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9 Best Interstitial Ad Networks: Features, Pros & Cons

by Chisom Maduonuorah

As the online advertising industry grows rapidly, advertisers keep seeking innovative ways to reach customers. Enter interstitials: interactive full-screen ads that are very effective at drawing attention. These ads are placed at natural transition points in an app’s or website’s flow, e.g., between game pauses, to maximize their effectiveness.

Advertisers can benefit greatly from the interstitial ad format. Hence, we’re showing you the best interstitial ad networks to help achieve your business goals!

The best interstitial ad networks

There are many interstitial ad networks globally, but some are better than others. We reviewed different ad networks and selected the best ones based on their features and advantages weighed against any disadvantages. Below, we’ll explain these networks and their notable features.


Source: Adsterra

Adsterra is an excellent ad network for businesses across different industries. Our platform unlocks access to over 28,000 publishers serving high-quality traffic for your campaign. Adsterra recently rolled out interstitial ads to all advertisers using self-serve accounts. This ad format has already made a splash, with huge demand across industries like Finance, E-Commerce, VPN, Antivirus software, etc.

Adsterra’s interstitial ad format takes up 45% to 80% of a user’s website screen, while the remaining area is filled with a dark background. This characteristic greatly increases the likelihood of viewers seeing and responding to an ad campaign.


Interstitial ads are very brandable on Adsterra; you can add brand names, logos, and slogans to make your ad unique. This format is compatible with most UX guidelines, and Adsterra makes uploading high-quality creatives for your campaign relatively easy. We offer competitive cost-per-mille (CPM) rates, meaning you can do more with less money than you would spend on other platforms.

Adsterra is the best Interstitial ad network on this list because it is easy to use and serves high-quality traffic that will likely generate high revenue. It’s the platform to choose if you’re focused on the interstitial ad format. You’re welcome to read one of the recent cases dedicated to a succesfull Interstitial iGaming campaign.

Adsterra enables businesses to create ads that users can’t ignore. You can use top-notch visuals for maximum exposure to your target audience with our vast network of 28,000 + publishers. Adsterra provides diverse targeting options like web browser, operating system, device type, and location.

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Source: Media.net

Media.net is a popular contextual advertising network. Contextual refers to placing a campaign on a web page based on the content of that page. Media.net is one of the best interstitial ad networks offering high-quality traffic to advertisers. This platform only works with niche publishers that deliver sizeable traffic. It has strict requirements for publishers, so advertisers are sure about getting a good deal for their campaign budgets.

You can display interstitial ads to valuable audiences via Media.net. Your ads will be placed on pages with relevant content, e.g., ads for gaming accessories are placed on gaming-related articles. Media.net supports programmatic bidding, meaning you can bid for ad slots in real-time to maximize your ad budget.

The drawback is that Media.net only suits businesses with big advertising budgets, and it doesn’t offer a simple self-serve platform like other ad networks. Instead, advertisers work closely with Media.net’s team to set up their campaigns. 

Media.net is a good choice for a business with high revenue and, consequently, high ad spending. Small businesses are better off with other networks on this list. 

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Site: AppLovin

AppLovin is a popular ad network specializing in mobile game traffic. Mobile games are one of the best mediums to place interstitial ads because they provide natural transition spots where users can expect full-screen ads. For instance, imagine playing a game and completing one level. Before getting to the next level, it’s not unusual to get a full-screen visual advertising a product or service. 

AppLovin is a great ad network to run a campaign targeting mobile app traffic. It gives you access to thousands of relevant mobile apps with the right audience for your product. AppLovin uses artificial intelligence to determine the best places to show your ads and increase your revenue. 

Advertisers can create high-quality visuals with AppLovin’s SparkLabs tool and have access to detailed analytics to optimize campaigns. AppLovin is one of the best solutions if you’re focused on the interstitial ad format. 

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Source: ExoClick

ExoClick is one of the most popular ad networks globally, serving over 13 billion impressions daily. This platform has a network of over 65,000 sites with high-quality traffic to target for an effective campaign. Advertisers can place interstitial ads on mobile or desktop pages and get good results.

ExoClick has sophisticated targeting features to maximize your revenue from the ads. You can target traffic by geographical location, operating system, web browser, device type, etc.

This platform allows you to bid for real-time ad slots to maximize your budget. You can set budget limits, and ExoClick optimizes your campaign to deliver the best results within your budget. This platform provides many automation tools to improve your return on investment and free up time you can spend on other things. It’s a self-serve network, so you can create and deploy ads with little external help.

The slight drawback is that ExoClick doesn’t provide as many support resources as some rival platforms. 

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Source: Start.io

Start.io is an ad network specializing in mobile traffic. Its network includes over 500,000 mobile apps with 2 billion+ active users between them. This platform allows you to target the right audience for your campaign and gain revenue. You can create high-quality interstitial ads and deploy them to a relevant audience that’ll likely buy what you’re selling.

Start.io provides artificial intelligence tools to optimize your campaign for effective results. It comes with hundreds of pre-made audience segments, and you can pick just the one you want to deploy your campaign. Advertisers don’t need to stress themselves trying to target the right traffic when Start.io has already curated different audience segments for them.

This app provides detailed analytics, wherein you can monitor your campaign stats in real-time from an interactive dashboard. You can customize your dashboard to stay on top of your campaign just as you want. 

