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The Best 15 iGaming Marketing Agencies: How to Choose the Right One?

by Chisom Maduonuorah

No matter how good your iGaming platform is, it will not generate revenue if no one hears about it. You need a professional iGaming marketing agency to help promote your brand and get customers. This article will show the best iGaming marketing agencies famous for their top-notch expertise and strategy.

What is iGaming?

iGaming refers to electronic games of chance. It covers any digital game that lets users profit on the outcome of an event. The global iGaming industry is valued at over $100 billion, and that figure is growing rapidly. Every iGaming brand has ample opportunity to latch onto this industry’s rapid growth to boost revenues. 

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What does an iGaming marketing agency do?

An iGaming marketing agency offers promotional services to iGaming brands. It strategizes and implements marketing campaigns for iGaming companies, enabling them to grow their user base and boost sales.

Marketing agencies are critical to the success of the global iGaming industry. Many iGaming brand owners are good at running business operations but not promoting their brands. Thus, they seek the services of skilled professionals to handle marketing while they focus on the technical and operational aspects. 

The core tasks of an iGaming digital agency include:

  • Strategy development: Agencies work closely with iGaming brands to develop advertising strategies. They apply their expertise to create marketing content that appeals to the relevant audience and attracts users. They also conduct market research, analyze competitors, and evaluate industry trends to help iGaming brands create excellent advertising campaigns.
  • Digital advertising: An iGaming digital marketing agency deploys advertising campaigns on brands’ behalf. They create campaigns according to their well-thought strategies, sparing iGaming businesses the huge effort needed to do this themselves.
  • Search engine optimization (SEO): An agency helps iGaming brands optimize their website content to rank high on search engines. SEO is critical to the long-term success of any iGaming brand, as it’s the biggest source of organic traffic. 
  • Social media content management: Agencies manage online social media for brands. They create and manage social accounts, create engaging content, respond to user inquiries, and run targeted advertising campaigns on the likes of Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok.
  • Reporting: An iGaming digital agency develops detailed reports about the success of their campaigns and presents them to clients. They use analytics tools to track and report vital metrics for iGaming brands. These metrics help the iGaming brands understand the effectiveness of their marketing spend. 
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Why is an iGaming agency important?

iGaming agencies are important for many reasons, including:

  • Regulatory compliance: The iGaming industry is subject to stringent regulations across global jurisdictions. These regulations primarily specify how iGaming brands are advertised online or in person. Marketing agencies help iGaming brands comply with these laws and avoid legal consequences.
  • Player retention: Marketing agencies help iGaming brands attract and retain players in the long term. Player retention is a notably challenging task in the iGaming sector, but agencies provide their expertise to make it easier for brands.
  • Competitive advantage: iGaming agencies analyze your competitors and help strategize how to make your online gaming brand stand out.
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How to choose an iGaming marketing agency?

Your chosen agency should have deep expertise in the iGaming industry. Even if you find the best marketers on Earth, they’ll be of little help without deep knowledge about the iGaming sector. Your agency’s staff should understand the iGaming market’s rules and etiquette. They must know how iGames generally work and how to attract users.

A good iGaming marketing agency should work with reliable advertising platforms such as Adsterra that deliver high-quality traffic. It should work with platforms that connect your brand to the desired target audience and generate high-quality traffic. Reliable ad platforms help you maximize your marketing budget.

 You can connect to your ideal target audience in different ad formats, including Popunders and Social Bar. 

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Top 15 iGaming marketing agencies

Let’s dive into the best online marketing agencies for iGaming brands. They include:

1. Digital Fuel


Digital Fuel is a renowned iGaming digital agency serving global customers. It offers many marketing services ranging from SEO to conversion rate optimization, lead generation, link building, and mobile advertising.

This online agency has an excellent reputation for helping iGaming companies grow effectively. It’s a full-service agency that offers help across every marketing step, from designing the strategy to implementing it and monitoring the results. You have access to their marketing and support staff 24/7, as they have employees scattered across the globe. 

Digital Fuel’s marketers have deep experience in the iGaming sector. They’ve previously worked at leading iGaming companies and are ready to apply their expertise to help clients succeed. 

This agency is invaluable if you want to expand into the USA, the fastest-growing iGaming market worldwide. Though iGaming is gradually legalized across the U.S., there’s still an assortment of regulations to follow, and Digital Fuel helps you comply with those regulations while promoting your brand.

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2. Square In the Air


Square In the Air is a UK-based iGaming marketing agency and one of the best in Europe. It offers broad marketing services to iGaming companies seeking a foothold in the European market.

This agency provides adept design & branding services. It’ll help your online gaming brand set a clear creative direction and build a solid identity among many competitors. Square In The Air helps your brand plan and implement advertising campaigns to reach your target audience.

You can trust this agency to manage your brand’s PR and media relations, helping you build a solid customer reputation. Social media management is where Square In the Air stands out — it has experts who create and manage social media pages for your iGaming brand. This agency handles your social media interactions to help you build a great rapport with your customers. It also runs social media campaigns for iGaming brands to grow their customer base and generate more revenue.

