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What Are Push Ads: the Ultimate Push Advertising Guide

by Patrick D
guide to push ads

Oh, these little blinking things that appear on a web page now and then! Yes, they are Push Ads and consistently generate substantial revenue for advertisers and affiliates. They can engage, tease, amaze, and catch user attention in various ways, making them far more profitable than other online ad formats in some use cases. 

If you don’t manage your push traffic well, you could win a lot of leads or lose all of them. Here’s why you need this guide to learn how Push ads can help you achieve your marketing objectives.

What are Push ads?

Push ads are advertisements in the form of device notifications sent to users who either subscribed to receive these ads (web push notifications) or are currently viewing a website with this ad format enabled (In-Page Push).

What are Push ads?

This format provides advertisers with a non-intrusive, user-friendly, and extremely engaging way to connect with and grow their audiences.

What are Push ads?

Due to its meager bot traffic, global reach, and higher click-through and conversion rates compared to other ad formats, Push ads are also suitable for almost any marketing campaign.

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Web Push notifications vs. In-Page Push ads

Web Push notifications are clickable ads delivered by a website to the subscribers’ device. They appear similar to mobile app push notifications (sent by a mobile app that appears in your notification tray), except that they are delivered via websites rather than apps and can appear on all devices (desktop, mobile, tablet).

In-Page Push ads are banner ads disguised as push notifications. Like banner ads, an In-Page Push is displayed directly on the publisher’s site, providing the same high-performance rates as push ads but without its limitations.

Unlike Web Push notifications, In-Page Push ads don’t need users to subscribe to receive them, so they’re not affected by Google Chrome subscription request blocking and can be available in situations where Web Push notifications are blocked.

Web Push notifications vs. In-Page Push ads

Traditional Web Push notifications are delivered to a user’s device all day long. In contrast, In-Page Push ads are shown to users only when they enter a publisher’s website, emphasizing their non-intrusive nature. You can compare Web Push and In-Page Push to see which ads are better for you.

In-Page Push ads generate high-quality traffic that results in clicks and conversions. Advertisers at Adsterra can access all types of CPM, CPC, and CPA traffic through In-Page Push ads.

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Mobile and desktop push notifications

Mobile push notifications are small pop-up messages sent by a mobile app that can appear on a user’s mobile device even when the app is closed. They are delivered via a push notification service, which is unique to each app platform, such as iOS and Android.

Mobile and desktop push notifications

Mobile apps send push notifications to mobile devices of users who have installed that app and opted to receive them. Mobile push notifications are typically used to deliver product updates, reminders, personalized offers, breaking news, and any information vital to the app’s functionality and require users’ special attention or quick action.

Desktop push notifications are push notifications that appear on desktop devices, regardless of the operating system.

All push notifications on your device are not always Push ads from businesses. They could be service messages from your OS or messages from apps installed on your phone. As previously stated, the technology used for delivering such notifications differs from that used for Web Push advertising.

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Push Ads advantages

We’ve outlined a few reasons why you should consider push advertising.

1. Better performance and personalized creatives

We’ve already mentioned that Push Ads have a distinct advantage because they look like a standard mobile app push notification by instantly attracting the user’s attention. In addition to this unique benefit, you can personalize your push ads with relevant names, locations, holidays, colors, or occasions.

To maximize this advantage, avoid the following common mistakes:

  • Creative piracy

There is still a lot of interest in push notification advertising, so the competition is increasing. Make your own creatives to differentiate yourself from others; do not simply copy what spy tools recommend without any changes.

  • Sending too many notifications

The best strategy is to limit yourself to one ad per user daily. Showing ads at a higher frequency at the start can cause your CTR to drop and force you out of the bidding.

  • Uploading only one creative

A/B testing is essential for other forms of advertising. Don’t forget to include at least 3-5 creatives for your push ads.

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2. Total ad placement visibility

Push Ads are always displayed in the user’s center of attention, above other tabs. On mobile devices, these ads look like personal alerts from messenger apps like Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp. Your goal here is to make the title memorable because this is the first thing users notice. Be as inventive as possible!