Adsterra provides extensive analytics for advertising campaigns. You can monitor real-time campaign metrics, including impressions, clicks, money spent, and conversions. Our intuitive interface makes it easy to view just what you want and make changes on the fly.

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Source: AppNext

AppNext is an ad platform specializing in mobile advertising. It has a network of over 80,000 apps where you can target high-quality traffic with the interstitial ad format. This platform is ideal if you’re advertising a mobile app. You can target a relevant audience on apps that are similar to yours and gain downloads.

AppNext is a good choice if you’re targeting traffic in Europe and Asia, as its network includes very popular apps on these continents. This platform is self-serve, allowing you to create and deploy a campaign with no assistance. You get full transparency into your campaign statistics so that you can make any needed adjustments on the fly. 

AppNext places interstitial ads during app content transitions or between game levels, the natural position where users will likely respond to them. You can customize your targeted traffic with variables like location, device type, operating system, etc. 

The drawback is that AppNext doesn’t offer as much technical support as some rivals. Users are largely on their own, without experts to guide them through the advertising process.

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Digital Turbine

Digital Turbine is a popular mobile advertising platform for businesses. It allows businesses to create and deploy high-quality ads targeted at the right traffic. This platform supports many ad formats, including the interstitial format that‘s very effective on mobile devices.

Digital Turbine provides in-depth transparency throughout the advertising process. You can view real-time reports about your ad performance and make any needed adjustments. 

This platform supports real-time bidding so that you can optimize your campaign to deliver maximum revenue for your limited budget. Users can access a host of support resources to aid their campaigns.

The drawback is that Digital Turbine is not a simple self-serve platform. Businesses need to contact the sales team to negotiate a deal before gaining access to the network. Besides, Digital Turbine is best suited for big-budget advertisers rather than for small businesses. 

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Source: InMobi

InMobi is another excellent ad network for the interstitial ad format. It specializes in mobile traffic, just like several other networks on this list. It offers advertisers access to a vast network of mobile apps suited for the interstitial ad format. For example, you can advertise on many popular games via InMobi.

InMobi offers high-quality traffic to advertisers, with an audience spread across virtually all countries. It’s an ideal place to deploy full-screen mobile ads to the right audience and gain higher revenue. Like many ad networks, InMobi offers complete transparency to advertisers, allowing them to monitor their campaigns thoroughly and know when to make changes. 

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Source: PropellerAds

PropellerAds is one of the best interstitial ad networks for businesses. This platform displays interstitials at expected breaks of the user flow, e.g., after someone clicks on an article, making the viewer more likely to interact with your campaign. PropellerAds shows your campaign at the right place at the right time.

Advertisers may find it difficult to set up an interstitial campaign from scratch. However, PropellerAds makes things easy with its ready-made campaign templates. Instead of creating a campaign from scratch, you can choose a template and edit it to fit your tastes. 

A good thing about PropellerAds is that you can incorporate artificial intelligence (AI) features into your ad campaigns. For example, you can set a target cost-per-action (CPA) spend, and the platform optimizes your ads to never go beyond that target while delivering maximum results. You’ll set the target lead price, and PropellerAds delivers the best traffic for your budget.

PropellerAds provides a lot of support resources and tutorials for advertisers. You can access manuals, guides, and webinars to guide your advertising strategy. The platform’s support team is also available to field questions about your advertising campaign.

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Is the interstitial ad format effective?

Yes, the interstitial format is very effective as it captures user attention and induces engagement. The ad covers almost the entire screen, so the viewer has no choice but to notice it. It is placed at natural transition points where the user expects to see an ad, meaning they’ll be more likely to respond. The interstitial ad format works with both mobile and desktop devices, allowing advertisers to reach a large audience.

Interstitial or banner ads: which one is more effective?

Interstitial ads are more effective than banners. The interstitial format covers the whole screen, meaning the viewer has to notice it. However, banner ads cover just a small part of the screen, and the viewer can easily ignore it. The interstitial format is much more effective at capturing user attention than banner ads.

How much do interstitial ads cost?

There’s no golden rule on how much interstitial ads cost. It can cost anything from a few cents to several dollars per click. The cost depends on many factors, such as the ad network, target audience, and traffic type. The good news is that many ad networks support real-time bidding, allowing you to buy ads for the optimal price at every second.

What should you do before working with an ad network?

Ensure the network delivers high-quality traffic for the campaign you want to run. It should have your relevant target audience, or you’ll end up wasting your advertising budget.

It’s also critical to understand the network’s terms & conditions, including the types of permitted ads and payment terms  (cost-per-mille, cost-per-click, or cost-per-action).

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The interstitial ad format is a gift for advertisers. It’s very effective at capturing user attention and spurring engagement for digital ads. We compiled this article to help you choose the best interstitial ad network for your business. We described the most effective platforms you can use and their respective advantages.

Above all, ensure you choose a platform that gives you access to high-quality traffic to place your ads. The platform should ideally be self-serve and easy to navigate. Fortunately, Adsterra matches this profile. We enable businesses to create effective ads for the right audience and get higher revenue. Interstitial ads by Adsterra have taken up like a storm because of their effectiveness, and you shouldn’t miss out on this excellent format.

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