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How to Increase YouTube Earnings With Display Ads [Case Study]

by Adsterra Team

How can one increase YouTube earnings outside Youtube? One of the star vloggers on gaming is here with the answer, with a fully packed story, to be precise. He has hit $800 monthly ad revenues with display ads, and now will speak all the nuts and bolts.

You may drive a stable revenue from your YouTube channel, but more money will never be too extra, right? Or you might have hit the iron ceiling in monthly revenues. Whichever the case, read this story and find more insights!

Zohaib, a professional YouTuber, webmaster

About my vlog: profile, audiences, countries

I’ve forever been partial to gaming. And that drove me to complete a Computer programmer degree. I made my gaming channel back in 2021 and have been intense about turning into an effective blogger/youtuber. From that point forward, my top videos have drawn almost 280k+ views.

I don’t stream games. In every video, I carefully tackle the difficulties you face in the gaming domain. I give my all to assist people with my video tutorials as well as to earn enough to pay my expenses from writing for a blog.

The most popular games I target include for example Fortnite, Warzone, Valorant, Apex Legends and GTA V. My audience include mostly males ranging from 15 years to 35 years old. My content consuming countries are the United States, India, Brazil, Germany and the United Kingdom.

So I’m right here, telling you my story. I will now lay out my way to increase YouTube earnings with my channel and a website I optimize for relevant traffic.

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How I increase YouTube earnings

YouTubers make money from in-platform ads, sponsored content, or affiliate links. Another way is to earn from donations, and star vloggers monetize their content substantially applying this method.

But my strategy differs:

  1. I make people jump from YouTube to my website, where I provide informative guide and pro tips.
  2. Websites are great to generate ad revenue, and that’s what I do!
  3. I place advertising slots on web pages, and when users read my quality content they consume ads in a barely perceptive manner.
  4. I chose Adsterra Banners and Direct Link, because gamers are not inclined to get annoyed with them, and it’s easy to place these slots anywhere on a page.

The above-mentioned method allows me to make some $300 to $800 monthly extra revenue from the YouTube audience coming to my expert blog. My personal YouTube earnings calculator estimated $873 per month 😉

My earnings per month with CPMs and Clicks (Direct Links don’t count clicks)

To apply my method, you will require the following:

  • Discover effective ways to grow your channel following by producing viral and trending content and using YouTube SEO.
  • Motivate users travel from your channel to the website.
  • Optimize your website to increase traffic and encourage your audience to transition from YouTube to your website. 
  • Enhance revenue by placing advantageous advertisements on your website.

My story will not be complete without disclosing all of these stages listed above. That’s why I will now unpack all the best strategies for growing your following and ad views.

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1: YouTube monetization strategy

The beginning of my journey involved hard work on recording informative videos To estimate the outcome, my loyal following now counts up to 69K+ gamers. All this was possible thanks to a complex SEO strategy specified for YouTube. You will learn everything about it now.

Tips for creating viral video content

Viral videos are purely based on the targeted keyword research. I firstly use Google Trends to find a particular keyword which is ranking in a particular country and then revolve my content around it.

In the above screenshot it is clearly seen that the keyword “Fortnite” is continuously on trend in the United States so I try to revolve my content around it. 

Next step I stay refreshed on the latest things, viral tech issues, and the hardest challenges in the gaming niche. Then, I select those pain points that will force my target audience to watch my content.

The below screenshots demonstrate how my content helped my audience in figuring the error they faced in playing the game. I launched a question poll on my channel asking my audience to tell me what content I should create. So I do exactly what watchers want to create a stir.


The following are the most valuable topic headlines that my audience found the most valuable.

  • A d3d11-compatible gpu (feature level 11.0 shader model 5.0) is required to run the engine Fortnite.
  • HOW TO RECORD YOUR GAMEPLAY ON *AMD* (Best 1080p 60FPS settings) 2023
  • VALORANT : Best AMD Radeon Setting Optimizations For Valorant (BOOST FPS) 2023
  • How To FIX High CPU Usage and Low GPU Usage in Warzone 2.0 (Modern Warfare 2) (Low FPS) 2024 Guide.
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Tips for building strong YouTube SEO

Viral content must be supported with well-mastered SEO, adjusted for YouTube specifically.

Catchphrase exploration

Conducting a thorough keyword analysis is important to ensure that your desired audience can easily find your content. This involves identifying relevant terms and phrases that your target audience is searching for. You can use various tools such as YouTube’s autocomplete feature, Google Keyword Planner, or third-party tools like SEMrush or Ahrefs to discover popular keywords related to your niche.


Check long-tail keywords

Long-tail catchphrases are longer, more conversational expressions that regularly have no rivalry but rather a more designated search purpose. Integrating long-tail watchwords into your video titles, descriptions, and thumbnails can assist you with drawing in additional relevant audiences for free. You can check these phrases with any SEO tool like SEMRush.

Advance video titles

Use convincing and enlightening titles that incorporate your objective watchwords. This means making titles that incorporate catchphrases and lure watchers to tap into your video. Keep titles brief and genuine while precisely mirroring the substance of your video.

Make itemized video depictions

Compose extensive video descriptions that demonstrate extra settings and pro hacks. Incorporate high-value catchphrases evenly throughout the description. Keep away from keyword stuffing. Utilize this space to expand on the video’s essence, incorporate links to related videos your following might want to watch, and empower user engagement (e.g., requesting that watchers like, comment or make donations).