3. Cost-effective

Push Ads are much less expensive than Facebook or other in-app marketing channels. Despite the lack of interest-based targeting, it’s a great way to drive conversions at a low CPA to popular verticals. Furthermore, since push traffic is frequently purchased using the CPC (cost-per-click) model, you won’t overpay for an irrelevant audience. 

This benefit makes push advertising a smart choice for both direct advertisers and affiliate marketers looking to scale ad campaigns.

4. Few bots

Nowadays, advanced ad networks use third-party services to validate push traffic. They prevent fraud or low-quality leads from deceptive websites. As a result, you drive traffic from real users, some of whom have subscribed to receive notifications themselves.

Where does push traffic come from?

In the ad industry, we consider push traffic to be the users who interact with a Web Push notification ad and visit your landing page or pre-lander. This type of traffic is special because they previously agreed to receive these notifications on mobile and desktop, so they have a high probability of converting.

But how does it work?

1. Enabling the notification popups

Publishers enable the “Allow Notifications” popup on their website so that website visitors can subscribe to web push notifications. These notifications ask users if they want to allow web push ads. If they agree, their names are added to a special list.

Enabling the notification popups
Enabling the notification popups
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2. Grouping and segmentation

Then, these lists are grouped based on how long someone has been a subscriber. The more recent a subscription is, the better it is. These subscriber lists are then used to create push traffic sources and sent to the ad network.

3. Advertisers target certain lists

Push Ads can be sent to certain sources based on the advertiser’s choice of targeting. For example, a game publisher like Creative Mobile can choose to target users who agreed to push notifications on a game-themed website 3 months ago. Users who agreed and subscribed in the chosen period will then receive Creative Mobile’s push ads.

The steps we described above applies only to Web Push notifications. In-Page Push does not work like this, since it does not require any subscription from users.

Best verticals for push advertising

Users who receive Push Ads often can have diverse interests. So we can conclude that Push Ads perform well with various verticals. Here are examples of the most popular niches:

  • VPN / Antivirus / Cleaners / Battery Boosters
  • Subscriptions
  • Sweepstakes
  • E-commerce
  • Entertainment
  • Games
  • Finance
  • Nutra
  • Video streaming
  • iGaming
  • Dating
  • Travel & Hospitality
  • Finance

The two industries that have consistently performed best are E-commerce and Travel & Hospitality, particularly during the Golden Quarter. It includes the fourth quarter’s Black Weekend and the start of the holiday season. Considering that the list’s verticals are the most lucrative in 2022, you can’t go wrong with them.

To stay one step ahead, see through your users’ eyes whenever possible. Finding the special offers would be the next step once you’ve decided which industry sector you want to pursue.

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Examples of successful Push Ads verticals

Let’s review what niches are compatible with push advertisements and explain why this ad type works best in these niches.

VPN and Utility

One of the consequences of the COVID-19 quarantine was how common people began to take online security seriously. To avoid restrictions and watch their favorite series, they downloaded VPNs. And to remain safe while working from home, watching webinars, reading educational materials, and shopping online, people downloaded antivirus and utility apps.   

Many different types of traffic can be used with the vertical, but Push Ads are probably the best for both mobile and desktop due to their 100% visibility, high CTR, and low traffic cost.

Since mobile devices are currently where antivirus software and virtual private networks (VPNs) perform best, there are many practical, creative approaches to mobile advertising. 

Choose popular TV shows to encourage viewers to use a VPN to watch them. Use images from the TV-shows as the primary images (if not a subject of copyright.)

VPN and Utility
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We’ve already established that the E-commerce vertical dominates all others in Q4, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t do well the rest of the year. It is one of the most reliable and long-lasting verticals to promote because consumption never stops.

With Adsterra advanced In-Page Push ads (Social Bar), e-shops and shopping apps gain customer traction in a flash. Super-engaing tempaltes of ad creatives make it easier to attract numerous leads and generate app installs.

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Mobile games & apps

People use apps for everything to the extent that a breathing reminder app could be necessary. Or even a battery-saving app. Mobile app promotions directly meet consumer demand, which is why utility apps exist, especially those geared toward mobile devices.

iGaming and Sports

There are plenty of sporting events all year long, and online casinos keep working even during the lockdown, so there is always something to advertise. You’ll be fine if you plan your advertising calendar accordingly; typically, starting to target an event a day or two in advance is the best strategy. 

