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How To Use Quizzes For Lead Generation In Digital Marketing

by Patrick D
How Quizzes Can Boost Revenue From Your Site

Is your content interactive?

60% of marketers say it’s difficult to develop content that will engage readers, increase time on page, and generate more leads and conversions.

Does this sound like something you’re dealing with as well? All kinds of websites already reap the benefits of quizzes, from entertainment websites like Buzzfeed to the more “serious” GDPR. Using quizzes for lead generation is also an underrated affiliate marketing strategy. But only 45% of affiliate marketers consider their efforts to create interactive content to be successful. This article will teach you how to create an effective quiz, distribute it, and make money from it.


What is an affiliate marketing quiz?

An affiliate marketing quiz is a set of questions that visitors answer, leading to a specific goal, especially purchasing a recommended product. Quizzes are a very engaging and informal type of Q&A and they differ from boring surveys. The right quiz involves gamification, humor, and must be highly interactive.

For example, here are some Buzzfeed quizzes:

  • Tell us how much you use your cell phone and we will give you a fun activity to do at home
  • Describe Your Lifestyle And Get A Sustainability Pledge

How to create a quiz

Apps & Plugins for creating quizzes

Quiz-making apps come in free and paid versions. So far, the most popular quiz apps include Thrive’s quiz plugin, Apester, and EX-CO.

If you’re using outcome-based quizzes as a lead-generation tool (i.e., requiring an email sign-up before receiving results), we recommend getting Thrive’s quiz plugin. It integrates with the majority of popular autoresponders.

Which WordPress quiz plugin is the best?

We recommend Formidable Forms, LearnDash, and TryInteract because they’re the most comprehensive quiz-building plugins for WordPress.

  • If you want to add quizzes to your WordPress site and have advanced form-building capabilities, Formidable Forms is the way to go.
  • LearnDash is a great option if you want a simple way to create interactive quizzes on a course website.
  • TryInteract is an excellent option if you want to make viral Buzzfeed-style quizzes because it comes with many ready-to-use templates.

Writing the Quiz

There’s a lot more to a quiz than you might think. Only six out of ten people read the first few words of a story. That means we’ll have to make an excellent first impression, so let’s start with the title.

Types of quiz

  • Personality quizzes: We like to hear good things about ourselves, so personality quizzes are effective because of this “self-serving bias.” Based on their responses, this type of quiz sorts people into personalities based on their answers and complements them. If you’re a product-focused affiliate marketer, create a personality quiz that categorizes your visitors and provides personalized product recommendations based on their responses.
  • Trivia quizzes: The ultimate brain teaser and a great way to keep your audience entertained while also learning more about them. To increase time spent on your website, include some trivia, or create a Whatsapp or Facebook quiz to reach new audiences. It’s super quick and easy to create a trivia quiz using a trivia generator.

Examples of Engaging Quiz Titles

The very first step in creating a quiz is to think of a title for it. After you’ve done that, you’ll need to decide what kind of quiz you want to create.

Engaging quiz titles from Buzzfeed
Engaging quiz titles from Buzzfeed

Here are a few examples of popular quiz titles:

  • With “Actually” in titles: It may come as a surprise, but adding actually or really to a question can make it more challenging. For example, let’s compare these two questions:

“How much do you know about this movie” vs. “How much do you actually know about this movie?” We know that everyone enjoys a challenge, so titles like this are irresistible.

  • Which (Blank) Are You?”: When we watch movies, we imagine ourselves as a particular character. Quizzes like “Which Comic book hero character are you” or which American president matches your personality.” are bound to attract interactions and, subsequently, conversions due to your reader’s inquisitive nature.
  • Knowledge tests: This quiz type tests a person’s understanding of a subject. You could quiz your audience on their knowledge of a brand, its products, or any of today’s hot topics (Euro 2020 tournament).

How many questions should appear in your quiz

There is no one-size-fits-all solution. We recommend five questions to start with. Your affiliate product’s complexity will determine the maximum number of questions. However, most people will abandon the quiz after ten questions.

When you have your first results, look at what percentage of people did not complete the quiz. If many people abandoned the quiz, you’d want to cut down the number of questions. Test different numbers: five, ten, and eight. Check which of your options converts the best.

How many different outcomes should your quiz have?

The quiz becomes more complicated as you add more results. We recommend limiting your quizzes to three or four possible outcomes. This keeps them simple and easy to create.

Where to get your questions

You must be familiar with the products you’re recommending to formulate reasonable and helpful questions. Once you’ve learned about the product, your questions should focus on its benefits and features that would interest people.

Then you break down which of the two to three products you’ll promote based on which features/benefits they provide and don’t provide.

In some cases, determining which product to recommend may be as simple as asking one question. Many ad networks, for example, provide most of the above, except direct link format. These two ad formats alone could be the deciding factor in the quiz’s outcome.

Price can also be a deciding factor, although pricing questions aren’t the best because most people choose the cheapest option. For example, most users would answer yes if you asked, “Do you want to pay less than $10 per month?”