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3. ActiveWin


ActiveWin is a full-service UK-based marketing agency. It doesn’t focus primarily on the iGaming niche like others on this list, but it works with many iGaming brands and has deep expertise in this sector.

As a full-service marketing agency, ActiveWin handles promotion across different online channels. Its team can strategize and implement pay-per-click ads on different ad networks. ActiveWin also helps companies plan and implement efficient affiliate marketing campaigns. This agency has built solid relationships with expert affiliates in the iGaming sector.

SEO is one of ActiveWin’s main selling points. This agency uses advanced tools to identify relevant keywords to help your website rank high on search engines. It creates valuable content that will drive organic traffic to your website. It also handles technical SEO aspects such as URL structure, sitemaps, page speed, schema markup, etc.

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4. Blueclaw


Blueclaw is an SEO and content marketing agency that works with businesses in various industries, including iGaming. It provides extensive SEO services to help your website dominate competitors in search engines. Clients can expect extensive evaluation, planning, and implementation of proven strategies to increase their organic search traffic. Blueclaw handles everything from keyword research to technical SEO, local SEO, and Google penalty removal.

Blueclaw studies your iGaming website to help develop an effective marketing strategy. It designs engaging ad creatives (images and videos) to appeal to your target audience. This agency also offers a fully managed press release service that keeps your brand on the media’s good side. It provides link-building services, helping your iGaming brand get backlinks from valuable sites to enhance search engine authority.

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5. TAG Media Limited


TAG Media is a dedicated iGaming affiliate marketing agency. It creates and manages affiliate marketing campaigns that help iGaming businesses increase their user base. This agency is renowned for having experts in various regions, making it a great option for iGaming businesses seeking global expansion. 

TAG Media connects your iGaming brand with expert affiliates in different languages, including French, English, German, Hungarian, Russian, and many more. It’s an apt marketing agency if you want to expand your iGaming businesses to more countries but lack the local knowledge. TAG Media provides local experts and helps design successful affiliate campaigns on your behalf.

This agency works with many well-known iGaming brands, so you’ll be in good company as a customer. Attracting and retaining customers becomes easier with TAG Media as a partner. 

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6. Ninja Promo


Ninja Promo is a full-service iGaming marketing agency based in London. It offers a wide range of marketing services to online gaming brands worldwide. This company’s services start with web design and development, helping iGaming brands build interactive websites to attract customers. If you have an existing website, Ninja Promo can develop a comprehensive SEO plan to improve its rankings.

Ninja Promo offers affiliate marketing services. It connects your brand to expert affiliates who can help boost traffic and revenue. It offers social media management and marketing services, taking charge of your online gaming brand’s content on various social platforms. Ninja Promo can also set up pay-per-click (PPC) advertising campaigns for your brand and constantly monitor the results. It’s a reliable marketing partner for online iGaming businesses. 

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7. Mustard Digital


Mustard Digital is an iGaming digital marketing agency founded over two decades ago, giving it ample experience in what works or doesn’t in this industry. This agency helps iGaming brands run compliant marketing campaigns in different jurisdictions with varying regulations. It runs an extensive affiliate network, connecting iGaming brands with adept affiliates to promote their services and boost sales.

Mustard Digital handles social media content marketing, whether paid or organic traffic. It also handles search engine optimization and marketing for iGaming businesses, helping attract organic traffic. Likewise, this agency handles customer relationship management (CRM) for iGaming brands, ensuring customer satisfaction to keep revenue flowing.

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8. Natalis


Natalis is a Slovakian online marketing agency. It’s one of the top marketing agencies for iGaming brands in Europe. This agency is renowned for its extensive and first-rate services, which include copywriting, link building, affiliate marketing, social media management, and more.

Natalis can help your iGaming brand create engaging content to attract organic traffic. It creates text for blogs, websites, newsletters, and other channels that help your brand boost its reputation. This agency also creates engaging social media content for your brand. It offers an affiliate network connecting you to skilled Slovakia and Czech Republic affiliates. Natalis is a great choice if you want to expand your brand into these two countries. 

Adsterra connects your business with thousands of publishers, making it easy to expand into new markets and promote your online gaming platform. Our high-quality publishers produce excellent results for iGaming brands.

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9. WeGotGame


WeGotGame is an aptly named iGaming marketing agency based in Germany. This agency focuses on iGaming marketing in the German market, helping global brands comply with local regulations and create engaging content for a German audience. 

WeGotGame works closely with online gaming brands to design and implement creative marketing strategies. It can translate and tweak your website’s content for German audiences to relate better. It can connect you to adept German affiliates that’ll help you gain more users in a notoriously difficult market. This agency offers extensive SEO services to help your brand get higher traffic. 