If customers want to experience the thrill of gaming, create a sense of urgency to get things moving. But remember that there are always rules and limitations governing these offers, so do your research before launching your campaign to avoid losing money. To dive into the promotion specifics, read this guide to advertising iGaming products.

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Sweepstakes / coupon offers

Sweepstakes / coupons and win-an-item offers are typically popular verticals. The most well-known examples include winning an iPhone and receiving a Walmart or Amazon gift card. Due to their direct engagement and non-intrusive yet enticing nature, such offers are particularly successful with Push Ad notifications. 

A pre-lander is often included in the conversion flow to request user information. Sometimes only an email address is required, and other times credit card information is preferred. Your sweepstakes Push Ad campaign’s success will depend on the quality of your creatives and landers.

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Push Ads allow for direct communication since the message is addressed to only one person. They’re perfect for private communication, which is what online dating looks like. 

Your ability to be creative will come in handy if you want successful conversions with Push Ads for your dating campaigns. The dating ad creatives must be as close to natural communication as possible. We recommend using attractive photographs of real people rather than famous models. 

The more similar the push notification is to a message from a real person, the greater the likelihood of conversion. However, you should avoid using photos others have already used.

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Health & Beauty

Promoting offers in this vertical will be profitable as long as people want to continue to be successful, young, and beautiful, which is to say forever. The beauty and health season can keep you busy all year long, just like the sporting calendar can. Not to mention the billion-dollar beauty industry, which constantly changes trends.

In addition to numerous niches, In-Page Push ads are compatible with all GEOs, devices, browsers, and OS. Adsterra will provide multiple high-converting templates that users will never get tired of, yielding massive clicks and conversions for your campaign.

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How to choose your Push Ads traffic source

You might have the best concepts, deals, niches, creative copy, and the essential skills for  marketing, but if your traffic source isn’t up to the task, you could easily burn through it all.

Select a reliable traffic network that offers high-quality traffic and a track record of effective push advertising campaigns. To find the ideal match for you, you can ask the various questions provided below.

1. Does a traffic source provide push traffic ad formats?

Given how quickly the digital marketing industry is expanding, keeping up with market changes is essential. A traffic source that anticipates market needs and offers its clients cutting-edge solutions is already making the future appear much more promising.

2. How much Push Ads traffic can you expect from a traffic network?

Before joining a particular traffic source/ad network, you must find out the volumes they offer. You should be able to estimate the scope of your campaigns or potential optimization strategies in a quality traffic network that can share that information.

Adsterra’s Traffic Chart shows the average daily impression volume for any geo and target. Traffic Chart is a universal tool for those concerned with campaign launch speed and maximizing reach and spending. Everyone wants to get their share once the hot season begins, so getting past a crowd might require special tactics. Before you start the game, make sure you can play to the end and win!

How much Push Ads traffic can you expect from a traffic network?
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3. How much would a push traffic campaign with your preferred traffic source cost?

Calculate your spending plan, but don’t forget to account for the testing phase. Consider how long you could run it and how much you could invest in it. While testing traffic, the Adsterra Traffic Estimator might be useful in this situation. Checking the average bid prices for the specified GEOs helps you perform all necessary calculations.

How much would a push traffic campaign with your preferred traffic source cost?

There are a few other considerations besides available volumes, average bid prices, testing phase budget, and duration. Remember that a variety of factors affect the ROI of your push traffic advertising campaign.

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4. What are the ad network’s rules and regulations?

Push ad advertising must adhere to compliance rules, which may be particularly important. Read the traffic source’s compliance rules carefully to understand what is permitted and what is not. It is already a sign of high-quality service when a traffic source takes its laws seriously. 

But that’s what a verification procedure is for. Learn about the campaign and account verification process, who approves it, and how it works. Before deciding, you should find out how long it takes to approve your campaign fully.

5. Is it a reliable source of traffic for push advertising campaigns?

Invest first if you want to earn money. This requires spending money on your advertising budget and partnering with a reliable traffic source; quality always has a cost. However, you can take a few steps to ensure you pick the right service.

