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Please note that we have sunsetted the VAST format and its extension, OVERLAY 2.0. 

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Video player on your website doesn’t support VAST tags? Or do you embed videos from other sites? Adsterra knows how to monetize content of all video players!As Adsterra publishers know, we’ve developed a new easy method to start making money from video — Overlay pre-roll videowhich …
  • goes along with ALL video players
  • is installed simply by placing JavaScript at your website
  • has a great fill rate and provides high user engagement
As you may know, a pre-roll video is a short video ad shown before the content that User intends to watch. Normally, after 10 seconds the user can skip an ad to proceed to the video.  Now even if you embed YouTube videos, or if it’s hard to change settings of the video player on your website — you still can work with pre-roll video ads and earn much more than from regular video ads.

Overlay 2.0: more effective, more universal

After the success of Overlay, Adsterra developers team continued working on improvements. And here it is — Overlay 2.0, with few killer features that you would absolutely love. Thanks to the hard work on optimization, the profit from Overlay 2.0 rises 4-5 times* overlay_stats * based on the test results for the mainstream website

How to install Overlay 2.0

To install Overlay pre-roll ads on your site you need to insert a script at any place of your website. Request the Overlay pre-roll script from your personal manager 
  • by texting at Skype
  • by sending an email
  • or by creating a support ticket.
To create a ticket:
  1. Go to the “Support” tab of your personal dashboard and click on “Submit new ticket”
  2. At the new window, please, choose the “Other’ type
  3. State that you need Overlay at the subject field 
overlay_support_v1 handTo get the script faster: 1) Decide on which block of your website you want to place the pre-roll ad efore contacting a manager. Usually it’s a video player, but actually it can be any block of your website body. 2) Find a div id div class of the block you’ve chosen.  You need to provide this info to your manager in your message.  

BONUS: How to find div class or div id?

“Div class” or “div id” are used as indicators of the different blocks of your website. Adsterra manager needs it to provide you a relevant script for video ads. You can easily find it! Here is a short instruction on how to do it at Google Chrome.
  • Go to “More tools…” from the settings at the right corner of the browser.
  • Click on the Developer tools (or just invoke it by Ctrl+Shift+I).
  • Choose Elements to see the code
  • Select the element on the page
  • The
    will be highlighted blue inside the code.
how_to_find_div Congratulations! That’s exactly what we need! Copy it and provide to your manager with your Overlay request. Anyway, if you still didn’t succeed, just explain the situation to your manager and we’ll help you.

Want to earn 5 times more from video ads? Choose where to place the Overlay 2.0 and contact your personal manager to get the updated script!

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