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12 Best iGaming Software Providers in 2024

by Chisom Maduonuorah

iGaming software providers offer tools that make it easy to create your iGaming platform. They provide ready-made features that can be tweaked to build your online game instead of toiling to develop it from scratch. We’ve compiled a list of the best iGaming software providers you can use to develop a successful online game. Follow us as we introduce you to the 12 best iGaming software providers in 2024.

What is an iGaming software provider?

An iGaming software provider is a company developing the technology that powers iGaming websites. It is a vendor selling the programs that power iGaming sites for global users. iGaming software ranges from the platform hosting the online game itself to an affiliate marketing tool for promoting the game, analytics tools to increase player retention, customer loyalty tools, etc.

iGaming software providers make it easy for businesses to enter the iGaming sector. They offer white-label platforms, allowing third parties to use their technology but with custom branding. 

Software providers enable companies to enter the iGaming market without spending sizeable amounts on developing proprietary platforms. They help with regulatory compliance, security, mobile optimization, customer support, and many other critical aspects of running an iGaming app.

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How to choose an iGaming software provider?

These are the key considerations when choosing an iGaming software provider:

1. Regulatory compliance

iGaming is a heavily regulated sector. Hence, ensure your desired game software provider has the proper operating licenses and sophisticated AML and KYC tools to keep you compliant with regulations. Otherwise, you may undertake financial or legal risks.

Example of an iGaming platform displaying its licenses
Source: Microgaming
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2. Reliability

Look for a platform with a reputation for reliability. Avoid platforms with significant downtime, which can make you lose sizeable revenue. Their software should be as bug-free as possible to enable you to offer reliable services to your customers. It should be hosted on a robust platform that stays up and running during heightened traffic. The features should be optimized to work well on both desktop and mobile devices, ensuring all-round accessibility for your players.

3. Mobile capabilities

A big part of iGaming activities occurs on mobile devices. Thus, find a software provider whose platform is compatible with mobile devices. The features and user experience should be well-optimized for mobile displays. Otherwise, you’ll lose out on a considerable part of the iGaming market.

4. Customization

The iGaming platform should be very customizable, allowing you to use your unique branding, logos, colors, fonts, etc., to offer users a memorable experience. It should support third-party integrations, e.g., allowing you to verify users via external platforms or work with external payment processors. You should have customizable features, rewards systems, and more to help you provide a personalized gaming experience. 

5. Customer support

Look for a platform that offers excellent technical support. You’ll appreciate this factor if things go wrong and you need external support to resolve the issues.

6. Third-party integration

Your iGaming software provider should offer seamless integration with other online platforms, such as payment gateways and identity verification systems.

7. Security

Your game software provider should have sophisticated security features to protect users’ data and funds.

8. Game variety

Look for an iGaming software company that offers different types of online games. A versatile platform increases your chances of success, as you can offer different types of games to your target customers.

Benefits of using iGaming software providers

These are the benefits of choosing an iGaming software provider instead of building your own platform:

1. Easy integration

iGaming software can integrate with diverse game niches. Hence, you can offer your target audience different types of iGaming services without building your own platforms from scratch.

2. Rapid market access

Software providers enable companies to enter the iGaming market as quickly as possible. These providers already offer ready-made solutions that comply with regulations, so you don’t need to stress yourself building a new platform and waiting for a business license. You can choose an established software provider, customize their platform, and start promoting iGaming products. You can see our guide about iGaming ads for more information.

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iGaming is a very competitive market. Hence, game software providers continually invest in research and development to create more features and stay ahead of the competition. You benefit from this continuous innovation when you choose an established iGaming software provider. In contrast, building your own software means you’re responsible for further research and development, which takes considerable money and time. 

4. Specialized technical assistance

iGaming software companies have dedicated support teams to provide solutions to customers’ problems. If you observe any issues with your online game platform, you can contact your provider’s support team via email, telephone, or live chat and get a quick response. Building your own platform means any issue becomes your sole responsibility to solve, which is more challenging than relying on an external support team.

5. Scalability

iGaming software solutions allow you to rapidly expand your global footprint and earn more revenue. You can find ready-made solutions that support multiple languages and currencies, making it easy to expand into new markets. Otherwise, you’d have to go through the hassles of applying for licenses in new jurisdictions and rebuilding your platform to support more languages, which takes much longer.

Leading iGaming software providers in 2024

1. Microgaming

Source: Microgaming

Microgaming is an Isle of Man-based online game software provider. It began developing iGaming software in 1994 and is currently one of the leading vendors in the industry. Microgaming powers games for dozens of popular iGaming brands serving 100+ million users. It supports over 100 currencies, allowing consumers around the globe to participate in online games. Notably, this platform facilitated the largest iGaming payout ever– $20 million in 2015.

Microgaming is licensed in many European countries, including Malta and the UK, making it ideal if this continent is your target market.

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2. Playtech

Source: Playtech

Playtech is another Isle of Man-based iGaming software provider. It was founded in 1999 and launched its first online white-label platform in 2001. It has since become a leading game software provider for global iGaming brands, including Bet365 in the UK, Sisal in Italy, William Hill, etc. 

Playtech offers a player management system and front-end portal technology to enable users to build advanced iGaming platforms. You can access detailed reports and insights about your games, letting you know when to make any needed changes.

Playtech is one of the few iGaming software providers with a solid footing in the United States (US), a strictly regulated market where game platforms must adhere to many rules. If you’re targeting the US market, Playtech is an ideal platform because it complies with domestic laws.   

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3. Evolution Gaming

Evolution Gaming is a Swedish company. It’s one of the leading iGaming solutions working with global brands. Its software powers diverse forms of online games, enabling iGaming brands to maximize their revenue.