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GODRANK is a well-known iGaming digital agency. It focuses primarily on SEO marketing but also offers social media and PPC advertising services. With over 15 years of experience, GODRANK can conceptualize and apply creative strategies to help your iGaming website rank higher on search engines. It has a team of marketers and writers dedicated to creating engaging content to boost search engine rankings. This agency helps you stay ahead of the competition in a tough industry.

GODRANK provides social media management services for iGaming brands. You can outsource your social media content creation and interaction to this agency’s experts, and they’ll help you build a great social profile and increase traffic. GODRANK is based in New York, USA. 

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 11. Spill Media 


Spill Media is an Estonian iGaming digital agency. It is unique for offering both marketing and development services to iGaming brands. It helps companies nurture iGaming businesses from the ground up, starting with developing the game and marketing it to attract users.

This agency helps iGaming companies acquire users via paid and unpaid traffic. It can run engaging social media and search engine marketing campaigns on your behalf, with adept marketers applying their expertise to generate good results. Spill Media’s team examines your iGaming platform and creates a unique marketing strategy based on their observations. You have a partner you can trust to help you promote your brand while you focus on technical and operational issues. 

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 12. iGaming.Agency


iGaming.Agency offers marketing services in the Dutch market. This iGaming marketing agency helps companies seeking a foothold in the multi-billion dollar Dutch online gaming sector. It offers extensive SEO and link-building services, helping your brand get backlinks from reputed websites to improve its search engine authority. It strategizes and implements pay-per-click advertising campaigns for iGaming companies.

iGaming.Agency has customer relationship management specialists that help you interact with customers better and keep them satisfied. You can outsource your Dutch customer support service to this agency, taking advantage of a skilled team that knows how to interact with locals. This agency helps you comply with Dutch iGaming regulations. 

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 13. Betternity


Betternity is a professional iGaming marketing agency that can help your business grow. It offers a full spectrum of marketing services, from strategy to branding, designing, advertising, affiliate marketing, and more. This agency is notably skilled at email marketing, helping online gaming brands create and distribute engaging content via email newsletters.

Betternity runs effective digital advertising campaigns for brands. The team dives deep into your platform and requirements and creates a well-thought marketing strategy. Then, it implements this strategy on your behalf, driving user acquisition and revenue growth for your online gaming brand. 

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 14. Strong Gaming


Strong Gaming is a European iGaming marketing agency. This firm is staffed with experts who have a deep understanding of the European online gaming market, helping companies gain a foothold in this sector. 

This agency can develop a unique brand identity for your online gaming platform. Strong Gaming is a smart choice if you need help designing landing pages, banners, and logos. The team can also help you build user-friendly, responsive websites for your iGaming brands.

Strong Gaming is good at email marketing, social media, SEO, and many other marketing tasks. This agency is based in Bulgaria.

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 15. Catena Media


Catena Media is a Malta-based iGaming agency. This agency owns one of the biggest networks of iGaming news and informational websites, and clients’ online gaming brands are promoted on these websites to acquire users. 

Catena Media is one of the best agencies you can choose because of its existing network of iGaming media brands with an audience the agency deeply understands. Promoting your iGaming brand on Catena Media’s websites is bound to yield great results. 

This agency has broad operations across Europe, the US, and Asia. It’s a smart choice if you want to build a globally leading online gaming brand. 

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Marketing agencies are critical to the success of iGaming brands. They help brands expand into new markets while complying with regulations. They empower online gaming platforms to acquire new users and boost sales. 

We’ve listed some of the best iGaming marketing agencies you can work with. It’s always advisable to look for an agency that works with reliable ad networks like Adsterra. Our network connects iGaming businesses with high-quality publishers where they can place ads and get high conversion rates. So also don’t forget about the opportunities for working with iGaming media buying that Adsterra provides: your personal manager will help you cover all KPIs and reach a new success level in the desired niche.

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iGaming marketing agencies  — FAQs

How can I drive traffic to my iGaming site?

You can partner with an iGaming marketing agency to drive traffic to your site via various means. The agency can optimize your content to rank high on search engines, increasing organic traffic. It can also run paid advertising and affiliate marketing campaigns to drive higher traffic and revenue for your website.

How to get started with an iGaming marketing agency?

Research about different agencies and find the one that provides what you want. Afterwards, head to your website and look for contact information. You can contact most marketing agencies via email or telephone. You can also fill out a form on the agency’s website and wait for feedback.

What are the advantages of working with an iGaming marketing agency?

Professional marketing agencies have deep expertise in promoting brands in the notoriously competitive iGaming industry. They know the ins and outs of the iGaming industry and the best ways to promote your brand. You can tap their deep expertise and experience to run effective marketing campaigns.

What is an iGaming affiliate?

An iGaming affiliate is someone who promotes iGaming brands in exchange for commissions. They apply their marketing skills to advertise iGaming brands and collect commissions for signups, deposits, app downloads, bookings, and other actions. Affiliates are vital to the success of global iGaming brands.

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