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What is Pop Traffic: Intro for Marketers

by Chisom Maduonuorah

Have you been searching for how to create effective Popunder / Popup Traffic campaigns? If so, you’re in the right place. This detailed guide about Pop Ads shows what works and what doesn’t. We’ll explain Pop Traffic, its types, and tips for using it effectively. This article will give you a good understanding of leveraging Pop Ads to promote your brand.

What is Pop Traffic?

Pop Traffic refers to traffic from Popups and Popunders. These sections of a website appear or “pop” seemingly out of nowhere. It can be on the web page itself (Popup) or underneath it (Popunders).

Pop Ads are very effective at capturing the viewer’s attention, making them valuable for marketers. Using pop traffic can draw significant attention to your brand campaign.

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Types of Pop Traffic

As we’ve mentioned, there are two main types of Pop Traffic: Popups and Popunders.

Popups appear atop the content users are viewing, making them often annoying and invasive. The new window opens automatically and prompts the viewer to take an action.

In contrast, Popunders stay behind the browser window and only appear after users close the website they’re looking at. This format is less intrusive and doesn’t disrupt the viewer’s browsing experience. Popups and Popunders are valuable for affiliate marketers, although the latter is more sought after.

Enjoy top-quality Popunder traffic of 11.9B+ monthly ad views from highly engaged audiences of 248 geos. 

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Popup ads appear automatically, displaying a new landing page or website above the main browser window. Such landing pages prompt users to click a link or take action: sign up, order goods, or buy paid subscriptions.

Publishers must put a script on their websites to display various pop-up ads. Sometimes, they can even set up the scrolling time, after which the advertisement will appear.

There’s a difference between pop ads and a classic popup that anyone can make on their websites, say, to draw attention to a newsletter. The latter aims to engage users in some activities within a specific website or blog. For example, a blogger can collect user emails to send them blog post digests or invites to a webinar. When it’s a pop ad code, it’s all about digital marketing.

This type of ad is common in advertising campaigns because they’re easily noticeable. However, they can be annoying if not placed well and risk harming the advertiser’s brand value.

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Popunder ads are stealthy by design. They appear behind an active browser window, and the user only sees the ad after closing their browser window. Users prefer Popunders to Popups because they are less distracting. Popunders don’t interfere with existing content like Popunders. They only show after the user is done with their current browser window, and they can quickly close the Popunder ad if they don’t like it. 

Adsterra empowers marketers to deliver Popunder ads to a relevant audience. Our network offers access to leading publishers in various niches, enabling marketers to advertise to the perfect audience. 

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Why should you try Pop Traffic?

Pop Traffic offers many benefits to marketers, whether you’re running an affiliate or a traditional advertising campaign. Below, we’ll examine the pros and cons of buying Pop Traffic for your campaigns.

Pros of Pop Advertising

1. Visibility

Popups and Popunders are highly visible; the viewer is almost always guaranteed to see the ad. This characteristic makes it easier for marketers to draw attention to their brand and landing page. Pop Ads provide the eyeballs, and it’s up to the marketer to decide how to create ads that’ll entice viewers.

2. Cost-effectiveness

Pop Ads enable you to achieve more with a smaller budget. When you focus on Popunders, you can get much higher engagement than other formats. They are cost-effective and high-quality, making them perfect for beginner advertisers.

3. Flexibility

Pop ads can be utilized for different types of advertising campaigns, whether low-budget or high-budget. They work effectively with both affiliate marketing and traditional advertising campaigns. It’s one format to rule them all.

4. High return on investment (ROI)

Pop Ads generate a high return on investment for your ad budget. It delivers high engagement and conversions at optimal rates.

Cons of Pop Ads

1. Intrusiveness

Many users consider Pop Ads intrusive, especially when the ads have sound. This ad format can annoy users and cause them to turn it off effectively. As a remedy, it’s better to use Popunders because they’re less distracting than Popups.

2. Limited mobile reach 

Pop Ads are less effective on mobile devices because users don’t like having too many tabs open simultaneously. However, Popunders generate better results than Popups for mobile users.

3. Reputation

Some people perceive Pop Ads as spammy and dislike any brand that uses them. The best remedy for this problem is to make your ads as minimally distracting as possible. Use minimal colors and graphics, and avoid using clickbait to entice viewers. 

The best verticals for Pop Traffic

Pop Traffic works better for some niches than others. The best niches for this type of ad include:

1. iGaming

iGaming is a unique industry where most decisions are made on the fly. iGamers are easily swayed by attractive Pop Ads that offer them a chance to play something cool. You can use high-quality graphics for your Popunders to entice this cohort, especially if you’re offering free deposits for the first game. Below is a case study of an iGaming brand that gained $11,000 in profit through targeted Adsterra Popunder ads:

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2. E-Commerce

E-commerce is another sector where people make decisions on the fly. If someone sees a good product in a Pop Ad, they’ll likely click the link for further information. Pop Ads are even more effective when you use them to advertise a time-limited discount. Affiliate marketers can draw many conversions for their products with Pop Ads.

3. Social & Dating

Pop Ads are effective for dating websites and applications. There’s something attractive about seeing a well-designed Popunder dating ad that directs the user to get something they’re interested in. However, we’re emphasizing well-designed because the social & dating industry is unfortunately filled with many spammy websites looking for a quick buck. Your ad should have good color contrast and contain no misleading information.

Here’s a case study of a dating network that earned a nearly 500% return on investment from Popunder ads:

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4. Mobile Apps

Popunders are good for advertising mobile apps like games, VPNs, antivirus, and other utilities. When someone sees a sudden ad promoting an app they’re interested in, they’ll likely click the link to download and test it. The key is promoting your app on a website with a relevant audience. 

