like a news feed. Others like winning proofs and success stories.
  4. Test different approaches to creatives and messages. Make ones look like a news feed. Others like winning proofs and success stories.

Gambling apps promotion

High-quality creatives with no extremes. Ads shouldn’t be aggressive or explicit though you may use flashy visuals. Visuals with triple ‘7’ are frequently banned.

Android apps

  • Broader reach
  • Lower install cost
  • Easier moderation
  • All GEOs work well

iOS apps

  • The reach is narrower
  • Moderation takes a longer time

No conclusion. Just our brightest expectations for 2021

Our deepest respect and many thanks to MAC organizers – Leadbit and Dats.Team – who managed to unite all of us, providing both safety and fantastic networking.

Affiliate marketing has always bound audacious entrepreneurs. Those who survive the most challenging times. We believe that together with our brilliant partners and strong rivals, we’ll open new horizons for thousands of webmasters, publishers, and business owners.

Adsterra is always here when you need quality traffic to increase sales or when you want to earn more selling ads on your website.

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