Make sure you are familiar with official information first. A traffic source’s complete disclosure and transparency demonstrate that it is reliable and free of any shady tactics. Talk to the representatives of the traffic source next. Remember, it’s not about how cool these guys are anymore; it’s about how helpful they are in increasing the profitability of your push ad campaigns.

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6. Does a push traffic ad network have an easy-to-use platform?

It’s crucial to feel at ease using the tool that could make or break your marketing efforts. You will need tools that are easy to use, intuitive, and user-friendly. It would be great to have an onboarding video to see how the platform looks in advance. 

Another factor would be ongoing support; if an ad network looks out for its users both at the outset of the partnership and later on, it is something to consider.

7. Can a traffic source be integrated with other platforms?

Without a tracking solution, no campaign can be successful. We’ve extensively discussed the value of using a tracker and its benefits for managing your push advertising campaigns. But the key is being able to combine the two tools. 

Once you’ve chosen your tracker and your traffic source, confirm that the two can be integrated. You must clearly understand your data to finish your testing phase and optimize your push traffic ads.

Can a traffic source be integrated with other platforms?
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How to create high-converting Push Ads

Since every component you need is interchangeable, your creativity is the only restriction. You should follow a few guidelines when designing a fresh push-ads campaign.

Your images must be simple but appealing

Humans are visual beings; we judge based on what we see. Therefore, your ad images will probably draw the most attention at first. 

If you choose a safe, boring option, you risk people swiping your Push Ad off their screens without bothering to read your copy. On the other hand, an overly complex design that squeezes the image into a tiny space will only lead to confusion and irritation. Therefore, finding the ideal balance is key. Remember to keep text off the images; there is room for it elsewhere. 

Here’s some ideas for the main images:

  • Happy people;
  • Bright colors;
  • Options before and after;
  • Result.

However, images don’t convert as well as icons do. That makes perfect sense, given that complicated graphics have too many elements for users to concentrate on without getting distracted from the main idea.

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Consider using icons

The icon is arguably the most significant component of push ads regarding mobile traffic. It aids user perception of information in advertisements.

Consider using icons
Using icons in push ads

The user will only see this image if your campaign runs on a mobile device. The push receives more clicks, the better and more appealing the icon is. The best option for it is a single, large object with no details or black-and-white pictures.

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Make the ad title concise

You are using a phone screen to sell things, so keep it brief. Regardless of how proud you are of your recent joke or brand-new metaphor, the title should immediately tell users what you’re offering them in 3 to 4 words.

Create a creative and compelling description

Your ad description is your last opportunity to convert them. Consider this: people drawn to the image would click right away. The title’s catchiness would attract another portion of your potential audience. The only people who will continue reading the description are those who were unimpressed by your previous attempt.

Use the right colors

When words or an image can’t express something fully, colors can. Specific colors appear to be the ideal choice for push advertisements because they instantly communicate with our brains. 

When advertising utility apps, red is perceived as an alert or warning. But in sales ads, red creates a special festive mood. Sometimes it seems safest to always use black and white if you target iOS users: use native colors to advertise utilities and apps. But keep in mind to change your color preferences for special occasions. 

Combine red and green for the Christmas holidays, add some gold and silver for the new year, and continue using pastels all spring!

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Add emojis (optional)

Adding emojis makes it much simpler to create humorous push ads. But don’t use them excessively. It’s a great idea to use an emoji as the focal point of your image, but keep your copy concise.

Additionally, don’t overlook spying tools; they give you a peek into what your competitors are doing. However, we don’t recommend just copying them because what works for others may not work for you. You can use spying tools for research to improve and surpass your competitors.


Push Ads provide advertisers with a non-intrusive, user-friendly, and extremely engaging way to connect with and grow their audiences. Here are some conclusions to draw from this piece:

Creating a successful campaign from scratch that will bring you profits can be difficult. Before you start making the big bucks, you’ll probably need to conduct a lot of A/B testing to determine which copy and design combination converts the best. 

Adsterra follows market trends and demands. With publishers increasing in-page traffic, we can provide advertisers with users in any vertical: Mobile Utility, Carrier Billing, E-commerce, Sweepstakes, iGaming and Entertainment. It doesn’t matter what you’re promoting and with which pricing model; our managers are seasoned ad experts ready to advise on the best strategy.

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