Pop Traffic optimization

Using Pop Traffic does not guarantee the best results alone. Every marketer must take specific steps to optimize their Pop Ads for good results. Below, we’ll walk you through what you need to do to make your Pop Ads perform as effectively as possible.

Budget limits

You can set budget limits to control your ad spending. For example, you can set an hourly or daily budget limit on Adsterra, ensuring your campaign never exceeds that level. Just type in the amount you want to set, and Adsterra will automatically adhere to the limit. This way, you can maximize your advertising budget for good results.

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Whitelisting and Blacklisting

You can whitelist and blacklist Popup traffic sources to help you get better conversions. For example, if you notice that a specific site tends to give you lots of traffic but poor conversions, you can block your ads from appearing on that site altogether. Similarly, if you observe some websites giving you excellent traffic and conversions, you can restrict your Pop Ads to appear only on those sites. 

Adsterra lets you create blacklists and whitelists with ease. You can also use the Custom Bid feature to reduce the cost-per-mille (CPM) bid on low-performing sites instead of blocking them altogether. Similarly, you can use Custom Bid to increase the payouts for high-performing sites, helping you maximize conversions.

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Custom Rule Optimization

Rule-based optimization means setting automated rules for your campaign. For example, you can set the campaign to automatically pause if the click-through rate (CTR) drops below a specific level. Alternatively, you can set it to increase the ad bid if your CTR starts trending up.

Adsterra’s CPA Goal is an example of such a feature.  rules. This feature lets you allocate budgets according to your KPIs. You can command the algorithm to unlink ad placements that return few conversions or cost too much (eCPA).

Adsterra CPA Goal example

Rule-based optimization helps you sleep well at night, knowing that your ad budget is working as optimally as possible. 

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Tips for using Pop Traffic effectively

1. Find a quality ad network

You need an ad network that delivers your Pop Ads to high-quality websites with a relevant audience. Avoid any network with a history of delivering bot and fake traffic. No matter how good your ads are, they’ll be futile if not shown to the right audience.

Adsterra is a trusted network that gives you access to thousands of high-quality publishers in your niche. Our platform helps marketers in the iGaming, Apps, Entertainment, and E-Commerce industries, among others, to deploy successful campaigns. 

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2. Informativeness

Your ads should pass on valuable information to viewers. People should be able to understand what you’re promoting at a glance. The simpler your advertising copy, the higher your chances of getting conversions.

3. Creatives

Though Pop ads usually don’t require creatives, you may need a prelanding page. All your assets, including landing pages and prelanders, should be high quality. Also, it’s crucial to maintain consistency in all your ad messages so that users don’t feel misled. 

Using Pop Traffic for affiliate marketing

Using Pop Traffic for affiliate marketing requires some creative thinking. Below are some tips to help you do it effectively:

Use landing pages

You can create an attractive landing page for the product you’re promoting, with high-quality images, healthy color contrast, and interactive content. This landing page pitches the product and its benefits to the viewer. 

Instead of sending ad viewers directly to the product page with limited information, you can send them to the landing page before nudging them to purchase the product. The landing page is a warmup that makes viewers more eager to purchase the advertised product.

Proper targeting

Ads are only effective when targeted properly. No matter how informative and appealing your landing page is, it’s of no use if shown to the wrong audience. You should target your ads as accurately as possible. Promote products only on websites with a relevant audience. To make things easier, Adsterra lets marketers target ads by

  • Geolocation: Countries (available to all advertisers) and cities (available on managed accounts). 
  • Device type: mobile and desktop devices.
  • Browser: Safari, Chrome, Firefox, etc.
  • Operating system: Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, etc.
  • Connection type: Wi-Fi,3G or both.
  • Day & Time: Show ads at specific times on specific days.

The numerous targeting characteristics enable affiliates to show ads to the perfect audience that’ll generate high conversions.

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Smart CPM Bidding

Smart CPM is an Adsterra feature that helps affiliates maximize their budgets. It’s a second-price auction pricing. It requires you to place a maximum bid, which you won’t pay unless it turns out that your bid was minimal compared to competitors. When your bid wins the auction for traffic, Smart CPM will adjust the price for you  so that you pay just a little higher than the next higher bidder. This pricing model gives you a competitive advantage and helps your ads produce better results.

You can enable Smart CPM before deploying your affiliate marketing campaign and optimize Pop Traffic costs from the start. This feature saves precious hours you would otherwise have spent adjusting bids and helps you get good conversions without the risks of overspending.

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Pop Traffic can help you generate effective conversions for your advertising campaigns. We’ve explained how Pop Traffic works, its types, and tips for running successful campaigns. 

Most importantly, ensure you choose a high-quality Pop Traffic source like Adsterra. Our network gives advertisers access to over 35,000 high-quality publishers across various niches. Don’t hesitate to sign up and join the 15,000+ advertisers launching  effective marketing campaigns on Adsterra.

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Are Popup ads profitable?

Yes, Popup ads can generate a high return on investment for your advertising budget. They’re very effective at capturing user attention, translating into higher conversions. Promoting your products to a relevant audience and using appealing creatives to spread your message is key.

What’s the difference between Push and Pop Traffic?

A push ad is wrapped in a notification format, which makes it more native to mobile users. Classic push format is smaller than Pop ads. However, some advanced ad networks offer a variety of formats, including large widgets and Interstitials.

While Pop advertising appears on top or below the main content, push ads are displayed right on the website.

Both formats don’t require any space on a web page.

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