Evolution is licensed in many jurisdictions, including the UK, Malta, Belgium, Greece, Spain, Sweden, and the United States. Evolution Gaming is an excellent choice if these countries are your target audience because it already has business licenses in these jurisdictions.

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4. NetEnt (a brand of Evolution Gaming)

NetEnt is one of the best-known iGaming software operators. It was founded in 1996, making it one of the pioneers in the iGaming market. This company’s software powers numerous online game titles, such as Buckshot Wilds, Starburst, and Pirate Party.

This platform offers a quick registration and verification process for players, with an intuitive user interface that makes it easy to navigate your games. It’s integrated with diverse payment gateways to increase your chances of getting more revenue from players.

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5. Novomatic

Source: Novomatic

Novomatic is an Austrian iGaming software provider that provides software for both online and offline games. Novomatic has licensed subsidiaries in 50 countries, making it suitable for an iGaming business targeting a global audience.

Novomatic’s software powers many well-known iGaming apps with hundreds of millions of collective users. It not only provides a platform for you to build online games but can also help with market research and brand promotion.

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6. Play’n GO

Source: Play’n GO

Play’n GO is a Swedish iGaming software company. This company was founded in 2005 and morphed into a leading global iGaming platform. It powers dozens of popular online games, such as Book of Dead, Reactoonz, and Moon Princess.

Play’n GO is licensed in various countries, including Sweden, Malta, the UK, Belgium, and the USA (a few states).

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7. IGT (International Game Technology)

Source: IGT

IGT is an American iGaming provider. It was founded in 1975 as a manufacturer of physical gaming machines and later branched into online game software. IGT supplies software powering numerous online games, such as Pixies of the Forest, 21+3 Blackjack, and Texas Hold ‘Em Shootout

This platform provides many useful features, such as a game recommendation engine to help you build personalized player experiences, universal regulatory reporting, API-based third-party integrations, and detailed analytics tools to study players’ behavior.

IGT is licensed in many countries across North America and Europe. It’s well-known for its excellent technical and business support. 

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8. EveryMatrix

Source: EveryMatrix

EveryMatrix is a Malta-based iGaming software company. It is an all-in-one iGaming provider, offering everything from the game platform to payment processing, game content aggregation, and integration with third-party tools.

You can use EveryMatrix’s tools to set up and deploy your online game to global customers quickly. This platform offers an intuitive interface that’s easy to navigate. It provides a modular and scalable platform that makes building new games easy. EveryMatrix allows you to manage all your iGaming content from a central hub and provides in-depth analytics on your users, helping you know how to create tailored features for them. 

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9. NSoft

Source: NSoft

NSoft is a Bosnia and Herzegovina-based iGaming software provider. It offers a range of iGaming software solutions for many well-known brands. You can use NSoft to build and host your online games. You can also use it to manage affiliate marketing campaigns for your iGaming brands. Thanks to its extensive integrations, you have a broad range of choices for payment processing and data providers.

NSoft has licenses in the UK, Malta, Gibraltar, Curacao & Isle of Man. It’s an ideal platform for businesses targeting the European iGaming market.

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10. Enteractive

Source: Enteractive

Enteractive is a Malta-based iGaming software company. It offers a white-label platform for companies to build custom online games for a global audience. 

Enteractive has a unique feature called (Re)Activation Cloud– you can link your online game players with the company’s support agents to provide a personalized gaming experience, encouraging non-committed players to become committed.

This platform is famous for its extensive analytics, offering partner operators deep insights into their audience’s playing habits. These insights can help you fine-tune your online game for better engagement. Enteractive is licensed in Malta and several US states. 

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11. Sportradar

Source: Sportradar

Sportradar is a Swiss company that provides iGaming software for popular sports leagues worldwide. It provides data for many popular iGaming platforms, including Paddy Power, Ladbrokes, William Hill, and Bet365.

Note that Sportradar doesn’t provide the iGaming backend technology. Instead, it supplies data to facilitate the games on your platform. 

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12. Pragmatic Solutions

Pragmatic Solutions is a Gibraltar-based iGaming software company. This company was founded in 2014, making it a relatively new entrant in the iGaming market. It provides a fully customizable API-based platform enabling businesses to create online games with little hassles.

Pragmatic’s platform is easy to use, secure, and scalable. You can access the features online or use a self-hosted version. This platform is integrated with many payment processors and uses advanced algorithms to detect and thwart suspicious activities. 

Pragmatic offers detailed reports on your users’ behavior, helping you know how to serve them better. This platform handles everything from content to payment processing and third-party integrations. Your business lies more in branding and promotion.

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We have shown you the best iGaming software providers you can adopt. These providers enable you to set up games with little hassles and earn revenue from your target market. They have the backend infrastructure and licenses to power your games while you focus more on branding and promotion. 

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Frequently Asked Questions about iGaming Software Providers

Can operators integrate multiple iGaming software providers on their platforms?

Yes, you can integrate multiple iGaming software providers on your platform, enabling you to offer diverse services to your customers. For example, you can use one platform to host the game itself and another to provide extended analytics or user retention mechanics.

How do iGaming software providers handle data privacy?

iGaming software providers protect data by implementing sophisticated security features. They use high-level algorithms to encrypt data in transit and at rest, preventing malicious actors from snooping on them. They also use two-factor authentication to secure user accounts.

How to maximize revenue through partnerships with iGaming software providers?

The key to maximizing your revenue is constantly testing your ads and optimizing them based on the insights you gather. Another way is to build a strong personal brand to stand out from the competition and attract customers.

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