Where to embed your quiz

If your quiz is thriving, you can embed it on all relevant web pages as well as a dedicated quiz page. We recommend putting quizzes at the bottom of pages, but if the content is particularly relevant, put them in the middle or above the fold. The important thing here is to keep trying out new places to see what works best for you.

How to measure a quiz’s effectiveness

  • Views
  • Clicks
  • Conversions

This is a relatively easy procedure. You simply use affiliate links that include a tracking ID. Most affiliate networks allow you to add tracking parameters to your affiliate links. This is a critical step in learning whether your quiz is effective or not. In fact, you might want to create tracking links for each quiz placement so you can keep track of which quizzes and placements are working.

Lead capture via email signup

Your initial commissions from quizzes won’t be nearly as high; however, you can try adding subscribers to your email newsletters which is a win-win situation.

Quiz lead capture form
Quiz lead capture form

If your website is in a niche where email marketing isn’t particularly lucrative, requiring an option would reduce overall revenue.

Furthermore, your quiz must be highly engaging/interesting to the visitor to persuade them to subscribe to your email list. A product recommendation isn’t enticing enough for most people.

But if the results are freebie products that you recommend and the quiz is used to direct a visitor to the best freebie for them, your email sign-up rates could skyrocket.

Why are quizzes so good at turning leads into sales?

Not every quiz you create will generate revenue. If you’re already successfully promoting a product, including a quiz in your promotional efforts will surely help.

Here’s why quizzes are effective in affiliate marketing:

  • They’re beneficial: If you create a quiz well, with suggested results that accurately reflect your visitors’ answers, it can assist visitors in purchasing a suitable product.
  • Warm leads effectively: Quizzes help you turn cold visitors into warm leads and they also shorten conversion flow.
  • Cross-platform promotion: You can post or share your quizzes on several platforms  especially social networks, on a blog, send a link on forums.
  • Quizzes are attractive: A quiz stands out much more than an affiliate link on any web page.
  • Enhance click-through rate(CTR): When people take the time to take a quiz, you can bet that the majority of them will click the suggested link at the end. They’ll be interested in learning more about what you recommend because they’re fully engaged in the process.

Tips for creating quiz questions

Now that you have a general idea of what kind of quiz you want to make and a title to go with it, it’s time to bring it to life by adding questions!

When creating your questions, keep the following points in mind:

  • Inject Personality into Your Quiz: Give your quiz some life by injecting your personality into it as if you were a celebrity host interviewing your audience in person. Make them feel at ease, and they’ll be more likely to sign up or follow up on your recommended products.
  • Use Images and GIFS in Your Questions: Having text-only questions is fine, but don’t be afraid to use images as well. Using pictures not only keeps things interesting and relevant but also gives your quiz a more trivia-like feel.
  • Keep your quizzes short: People’s attention spans are short, so keep things simple and sweet. For your quiz, aim for 5 to 7 questions; in general, this will take your audience two to three minutes to complete. Three to five questions are enough to warm up leads and then go to the main post with a description of the product and an affiliate link for purchase.
  • Create a lead capture form: After you’ve created your quiz questions, you’ll need to create a lead capture form to collect contact information and build your email list. Don’t ask for information that you won’t use.

Create shareable results

Let’s get to the results! This is the moment your audience is waiting for. You’ll want to make sure your results are something they’ll enjoy and want to share with others, so that will be your top priority.
Be Honest and Positive. Positive emotions encourage sharing, create results that encourage your audience to share what they’ve received. In addition, be open and honest about your conclusions. Don’t make your audience believe they are someone they aren’t.

  • Use shareable photographs: You’ll want to use interesting share-worthy images for your results, just like you did for your questions. This is what will catch people’s attention when they post their results on social media.
  • Include a Call-To-Action (CTA): Don’t let your audience interaction end with the results. Add a call to action to your website or the product you’re recommending.
  • Share your quiz on Facebook: Now it’s time to put your quiz to the ultimate test by sharing it on social media. Facebook and Twitter are your primary social media outlets, but if you want to go a step further, you can also use Facebook paid advertising to give your quiz an extra boost.

Outcomes of Affiliate Marketing Quiz: Example from Fat Stacks

Jon from Fat Stacks, a digital marketing course website explained how quizzes have helped him up his marketing game across his various niche websites.

Here’s how efficient quizzes have been in generating commissions over the previous 60 days while marketing one product:

  • The product’s total commissions are $2,558.
  • The quizzes earned a total of $1,299 in commissions.
  • Revenue from quizzes: 51% total non-quiz commissions: $1,259.

Over the previous 60 days, Jon’s investment of about 60 minutes in designing that quiz has resulted in an additional $1,299 in commissions, doubling the product’s commissions. Because those quizzes have been running for more than 60 days, his overall profit is significantly higher.


To summarize, we went over the entire quiz creation process, and you should now be able to construct your own quiz. Sharing your quiz will put it to the ultimate test, but after you’ve generated those leads, you’ll know how to nurture them until they convert.
Try including quizzes in your affiliate marketing approach and discover how far your website can go.

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