Make definitive video descriptions, add keywords and links to your blog
Create powerful video covers. You must prove you solve a problem

Focus on growing loyalty (returning users)

The key to success on YouTube is to create content that captures viewers’ attention and keeps them engaged. The algorithm prioritizes videos with high watch time and retention rates, so it’s important to hook the audience early on, deliver content that meets their expectations, and encourage them to watch until the end.

Support watchers’ commitment

Support commitment through preferences, remarks, and offers. Answer queries immediately and cultivate a feeling of the local cozy atmosphere around your channel. Talk with your users and ask them what they feel about your content so that the content gets more views and the YouTube channel can easily rank. Collaborate with users by giving them promo codes and coupons or sharing premium content.

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Tips for driving YouTubers to your website

Users will watch videos, obtain important information and go back to their routines unless you engage them to visit your website. But you need to increase YouTube earnings and gain some extra cash, right? To make people jump from videos to your website here are a few strategies:

Mystery content

Add secret substance to your video content that leaves watchers need more and direct them to your site for the full story, guide, or item subtleties.

Elite content

Offer selective or little-known content that can only be obtained by visiting your website. Promote this special asset in your YouTube videos. Along with watching, users will also leap to your site.


I call this content a “mystery box.” It is the elite/vip extended content in my blog because it makes my users want more. They are in constant wait for what is about to come next so this increases their temptations increasing my views and traffic which benefits me.

Further, I use my videos to make my users go on my blog for downloading specific gaming packs which help them in solving their issues or fix errors. I also connect with watchers who comment on my recordings and direct them to my site offering detailed guidelines and tutorials.

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2: Website monetization with Youtube traffic

I increase YouTube earnings with traditional advertisements placed on my blog about gaming. Now I will give an outline of how to incorporate ads on your website to increase earnings from YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest or any other oursource channel.

Ad placement: How to get Banners

To enhance the revenue level, I have extensively experimented with various combinations and scenarios of Adsterra Иanners. After trial and error, I have identified the peak of effectiveness in Both banner selection and strategic placement.

To ensure the maximum impact, I have arranged a specific order for displaying the ads. They appear on the upper side, right above the menu, which makes it impossible to overlook them. The following top placement is in the sidebar. My visitors scroll the news along with watching some ads and tapping on them.


Each of these banners should be generated separately on Adsterra. You will need to register as a Publisher, jump to a Websites section and add your website URL to the system.

1. Sign up as a Publisher on Adsterra’s website

2. Link your website to Adsterra


Get a Banner code


Get more Banner codes (but don’t add to much ads)

After you add a website’s URL and get your first Banner code, you can add other configurations. Find your domain on the Websites section and click ADD UNIT.

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Avoiding most common mistakes

I was challenged by finding top placements for Banners, and the first tactic resulted in many false ad clicks. The reason for that was because I put banners next to the navigation elements of the website. With an immense number of clicks, I got poor earnings. Eventually, my manager helped me fix this issue and rearrange the whole set of ads.

3: Helpful tool to increase YouTube earnings

I mentioned earlier in the post that I optimize all video and website content for SEO. It will be unfair not to share with you a tool I utilize to enhance Youtube earnings and website monetization. VidIQ is one of the top tools for YouTubers, vlog owners, and streamers.

Top things vidIQ can help you with:


Carry out keyword research:

Use the vidIQ research instrument to track down applicable catchphrases for your recordings. Enter a phrase connected with your topic, and vidIQ will furnish you with a rundown of related search phrases alongside their pursuit volume and the competition level. This assists you with picking the best watchwords to focus in your video.

Enhance SEO:

Utilize the vidIQ Video Scorecard element to examine the Search engine optimization strength of your recordings. This instrument gives bits of knowledge into critical measurements, for example, keyword density and engagement rates. Plan to streamline your recordings for a higher score, given vidIQ’s suggestions.

Estimate your competitors:

Use vidIQ’s Competitors instrument to estimate your top competitors’ success. Add their channels to discover their secret techniques, find out their best videos, and export the most promising keywords.

Find video content ideas

Daily Ideas is an AI-powered model that analyzes channels that produce similar content to yours, as well as your own videos, to generate new ideas. The model estimates the latest trends and insights from these channels to provide intelligent suggestions for video ideas. This allows you to create engaging content that resonates with your audience and keeps you updated with the latest trends. This option helped me with the following top video content ideas:

  • Solving errors and crashes found in the games
  • How to optimize windows/games
  • How to boost Frame Rate Per Second
  • Settings of the game designs

What else can you do with vidIQ: estimate your content velocity, generate powerful thumbnails and descriptions, catch up on trends, find how to make your channel more productive.

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Summing the YouTube earning strategy

Finalizing my story, I find it important to highlight that I managed to increase Youtube earnings outside my channel, which was already profitable. If you have a website where you can share your extended expertise in a particular topic, you can replicate all of the tips above and start gaining from $200 to $800 or more every month. Transparency of my earnings is what I also appreciate about Adsterra, by the way.


But nothing comes easily, and first you will have to grow the following, learn how to stand out with the content, and optimize all assets for SEO. Be attentive to what your audience is looking for, and get in touch with them in the comments. But what’s even more important is to look deeper into yourself and find a field of knowledge that truly inspires you. It will be much easier developing your vlog and website and, therefore, increase YouTube earnings.


Adsterra publishers will never stop surprising us with their commitment, mastery, and will power. If you want to unlock more insights about growing your business online, check this success story of Quora traffic monetization or this case study of getting $2,000 with Adsterra Direct Link.

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